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  1. Thank Odin's beard it is Flight Deck. I would have needed a medic had they picked the Demon.
  2. I'll be crashing at the Hilton the night before for Great America's event. Other than that...the weekend is a mystery to me still.
  3. Pizza is awesome...now I'm searching the net for pizza just to eat tonight lol
  4. I was born at home on a cold January morning back in 1978. My birth certificate has my grandmothers name as delivering physician. I have lived most of my life in Stockton Ca and the small portion that I wasn't here, I was in the small town of Linden Ca 40 miles East of Stockton. Growing up, I did normal things like playing Little League baseball and riding bikes. When I got older, and led the league in hit by pitches, my coach recommended I take up hockey. I did and I was a natural. In high school I played on a competitive inline hockey team. When I saved enough money to get the very expensive goalie gear for ice hockey, I did. I transitioned well but I was too old to get much further than recreation level. I have worked at a few retail jobs, most recent Red Wing Shoes. I have a perfect 4.0 grade point average in college, but I've only taken 2 classes. Now on to the checklist! -Favorite Disney character is Chip and Dale...but really that is two so perhaps more Dale than Chip -Fast Food is easy In-N-Out double double ketchup and cheese only, fries well done, Dr. Pepper with a slice of lemon -Pizza topping either pepperoni or Hawaiian -how I got into coasters....ghetto carnivals...then I got real -if I won the mega millions I would have, in this order, paid off my credit card debt, bought a car, spend 6 weeks doing all the Disney parks worldwide, build a house with my own ice rink, buy a vacation home on Kauai, give a crap load of money to charities like this one, invest -right now I am wearing olive dockers, a work polo shirt, and my waterproof Red Wing boots -apps on my iPhone...sorry I have a droid...but the apps I use most are Fandango, Facebook, Foursquare, Netflix, The Chive and Nhl and ECHl....why there no TPR app? -Favorite band...hmmm I did a short stint as an internet DJ so I have a lot of music on my hard drive....Bowling for Soup, Foo Fighters, Aquabats, Metalica, Ac/Dc -where was I when John Carter flopped? In an IMAX 3d theater with my wife enjoying the movie...I liked it. - my high school mascot was a Lion - I have raised my pet cat since before her eyes were open. Her mother was hit by a car a few days after she was born and I had to care for her. I've now had her for over 15 years. - I got married last September 18. I was engaged for 7 years. I proposed at Disneyland - I was my high schools top scorer for Academic Decathalon - The food I cook best is spaghetti - My drink of choice is Cherry Pepsi or for more adult tastes MGD, Mojitos, or Mai Tai - I love chips and salsa, as a kid I hated spicy food - I am named after my father and his father before him...so I am the 3rd - I am pretty good at fixing computers and see them as a personal challenge to figure out. - Xbox live gamertag is Phreke33 -I own around 30 hockey jerseys wedding more wedding Santa Cruz Log ride at Santa Cruz Kayak not dot com old goalie USH There is only 1 place in the US you can still do this Lake Tahoe Big Blue behinds me Hawaii self pic from underwater more Goalie guy The Stanley Cup and Kelly Cup (ECHL) one of my mom's kittens doh wheres the toe my brush with celebrity my cat not really flying trick shot!!! Just to incriminate myself...one of my prom pics and the other one
  5. Big thanks to Alfred for kicking off what I hope is the first of many donations....and big thanks to Robb for the promo and the chance to be part of one of the best groups of people in the world!
  6. I've been here in the shadows for a while. I don't post much because I rarely get to the parks like I did when I was younger.I play ice hockey part time as a goalie. I have always been a fan of thrill rides. My family would take me to mostly the traveling ghetto carnivals as a kid and I loved every minute of it. In high school, I picked up a Paramount's Great America season pass and used it every weekend. Those were a good few years. I even got to season pass preview Stealth...way back when. I have rode at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and I am a huge Disney fan (though I've only been to California's parks). I would say my favorite coaster is Medusa as Discovery Kingdom. I am 34 years old now and have a great wife (though she is not a thrill ride fan), so I don't get to ride as much as I would like. I sell work boots for a living and saw this event as a way to both give to a very good cause and FINALLY get some more rides in. If anyone out there wants to help an old goalie out here is my link http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/raymondmahnke/CaliforniasGreatAmerica and here are some pictures
  7. Well I know I'm not the most active user around here...but it's a good cause. I'm doing California's Great America! http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/raymondmahnke/CaliforniasGreatAmerica See you all there!
  8. I totaly regret not being able to participate. Living in NorCal this is my best chance to enjoy the antics of TPR on my budget but unfortunately I had to work that weekend. Well the boss can only go to his kids college graduation once right? Looks like he will need another reason to keep me in town next year.
  9. sounds good i will talk it over with mrs toxie and try to hit up both days. We had a blast last year. She's not even a coaster fan and she talked about it for days. Thanks to all the fun (and the penguin) last year this should be an easy sell for me.
  10. for us NorCal folks, will there be a way to do either park alone or will they be a package deal? I'm hoping I can make both days, but if not I'm sure I can do at least one.
  11. I was planning on going on 10-10 but a bunch of things kept me in Stockton. Man I am so bummed I didn't get to go.
  12. wow its nice to see pics of this park before mother nature turned it into a waterpark.
  13. I will totaly be be back for the Halloween event as well as the Christmas time event. I had a blast. Everyone I met who worked there, be it food service, animal ambasadors, ride ops, and shop keepers, were polite, engaging and fun. The park was very clean throughout the day and ride waits were well within reason (even without a Flash Pass). I cant wait to go back and get more pics of Leo coughing up a hairball.
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