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  1. How can I say no to that. No hurry though. But WOW, yes I would love to see it. As with parks quality over quantity anytime, so take as much time as you need to get the switch track hack posted. Dotrobot buddy, here is your chance to REALLY get some good instructions on using 8cars and SOB, BelgianGuy is taking requests!
  2. Everything is good to go but one, I have a DAT called MDSNOWRK not MDSNOW. So it may not be the one you need. I hope it is but if not you can try to get it at RCT2 Object List site or try New Element. Your DATs.zip
  3. Sweet, I thought this was a dead project, so happy it just about done. Good luck on the submission.
  4. ^ That would be really GREAT! Your "How To" for Toggle Chain was perfect and I am sure many people (more than who posted) use it quite often. Any kind of tricks you want to pass along to the members here at TPR would be of tremendous value for those trying to improve their skills. As mentioned before if we ever get enough "How To"'s put together they could end up all being placed in a sticky so they are not lost in the depths of the forums. So happy you are starting to come back around TPR and share some of you amazing skills and ideas with us.
  5. Great shots everyone! TLM, what park was that?, I think I remember the wooden coaster but not the others. 10ryan, I like the look of the coaster but I am worried it will not fit in very with the park, but then again we all have only seen bits of it so far so maybe it will in the end. Also I like the water falls but they look odd without having a water source. How about putting some senery item on top of the wall of water to look like a pipe that the water would come from. MeMeMe, that is one great looking wood you have there, very nice curves. Good Job. djbrace, nice detail with the use of the mesh fence under the coaster track. mastersax, WOW! ...you might want to fire the handyman in that area, he missed some vomit.
  6. I have seen a few of the track sections in my ObjData folder before, seemed to have missed them when I made that list. But if I remember right there was not a complete set only a few straight tunnel sections (one on a slope) to be used to make lift hill tunnels and such on coasters. So in other words there are not enough pieces to make a complete slide of any kind. It is easy to get straight sections of track for any kind of ride using RCT2GUIEditor but curves and inversions are a different story. They are intact sections of track in the game but in reality (game code) they are bits and pieces that when put together make a section of track. So to get all of a rides track types would be very difficult and time consuming.
  7. ^ With the way 8cars functions on different operating systems and expansion packs it would be very hard to explain. I only know how it works with XP using both expansion packs. Example; I can't do things like Toggle Chain. Those without the expansions can. People with Windows7 have all kinds of issues and then there is the wonderful Vista issues. It even has different play issues for the few people still running ME. It is such a wonderful tool but has so many user issues.
  8. If you need a different set of rocks other than what I posted in the Object Thread I will go digging again. I had no idea what you were going to use them for until now. I just saw the request. I don't get the chance to keep up with what's going on. I am tired and will check on this tomorrow to see if they will work for you or not. Sorry for being late on this.
  9. I think these are the rocks you are after. WW Rocks.zip These are all the rides as scenery that I have (or I could find). I do have duplicates of many with different DAT IDs. I left those out. All the DATs that start as ZUG are large scenery items. Most are coasters on tracks. Ride Scenery.zip
  10. I really thought your foliage looked pretty darn good but if you want to improve a little bit more Mastersax made a really nice foliage "How To" HERE.
  11. While I do stand by my original post those ^ are all very good ways to improve the water coaster even further and should be given a try if you get the chance or have not already filled in the area where the lake is with other newer items since posting that picture.
  12. Yep, exactly what ^^ said. It can get a little out of hand sometimes with paths connecting through walls that you did not intend for them to do so then the guests are walking into buildings where they are not supposed to. So the timing as to when you 0 clearance should be planned out to avoid that problem. Also when you 0 clearance a path under scenery items or the other way around, scenery items 0 clearanced on top of paths, you can get a scenery/path glitch that makes it look like the path and lower scenery items are flickering on top of each other. So you need to figure out which item is going to dominate the bottom and put it in first. That is only possible with trial and error. Sometimes it will be the path and other times it will be the scenery item. Good luck with it and have some fun trying this, when done right (like in Liampie's park) it really looks nice. As for 0 clearancing paths and such it is just like when you do a ride. Just open 8cars and get busy. Remember though once an item is placed in the park while it is 0 clearanced it will not be 0 clearance itself until you 0 clearance again so just like rides if you are going to build something large try to get it done with just one 0 clearance because the next time you 0 clearance the building is going to glitch out and make placing items very difficult.
