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  1. No. Should I go to steak n shake?
  2. ^ Likes Shrek < Wishes Shrek would DIE V Loves Diana Ross
  3. I love David Lanham. http://dlanham.com
  4. HAHAH!! Love you're avatar! It's the greatest I've seen.... p.s..... what does being christian have anything to do with that avatar?
  5. Maddy? Sounds horrible. They need a princess name. I say Renée Zellweger will do her voice, o.O?
  6. RIP Napster. P2P FOREVER!!!!1!!!111ELEVENTY!1!
  7. ^Wouldn't even second doubt that there is actually cheese in your shoes... V Was a late bloomer
  8. No. Myspace sucks. Do you have an iPod?
  9. ^Should get a Mac, cause Safari does spell check. V Needs a Mac.
  10. Actually. I do. Do you know any fairies?
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