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O Parque de Selva [RCT2]

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how do i make those supports? we can continue this conversation in a personal message if you want, so it doesn spam your topic.


Is that a CS set for the walls also? Could you please let me know what it is? This park looks great! When's the next update coming? I can't wait!

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^^^To make those supports you have to download a park that has them first. Then when you build a park with them, you have to use no clearances on the trailer to be able to get close to the track. Then you just practice with them.


^I am not sure if it is a custom set or not. I have downloaded so many parks that I don't even know. I just chose everything according to my needs.


I am pretty sure that this park is compatible with RCT2 with no expansions though. Also, I will work on it some more when I get some free time.

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Well, it sure has been a long while since I have worked on the park, but i got back into it. I have nearly completed the area around the twister coaster. I do not have a name for it yet, but I will think of something. Hopefully I can keep working on this park, and get a lot more accomplished, but don't get your hopes up..it may be a while before another update. You never know though..


As you can see, I have completed building the station, queue, and the theming around the main part of the ride.


Hopefully will have another update soon


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