  13. You kind of have me confused with this question Bob!, are you meaning a building with paths inside with guest using them (like shopping or eating) or just a building on a path or maybe a building off the path but has parts overhanging the path? If you can get a picture out of one of Liampie's topics or parks and post it or link to it showing what your asking about would really be great.
  14. Hi and WELCOME to TPR's game forums. Before anyone can help you we need to know what game your needing help with, RCT, RCT2 or RCT3 or maybe even NL? Just so you know there are RCT2, RCT3 and NL help topics at the top of this forum to handle questions like this one. Your answer may already be posted. If by some odd chance this is about the original RCT you can use the RCT2 topic to ask questions. *dmaxsba makes a note to ask Stoksy or mcjaco to maybe change the name of that topic to RCT and RCT2 Help Thread. Also you need to read the Game Forum Etiquette HERE. This forum has a very strict set of rules for posting and is enforced. So please take a few minutes and look the rules over before posting again.
  15. ^ I have lots of those also, what type of coaster car do you want?
  16. To add to what djbrace1234 said, the item must be placed in the exact same orientation as the cliched item so you may need to try all four item rotations to find the one you need to make an "EXACT" copy.
  17. 10ryansmith, that first generation drop tower looks great, were you able to get functioning? Kraken & Manta, was that just a "for fun" coaster or is going to be showing up in a park soon? coasterfreak101, love the supports on the wooden coaster but what I really like is the way you did the GO Karts! -_-_-_-_-_-_-BEUTIFUL ATENTION TO DETAILS-_-_-_-_-_-_-
  18. Great start to your latest park the_ghost. Atlantic Avenue looks to be one fast air filled ride! Another perfect example that you don't have to build big to build a great ride. It looks like you took some inspiration from 10ryansmith's Oasis park for this one and expanded on it. It is a perfect first coaster for the park. Your buildings have improved also since your last NCS park. Nice to see you getting some angles on them.
  19. An absolutely amazing example of just how cool NCS parks can be. You are so skilled at using the ordinary to do the extraordinary. There are so many great RCT2 builders, but very few who can do so much with so little.
  20. RCT2 CUSTOM STALLS Items will be grouped (when possible) and all DAT ID's listed for search purposes. Each Zip file includes a labled picture of each file so you can sort items yourself. DUKE STALLS DUKES00A, DUKES00B, DUKES00C, DUKES00D, DUKES00E, DUKES00F, DUKES001, DUKES01A, DUKES01B, DUKES002, DUKES003, DUKES004, DUKES005, DUKES006, DUKES007, DUKES008, DUKES009, DUKES010, DUKES011, DUKES012, DUKES013, DUKES014, DUKES015, DUKES016, DUKES017, DUKES018, DUKES019, DUKES020, DUKES021, DUKES022, DUKES23 