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Photo TR: Disneyland

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So my parents surprised us with a little trip to Disneyland / DCA for my sister's 13th birthday. We were only there 3 days, so we don't have many pics. This was our first time on Screamin' after it crashed...so sad...there's only a little airtime in the front row. Everytime but one ride on Matterhorn, they were actually racing them. Matterhorn and Space Mountain both e-stopped when we were in line...that was a drag. Anyways here's the pics.


Thanks for looking


P.S. If we look tired, it's because we had to get up at 3:30 to go to the airport haha.


I don't even like pink lol.


For some reason I feel the need to post this on the internet so anyone can see it.


And here he is again!


icy slopes.


We're so cheap.


No comments necessary, thank you.


The castle isn't that small lol.


Wee mini SM!


Theme-wise, Adventureland is my favorite.


That food was disguesting.


Not *as* rushed as Space Mountain, but still rushed.


No, she's my sister. That's just plain wrong.






We got pretty wet on Splash Mountain. Can't really tell by the pic though.


Ooooo Haunted Mansion..with new attic scene. It would be cool if they had fog in the graveyard scene..


Woo we're a part of Disney! Why is ours so dirty??


Don't we look thrilled?


Elissa...I think Dale likes me more! Haha jk.


This guy scared me.


Oh cool! I'm glad they finally got Mike [waterviper] to agree in walking in the parade!




Matterhorn!! Tomorrowland side owns!


Psht, my parents won't let me get my license yet, but my DAD bumps into me!


This is like the only good fireworks pic we got..


See? Here he is again!


I love Big Thunder Mountain. Kind of freaky to think someone died on it...


Helix of death!


Best coaster ever!!



woo Captain Jack Sparrow! He kept popping everywhere in New Orleans Square!


First ride of trip...Indy!

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cool TR/pics, seems like you had alot of fun. Disneyland looks alot better themed then what I remember of MK

As a whole, I think it is better themed, but each seperate ride entry has better theming at MK. Although the rides themselves are better at Disneyland. And that's a fact you can't count on.

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No, she's my sister. That's just plain wrong.


LOL I was going to say, you two look oddly......related!!! Nice PTR, I've never been to DL but it looks like a cool park. Oh and by the way, I think those autopia cars look like crap, WDW's Indy Speedway ones look wayyyyy better.


Colin C

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Thanks for all the nice comments you guys!


You must of gotten your facts mixed up. The Mad Hatter side is much much better.

Lol they both kick ass! They're really fun at night in the dark.



Thats right I made an appearance! Afterwards I hung out with Jack Sparrow! Oh ya the person who played Jack Sparrow IS a chick!!

LOL well "she" sure sounded like a man... It seemed like a lot of people thought it was actually Johnny Depp.



boo i could have gone that day, but NOOO my friends are poor. would have been cool seein ya though.

You should have gone anyways!



cool TR/pics, seems like you had alot of fun. Disneyland looks alot better themed then what I remember of MK

All I can say is: Disney is Disney.



Nice Photo TR! Looks like you had fun! I want to go to a disney someday, but they are really expensive.

Disney is so expensive it's crazy!



..and pound your sister for me!

Haha I went up to her and said "pound it" and I held out my fist, and she says "WTF??"

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