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Ask Elissa for a Custom Member Title


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Since I also have a part in this whole thing I know how much I love those "custom tag lines" so go ahead and request one here and I'll get it up ASAP!


Elissa "Ask and you Shall Receive!" Alvey




New Policy due to being busy with three trips and KT...


If you ask, you won't get one...eventually the magical member title fairy will come and change it if he/she wants to!


It will be changed to something relating to your avatar, your various posts, or whatever he/she wants!




Old Rules




Hey guys, never realized how big the forum would become! Because of this we've put in some new rules regarding member titles:


- You must have at least 150 'real' posts to request a new title!

- Once you request a title, if you want a new one before they have been changed edit your original post, do NOT post a new request.



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whoah.. whats weird was I was going to request a "One time I ate pancakes" tagline, and before I could even go through here I saw a topic on "pancakes"


Thats just freaky man... already my mind is corresponding to the randomness of the Alveys. :shock:


-Justin EDIT: Thanks Elissa! Your the best

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