and DUKES024 DUKE stalls.zip SFIN - CLEAR STALLS SFINVAS, SFINVCAK, SFINVCDY, SFINVCHS, SFINVCLS, SFINVCM, SFINVCOO, SFINVCS, SFINVDS, SFINVFA, SFINVFS, SFINVIK, SFINVIS, SFINVLS, SFINVNS, SFINVPS, SFINVRR, SFINVSAS, SFINVSFS, SFINVSS and SFINVSUS SFIN - Clear Stalls.zip HARRY POTTER STALLS HPSHATM, HPSHBALL, HPSHCHIC, HPSHCOFF, HPSHCOTT, HPSHFIRS, HPSHHATS, HPSHOTD, HPSHICEC, HPSHINF2, HPSHINFO, HPSHMEN1, HPSHPIZZ, HPSHPOP, HPSHSEA, HPSHREST, HPSHSODA, HPSHSOUV, HPSHTSHI and HPSHWOM1 HP Stalls.zip JURASSIC PARK STALLS jp-drnks, jp-kiosk, jp-souv, JP-st-01, JP-st-02, JP-st-03, JP-st-04, JP-st-05, JP-st-06, JP-st-07, JP-st-08 and JP-st-09 JP - Stalls.zip BUILT IN CORRUGATED STALLS LKCNM2D1, LKCNM2F1, LKCNM2F2, LKCNM2M1, LKCNM2S1 and LKCNM2S2 Built In Corrugated Stalls.zip BUILT IN WOOD STALLS LKCNWDD1, LKCNWDF1, LKCNWDF2, LKCNWDM1, LKCNWDS1 and LKCNWDS2 Built In Wood Stalls.zip BUILT IN MARBLE STALLS LKCNM1D1, LKCNM1F1, LKCNM1F2 LKCNM1M1, LKCNM1S1 and LKCNM1S2 Built In Marble Stalls.zip MONTSTERS INC. STALL (goes with the Hanging Door Chair Lift and Coaster on page 1) MKG-MSSH Monsters Inc. Stall.zip DUCKBURG ATM (goes with the Duckburg 3D Cinema and other Donald Duck rides on Page 1) mkg-datm Duckburg ATM.zip LORD OF THE RINGS STALLS LOTRLOIK, LOTRLOS1, LOTRLOS2, LOTRLOS3, LOTRLOS4, LOTRMDRR, LOTRMDSA, LOTRMDSB, LOTRMDSC, LOTRMDSD, LOTRMTS1, LOTRMTS2, LOTRMTS3, LOTRMTS4, LOTRRIS1, LOTRRIS2, LOTRRIS3, LOTRRIS4, LOTRRIS5, LOTRRIS7, LOTRRIS9 LOTRROS1, LOTRROS2, LOTRSHS1, LOTRSHS2, LOTRSHS3, LOTRSHS4, LOTRSHS5, LOTRSHS6 and LOTRSHTO LOTR - Stalls.zip NO EXPANTION PACK WW STALLS noexdeco, noexmoon, noexnept, noexshrt, noexsoft and noexsoup No Expantion Pack WW Stalls.zip XF - STALLS XF-ATM, XF-RPIC1, XF-RPIC2, XF-RPIC3, XF-RPIC4, XF-RPIC5 and XF-RPIC6 XF - Stalls.zip ARCADE GAME STALLS DAGAARGA, DAGAME1, DAGAME2, DAGAME3, DAGAME4, DAGAME8, DAGAME12, DAGAME13, DAHPG3, DATGOL, DEPCICRM and SHOP1 Arcade Game Stalls.zip PRIZE GAME STALLS BALLFROG, COINTOSS, DEPCHTG2, DUCKRACE, CRS00059 FISHTOSS, UMBGUESS, WHACKAML, WIFFLEST and SHOP3 Prize Game Stalls.zip FAIR STALLS BOYSENST, COBBLER, CORNCOB, FAIDCARN, FGTST, INFOFAIR, ONIONBLM, RESTFAIR and SAUSSTIK Fair Stalls.zip VENDOR STALLS 66soda, balven, cpcUblon, cpcUice, EPS, hdvend, hnt, infos, sodsta, vahds, vapcc1 and vasc1 Vendor Stalls.zip OCTOBERFEST STALLS cpcObier, cpcObrgr, cpcOcofe, cpcOinfo, cpcOobst and cpcOsouv Octoberfest Stalls.zip THEME STALLS APPLKISS, Bh2oSt, CamShop, c-CrNood, CCST1, ChocAnts, EscarSt, fruits, KIDSDINO, MVchilidog, OJSTALL, PINEAPST, SHOP4MKY, SUBSHOP, vadbr1 and VAGEAH1 Theme Stalls.zip VENDING MACHINE STALLS akcola01, akcola02, aklimo01, aklimo02, COCACOLA, DRINKMAC, drinks, JAVNDJ, JDVENDRB and SHOP3MKY Vending Machine Stalls.zip THATCH STALLS