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I was at a stop light, and put my car in neutral and reved it up, and dropped it into gear and broke my U joints, only costing me 380 bucks. Ruined the rest of the night.


It was even worse when the Ozaukee county cop stopped and thought I was drunk. Especially when a ton of people were driving by.



Ben, don't reply........



That was the funniest thing ever...well...not as funny as Dustin getting a ticket


Yes, hes still paying that off. On top of that, his insurance is SKY ROCKETED.


Drag racing...... ha.

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I walked through a sliding glass door! It broke up into a million of pieces as it shattered all around me!


When I was around 15 I about impailed myself with my bike! I was riding up this steep hill to do a jump, well me and the bike went flying in the air but not together. I somehow lost grip of the bike while I jumped! I was pretty much above the bike in the air and when I landed after the bike hit the ground first I landed right on that middle part where it holds the handlebars directly on my chest! I seriously couldn't breathe after that and thought I was gona die! But caught my breath afterwards and it left a nasty bruise on my chest! I made sure my mom didnt see it till it went away so she wouldn't freak!


I crashed a mini motorcycle in the curb! I grabbed the clutch release instead of the breaks so I started to panic and accidentally reved the throttle. So I sped up straight into the curb as I went flying like superman into the bushes!


I also crashed an ATC into my friends Jeep! I tried to do a turn burnout. I reved the throttle a bit to hard so it grabbed traction as I headed straight to the Jeep!! As I slammed into it I bounced a bit on the ATC as I did a mini endo and it left a small dent with some paint scratches!!


I pretty much hate to ride motorcycles, ATCS and ATVS as of now!


Good times!!!

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