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Hey all!


I'm Phillip. I've been a member for awhile, but have only recently started posting. My boyfriend and I have been living in Dallas, TX for the past 8 years, but I'm originally from Lexington, KY (he's from Cincinnati). I haven't been to a theme park in a while, because I don't much care for SFOT and my bf is not a fan (he tolerates them, but could do without). I need coaster buddies.

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Hi, I'm Patrick. I'm from Michigan. My home park is Cedar Point, and my favorite roller coasters are Raptor, Expedition Everest, Magnum XL-200, Wicked Twister, and Rock'n'Roller Coaster (in that order). I like to play RCT3. You've probably seen me around either CoasterForce or Coaster101. See ya on the midway!

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I'm Nate, ive been over at the GE Central forums for about a year now. I've worked at The Great Escape in Lake George, NY as a lifeguard for 2 years now, but i'm looking to change departments. My coaster count is limited to the TGE coasters and a few in orlando, as my ex just got me hooked on coasters this last season. I'm in my high schools Broadcast Journalism program, and hope to make a few coaster vids in this next season. I know quite a bit about linux too, so if anyone has questions about linux, im here.

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Hi I'm "George" and I'm a coasterholic.

I've been coaster free for 18 days. My last ride was on BTMRR in Florida.


I haven't assembled a list or count of how many I've been on, but I've been to a lot of parks... mostly the well known ones.


I live near the capital city of our little nation-state of CA and so have to do a good piece of traveling to get to most of them.


I used to love SFMM but got bored with all the turn-drops that have no air-time. (a visit on 9/13/01 drove the boredom home - got sick of the ERT on everything in a record time of 2-1/2 hours, which included eating lunch there) (Tatsu's cool but too intense for more than 2 in-a-row rides - getting too old for funky gees, I guess, and I've only been on 'X' 4 times - a deficiency that I hope to remedy in the near future)


Grew up with MARRIOTT's Great America before they took out Willard's Whizzer and stopped serving 5 cent root beer.


Anything with air-time (negative gees, not just zero) is cool to me. There are only a handful of these in CA (Ghostrider, T of T, a little on CA Screamin', Medusa, a little on Roar, a little on Maliboomer, Xlerator, perhaps somewhere on X, and the little hump between beatings on Viper just before the block brake). I like to get out of Dodge and ride things that the lawyers aren't hovering over (i.e. Tremors, Gwazi, & other "out there" rides)


Other interests include spotting/collecting photos of hidden mickeys, and providing "new" people with touring tips to places they haven't been.


Occupation: project engineering and designing various odd things (I refuse to design anything that can support a Starbucks) which are mostly made of concrete.


Pet peeves: over-hype, painful rides, overpriced awful food, expensive parking 2 miles from main gate, poor parking tram coordination, understaffing, people displaying their "fancy" underwear in public, people marking what they think is their territory, and parks that allow way too many people through the gate in the summer, to name a few...

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Hey everyone, my name is Denis, and I'm new here. I've been a coaster enthusiast for almost a year, and roller coasters are what I love the most. You guys got a really great, interesting, and funny forum here, and I look forward to posting in it.


BTW, I'm also a member of Coaster-Net and CoasterForce, both under the same username "AlpenDenis".

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Hi everyone. My name is Michele and I live in St. Cloud FL. My husband and I recently retired from the Air Force and moved to FL. I currently work part time at Disney as a bus driver, so hopefully I will get to meet all of you the next time you come to FL.


I am 40, but look alot younger than that. Most people don't believe me when I say I am retired from the Air Force and alot of the time, people ask me if I am old enough to drive the bus! I have an 18 year-old daughter who works part time at the Emporium in the MK and a 15 year-old son who is a freshman in HS.


I love roller coasters, I guesstimate that I have been on over 50 (not very many compared to Robb!) My current favorite is Expedition Everest. I also love Tower of Terror.


I enjoy TPR for the trip reports and pictures. You guys have a great sense of humor! Keep it up!

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Hi, I'm Christian, but you can call me Chris.


I haven't been on many coasters myself, mainly due to the fact that there aren't a lot of them in Connecticut. However, I still have a long life ahead of me and that means a lot of time to ride coasters!

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I made, like... two posts here awhile ago, but now I'm back! I am Kaze, a very big Disney geek, and Roller Coaster Chicken. I'm going to be going to Busch Gardens on the 24th, and Drachen Fanboy is going to be trying to get me on Big Bad Wolf. He can try, but he WILL NOT SUCCEED.

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AHA! I never saw this thread before I made my own "Hi!" thread and everyone got annoyed! Hehe.


I'm Adam, I live in Bolton near Manchester in North West England.


I've been to both US Disney and Universal resorts, and the one in Paris. I've also been to Knotts Berry Farm, Alton Towers, and frequently to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


The big thing with me is that Im a bit of a fraidy cat! Ive not been on many coasters, but the most Ive been on (and enjoyed) was Big Thunder Mountain (the Paris one is best!), I did accidentally go on the Jurassic Park ride in California, not knowing it had a huge drop at the end... which I wasnt overly keen on as I dont like dips/drops at all!


I guess I just like the fast twisty fun nicely themed type of ride, but I need to get some bravery and try more coasters! Im sure I'll like them if I can just get the guts to try!


My sort of attraction are things like Pirates of the Caribbean, Trauma Towers (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) and classic things like mazes, ghost trains, dark rides etc


Oh and as for non theme parky bits... uh... I like musicals, computer games, TV, movies, and I'm gaaaaaaay!

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