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The Official NoLimits/NL2 Help Thread

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First of all, what version of NL are you using and what web browser?




2-Internet explorer


Just to elaborate on the matter, it is'nt picking up any of the NL files I've downloaded since I've transfered NL to my laptop from our old computer so it is'nt to do with what version I got (I think).

Check so that the browser saves them to the computer and not open NL to view them directly.

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I believe it are high G's or quick changes in G's. Not sure though, it seems that the definition of pumping varies per person.




looked it up:


pump·ing /ˈpʌmpɪŋ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[puhm-ping] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


1. the act or process of pumping or the action of a pump.

2. Meteorology. rapid change in the height of the column in a mercury barometer, resulting from fluctuations in the surrounding air pressure.


so it's a rapid change in G-force

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I always took the definition of pumping to be a track transition that wasn't executed smoothly-- instead of a smooth helix with a steady circular motion, for example, you would have a "pumpy" helix on which there is a noticeable and snappy transition between track segments.


Basically, if a track is pumpy, that means that at several vertices, it snaps to the next track segment instead of smoothly flowing into the next segment. Long story short, it's a bad thing and should be avoided.

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To straigten out all this, what is pumping? fiasco, i shall tell you all, what it is defined as by professionals. Pumping is when the radius of a corner is not constant the whole way through, so like Force 310 said @there is a noticeable and snappy transition between track segments." Thos os beacuse of a non constant radius through a corner.

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All of the track in NL is entirely custom unless you use ctrl+E and/or Elementary or some other element-creating program. True to the program's name, there are few limits to what you can build (although you are limited in some respects-- the coasters can "only" be about 493 feet tall at most, the coaster's layout has to fit within a huge square area to which you are allotted, and launches only go up to 124 mph).

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to measure height: go into side or front view. Then place your mouse on the heightest point of your ride, and look at the 3 numbers just above the viewscreen. These display coordinates. The Y-coordination stands for height.


to make a screenshot press K in the simulator, the screen is then stored in ...\No Limits\screenshots\


as for enviroments, you can select them in the sim, and i don't make them myself, just download a lot of tracks from exchange sites (coastercrazy.com or coastersims.com) and then your collection of enviroments will steady grow. Make sure to credit the maker of the enviroment when uploading.

The white enviroment, and enviroment creator is available at www.nolimitsdevcenter.net

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Ok...i'm so confused first i cant even get into the simulator it says it can not switch to 800x600 switch to mode first help me!


Also i just don't get how to make coasters i've tried for 2 months and i don't get it does anybody know some toturals.


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