rstlttrp, rstpshp1, rstpshp2, rstpshp3, rstpshp4, rstpshp5, rstpshp6, rstpshp7, rstpshp8 and rstpshp9 Thatch Stalls.zip PIRATE STALLS CXBALL25, CXCAND25, CXCHIK25, CXCOLA25, CXDOUG25, CXFRYS25, CXHATS25, CXHOT25, CXICEC25, CXINFO25, CXPIZZ25, CXPOPP25, CXSOUV25 and CXSUBS25 Pirate Stalls.zip FANCY STONE STALLS RN-SHP01, RN-SHP02, RN-SHP03, RN-SHP04, RN-SHP05 and RN-SHP06 Fancy Stone Stalls.zip GIFTBOX STALLS TN-GS01, TN-GS02, TN-GS03, TN-GS04, TN-GS06, TN-GS07, TN-GS08, TN-GS09, TN-GS10, TN-GS11C, TN-GS12C, TN-GS13, TN-GS14, TN-GS15, TN-GS16, TN-GS17, TN-GS18, TN-GS19, TN-GSFA and TN-GSRES Giftbox Stalls.zip DISNEY STALLS cxBurg56, cxCand56, cxCola56, cxHot56, cxIce56, cxInfo56, cxTees56, cxUmbr56 and cxRest56 Disney Stalls.zip HALLOWEEN STALLS BREW, CANDYCRN, CRS0001, CRS00002, Crs00095, ELDERBRY, EYENEWT and SPIDST1 Halloween Stalls.zip 60's FLOWER POWER STALLS Crs00006, CRS00009, CRS00010, CRS00012 and Crs00014 's Flower Power Stalls.zip SEA WORLD STALLS CXBALL43, CXBURG43, CXCOLA43, CXHOT43, CXICE43, CXINFO43, CXLEMO43, CXPOP43, CXREST43 and CXSUBS43 Sea World Stalls.zip WOODEN STALLS CRS00018, CRS00019, CRS00020, CRS00021, CRS00022, CRS00023, CRS00024, CRS00026 and CRS00027 Wooden Stalls.zip CIRCUS STALLS CXBURG41, CXCHIK41, CXCOOK41, CXHOT41, CXHOTC41, CXICE41, CXLEMO41, CXPENN41, CXPIZZ41 and CXSOUP41 Circus Stalls.zip TROPICO2 STALLS mkg-t2fs & t2-fshsh, mkg-t2hs & t2-phats, mkg-t2sf & t2-sfst and T2-SKST Tropico2 Stalls.zip TIN & STONE STALLS cxBall50, cxBurg50, cxCand50, cxChik50, cxCola50, cxCook50, cxHats50, cxInfo50, cxPizz50, cxPop50, cxRest50 and cxSubs50 Tin & Stone Stalls.zip ROMAN - VILLA STALLS LBKRMSHL, LBKRMSHP, LBKRMSHT, LBKVILBN, LBKVILNF and LBKVILSN Roman - Villa Stalls.zip CHRISTMAS STALLS CRS00011, Crs00103 and CRS00106 Christmas Stalls.zip ICE STALLS CXBALL13 - CXBURG13 - CXCHIK13 - CXCOLA13 - CXREST13 CXCASH13 - CXDOUG13 - CXINFO13 - ----------- - ------------- CXCASH14 - CXHATS13 - CXPOPP13 - ----------- - ------------- ---------- - CXHOT13 - CXSOUV13 - ------------ - ------------- ---------- - CXICEC13 - ------------- - ----------- - ------------- ---------- - CXPIZZ13 - ------------- - ------------ - ------------- Ice Stalls.zip MOUSE THEME STALLS CRS00054, CRS00055, CRS00056, CRS00057, Crs00058, CRS00061, Crs00062, Crs00066 and CRS00104 Mouse Theme Stalls.zip ATM STALLS (random) cpcBmaps, Crs00082, D0000033, D0000059, HOBBINK, ICEinfo, INFO1MKY, INFOK2, InfoRock, InfoSton, MapKiosk and SHOP4 Random ATM Stalls.zip FIRST AID STALLS (random) BratBAi2, BratBAid and Faid-crs Random First Aid Stalls.zip FOOD & DRINK STALLS (random) BANDB, BURGER, BURGJ98, BURGSUB, CandySt, C-ICESHO, CRS00039, Crs00064, CRS00067, Crs00068, Crs00071, Crs00090, Crs00091, Crs00092, Crs00093, CRS00096, Crs00099, Crs00100, Crs00101, cxCand41-, dkfish2, DSNY100, FishChip, GATORST, ICECR3, JBRGRHSE, PigFeet and PossmSt Random Food & Drink Stalls.zip SHOP