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Some official word on the new XBOX 360.

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Post to Gamespot just a little while ago:




I found this most interesting:


The two main unknowns are cost and backwards compatibility. Price has been and will always be one of the great sticking points for any new piece of hardware.


IMO, this system just HAS to be backwards compatible. I think I would probably not even consider buying one if that was the case.


It still pisses me off that I can't go back and play older N64 games on the Gamecube, etc.


Sony made a GREAT decision about backwards compatibility for the PS2, as did Nintendo with the GBA and DS.


I sure as hell hope the new system can play original XBOX games.



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where are the controller slots? Oh wait, the controllers are wireless...Another thing you have to buy seperately to put the X-Box to it's full potential. Batteries and you'll probably have to buy a remote if you want to play DVD's. Thats why I'm a PS2 man, much better and a more portable machine.

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I'm in no hurry to buy one. Hell, I just bought an XBox six months ago or so. I think they're going for a more "media entertainment center" than just a game unit, and I already have a kick ass media setup, so I'm not seeing right now how this is going to fit into my system.


I keep hearing rumors of a $360 price point, but that's just rumor. I keep thinking it's going to be higher. I'll likely hold out until there are a lot of kickass games for the system...



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So far I'm not impressed. The games shown don't look that great. It seems like everything is a sequel to an exisitng game franchise and I'm getting tired of playing the same games over and over again. I'm also not happy that the Tony Hawk series is trying to be Grand Theft Auto with the showing of Tony Hawk Wasteland.


I think part of the problem for me is that I am starting to lose interest in gaming because everything seems the same, and there aren't as many as unique and original games like there used to be. This generation of systems I had PS2, Xbox and Gamecube but for the next generation of systems, I'll probably end up getting PS3.

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ok word i heard is the ps3 will be even pricier than the 360....but we'll have to wait almost another year to find out for sure...and while backward compatibility is cool....it's all about foward thinking....why buy a new console to play old games? buy an old console to play old games.

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^^ Well, since I don't own either a PS2, Xbox, or GC, backward compatability would be nice to have so I could have it all in one box.


As for the Xbox 360... I want one for more than just games. I've been wanting to get a wireless media player for awhile and this could be an all-in-one solution for me.

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