STALLS (random) CRS00028, Crs00030, CRS00052, Crs00074, Crs00098, CRS00115, DKALIEN2, DKCOWST, HATTEEST and WITHATST Random Shop Stalls.zip INFORMATION STALL (random) cpcBmaps, Crs00082, D0000033, D0000059 HOBBINK, ICEinfo, INFO1MKY, INFOK2, InfoRock, InfoSton, MapKiosk and SHOP4 Random Information Stalls.zip RESTROOM STALLS (random) ^u^13, BATHHOUS, PTP, RestJung, RestRock, rests-, RestSton, rstltbk1, rstltbk2, rstltbk3, rstltmch, rstltmdb, rstltmdg, rstltnt1, rstltprt, rstlttn1, rstlttn2, rstlttp1, rstltwd1, RSTRMTRE, SNOWROOM, SOHWC, SPCPOT, STONE35, STONE36, TLT1MKY, TLT2MKY, tlt3mky, TREERR and xrest1x Random Restroom Stalls.zip MISCELLANEOUS STALLS What we have here is large collection of random stalls that have one issue or another. Out of scale for the game, incorrect tile placement, other tycoon games junk, duplicate stalls with different ID's, really weird stuff and some truly horrible items that should never have been made in the first place. If you like something go ahead and use it, everyone has different tastes but for the most part these need to just go away. All items in the zip file have pictures so you can see what your getting. Aball, ACR, AINF, aktlt52, AlVnd1, ALVND2, Ballbin, BALLO, BaskR, BaskR-, bbtoss, BKSTALL2, BURG, BURGC, c-Arcade, CatVend, CHICKFIL, ComicSp, cpcBaid, cpcgetr1, CPCMCD1, cpctoi1, cpcUbude, cpcUwrst, CRS00013, Crs00029, CXBALL47, cxBurg45, cxBurg55, cxChik45, cxHot45, CXICE35, cxIce45, cxInfo45, cxRest45, cxSoda45, cxSou45, cxSub45, DACICACC, DACIPICO, DAGBCB1, DEPRES7A, DEPRES58, Dghous, Dghous-, DKCOCKT, DKCOKEST, DKDRAGSV, DQ, DQ2, DRWRM, D-STSF01, GFC2, GFC2-, grill, HAGDAZ, HDH, HHAT, HHAT-, HHATc, HOTDSS, INFO, INFOBAR, infoHut, infoHut-, IN-N-OUT, JABURGST, JAPZASTD, JASUBSTD, JAWONTON, JCPNKTHG, KFC, kiosk, lemon, MAPVEN2, MCDS, MexStall, MUSH1, MVMAPSH, pizex, PIZZA2, PIZZS1, PlushVnd, POPpal, POPpal-, RCHICKEN, RCTPSH01, rests, RIB, riv024, RRKB, RRKBBQ, RSMCHTLT, RSMEDTLT, RSTNTLT2, SBALBIN, SBALBINm, SCAS, SCAS-, SHOP1MKY, SHOP2MKY, SHOP2MKZ, SHOP2ML0, SHRIMPTS, SNOWROON, sodas, sodas-, SoDnk, SRR2, STARBUCK, SUBWAY, -SWAINK, -SWARR, SWEETSC, TACOBELL, Tailgat, Tailgat-, TEENWOLF, THsnax, TOIL, vaics1, varr1, vassr1, VENDING, WIMPYS and ZAP Miscellaneous Stalls.zip INVALID ID DAT's All of the following either have invalid DAT codes (longer than 8 charaters) or came up RED flagged in the DAT CHECKER. Please only download this if you need one of these to open a park. DO NOT use these to make a park. cash2 (by haschi), dafoodst_162, drinks (by haschi), fruits (by haschi), info (by haschi), INFOBAR (by buggyb), kartsho, kartsho (by snickers), kiosk1 (by snickers) and Polki (by pol) Invalid ID DATs.zip
  21. AJClarke0912, thanks for the link to "Fantasia Special". I never knew there were any triple corkscrew Arrow coasters and the best part is the corkscrews are the first inversions. Never seen that before on an Arrow either. The park is looking amazing Arrow Fan 13, and you are living up to your name with Demon. What a great looking ride!
  22. * * * * SQGTRAIN.zipT * * * * TB-CATBT.zip * * * * Teacups2.zip * * * * * Thomrid2.zip * * * * * Thomride.zip * * * * TN-3D02.zip * * * * TOWRTILT.zip * * * TTDMNBIS.zip * * * TTDVV.zip * * * TUMBLE01.zip * * * TUMBLE02.zipU V * * * VARSPACE.zipW * WHEELOF1.zip * * * * * WWFCR2.zip * * * * WWSHOW.zipX Y Z * * * * * ZPANDA.zip The next file is full of rides that are... well... lets just say if you need one to open a park come and get it but other than that they should really just fade away. The file names are listed so they are searchable and pictures of each are in the ZIP. When I say pictures I mean what the creator used as the picture, that is not really what you always get. Many of these have invalaid DAT names (meaning more than 8 charatcters). They will still work but it is not a good thing, many more are items from Circus Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and other tycoon games. Please help STOP the spread of this junk and only download if you need an item to open a park. ..................................................................................................................... ..... a4dtmk_879 .......... ANTGRLN3 ............ bjump ............... cashm (by haschi) .... ..... CATKARTS ............ CATRCRS ............. C-PETS ............... C-SACADE ............. ..... C-SDANC .............. C-SEATRY ............ C-SELERD ............ C-SELETN .............. ..... C-SHORS .............. C-SLION .............. C-SSEAW ............. CSTMATR1 ............ ..... C-SWACQR ........... C-SWCIR ............. C-SWDGFT ........... C-SWGFT .............. ..... C-SWLGRS ........... C-SWPETS ............ DAAPLBES ............ DABASROB ............ ..... DACRHO .............. DADEESEA ............. DADITH .............. DADIVER ............... ..... DAELERID ............ DALOGMUS ........... DAMCDON ........... DDTEACUP .............. ..... fcarpet1_205 ........ GOKARTSF ............ gravone ............. GWRFRC ................ ..... HMNDKART ........... INDING ................ jaskyrdr_660 ........ LNDENBUS ............ ..... MATTNR .............. RCRKARTS ............. RFTBOATS .......... ridetesj_166 ........... ..... SEKWHALE ........... SESKYWHL ............ SETOPSCN ........... SEZIPPER .............. ..... SFTRMC2 ............. SFTRMC3 ............. TRIKEBTS ............ VIRGIBTS ............... ..... wavepool ............. WWBTS ................ ZIPPER ............... ZIPPES ................. ..... AUTOV2 (by jarrus) ..added11/01/10 ..................................................................................................................... Rides Zip.zip
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