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  1. You didn't happen to own all land did you? That would be the most common cause of the problem your having. If that is the case the best thing to do would be to "De-own Border Land". The problem should be fixed immediately. If you need to build on the parks boarder just the "Invert Land Ownership - All Types" build what you need to build and then switch it back.
  2. ^ Yep, today when I downloaded Belomy Sights with Internet Explorer all worked perfectly.
  3. djb, your dedication to this park is just outstanding. Through the good and bad you have stuck it out. I hope your perseverance to see this to it's final stage is an inspiration to other park/ride builders in our community no matter what version of RCT they play to stick it out and finish what they start. ryan, while I agree with the comment about the colors I must say the scale and overall look of this park shows a giant leap in your RCT2 skills. Also that mini steel coaster is a very nice addition!
  4. Having the same empty zip problem with Belomy Sights (RCT2). With Internet Explorer nothing is there but with Google Chrome all is fine. The other 2 RCT2 files (not zipped), Supersonic Girl and Japan Adventure Park work just fine with Internet Explorer.
  5. Absolutely agree, other than that I think it's your best coaster yet!
  6. I don't know why that happens with the RCT2 expansion packs sometimes. Must be something with the CD's or conflicts with other user made items, anyway since what your asking for should not be distributed in a public way please check your PM in box and lets see if we can get the missing items sorted out for you.
  7. Downloaded the Google Chrome option and an using it to post this. The RCT2 file Rush Mania downloaded without issue using Chrome and all 3 files were in the ZIP. So I am guessing this is a browser issue with Internet Explorer?
  8. The only thing in any of those pictures I do not like is at the base of your chair lift. Having the curve section right up against the lift/lower section looks sloppy and unrealistic, there needs to be a space between them. But that is just an opinion. Great work though!
  9. This is really bizarre. Can you try a different browser? I really want to figure out why some people are getting this "zero byte" bug while others aren't. As many details as possible will be helpful! --Robb Guys, please keep trying this. I really don't understand why it's happening to a select few. Sorry for the delay again, Christmas got in the way. Just to keep my sanity going after several people said they are having no trouble with the Rush Mania file I made a little video of me trying to download and open it. The first thing I did was just open it and you will see the zip has nothing in it and then I saved it to my desktop and opened it from there. It also had nothing in it. Off video I tried the "Save Target As" function and it also had an empty zip. I am running on WindowsXP using regular Internet Explorer. Stupid question but how does one use a different browser? Is there an option for that I just click on somewhere? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCpyqvnWl14
  10. I have only been on 5 suspended coasters in my life and I rank them like this... The Bat (KI) - was 9yrs old when it opened and it was an absolutely insane ride. Big Bad Wolf (BGE) - to me a solid fun ride from start to finish. Ninja (SFMM) - way more exiting than I ever thought it would be. Top Gun (KI) - fast and fun but way to short, some Vampire cars would be nice to see on this coaster. Iron Wolf (CP) - affectionately called The Cedar Point Suspended Monorail by me and my friends. EDIT: ^ opps, I am always mixing the name of Iron Dragon and Iron Wolf. Sorry. I have only seen POV's of others around the North America and the rest of world and POV's just can't convey how truly exiting a coaster is so I have to limit my choices to what I have been on and Big Bad Wolf wins hands down over the other three still operating. Have to say Ninja really surprised me when I finally got the chance to ride it last spring after BAB but it still didn't pull in front of Big Bad Wolf. So yes to me losing it was a sad day. I know it never really ranked high in the coaster poll but I think if the coaster poll results were separated by types of coaster and not just steel and wood Big Bad Wolf would have been high on the short list of suspended coasters all the way up to it's removal. A note about The Bat while I was still very young when it closed (12yrs old) it still left a very strong memory of it in my head. When Paramount announced many years ago that they were going to build a new suspended coaster at PKI I had very high hopes for what was coming only for the reality of what showed up to be just as high of a disappointment. I was really looking for Arrow and KI to get together and rebuild The Bat. The technology was there to do it and do right this time. What a shame it didn't happen.
  11. OK, I am trying out the last files posted. Rush Mania - RCT2 - the zip file is empty. Paramore - NL - GOOD. Anaconda - RCT2 - will not load says "file contains Invalid Data". Arrow Coathanger Coaster - NL - GOOD. P-51 Mustang - NL - GOOD. Falcon - NL - will not load in-game. The Beloit Blue Comet - will not load in-game. Extreme Twist - NL - will not load in-game. I have a problem. When I downloaded Paramore I just checked if the file downloaded and it did with out issue. I didn't really load it into the game. Same with Arrow Coathanger. When I got to P-51 Mustang I actually put it in the game and it worked perfectly. Good ride by the way!.. I then downloaded Falcon and The Beloit Blue Comet and they downloaded without issue (I did not try them in-game at that time). Last I downloaded Extreme Twist, no problem. I then placed it in the game to view and when I selected it all was good. However when I clicked on "Ride Extreme Twist" nothing happened. It just clicked and the load bar showed up for a split second and vanished. Tried over and over with the same result. So I went back and downloaded The Beloit Blue Comet and tried to load it into the game to ride it. Same issue. So I removed Extreme Twist thinking it was corrupting my game and tried The Beloit Blue Comet again. That did not solve the issue. I then removed that file and re-downloaded Falcon and this time tried to load it in-game. Same issue again. Removed it and tried to run P-51 Mustang again. Since it worked the first time I figured it should work now. But it would not load either. So I removed it and tried the first two NL tracks that downloaded just fine. They would not load in the game either. I then tried to load some of my other downloaded tracks and they all work just fine. What in the world is going on?
  12. I know I wished you good luck via PM but I thought I would do it here also. The park looks great and should be a strong contender for winning a prize. Those two nutcrackers just took it from a good effort to a GREAT one.
  13. Here's the thing with RCT2 parks (RCT3 parks also?). If someone uploads a park that has any kind of basic custom content and forgets to check mark "EXPORT PLUG-INS" anyone who downloads it and doesn't have the content will have to go and find the items they need. The good news is the game will tell you what your missing. The bad news is it only tells you one item at a time and for only for a few seconds. With some parks that could be hundreds of items. There will never be a way to make sure that every park that is uploaded is exported unless the parks are sent to someone for approval first so they can be checked out for proper function. The second issue will always be parks with custom non exporting rides. We can ask that every person who uploads a park include with it all the custom ride DATs and put them all in a ZIP file to solve the problem. I highly doubt with all the laziness that is so common these days that would ever happen. Besides many players would have no idea what the DATs they need to include are. In the Lost ObjData topic I was trying to help everyone I could to get park to open by providing a folders for each park request with all the custom rides. This got to be very repetitive. There must be 6 different folders listed for 6 different parks with AE-CHAOT in them. Not only was doing that very time consuming for me but it also wasted a lot of bandwidth for TPR. This was the main reason for the request to have such items listed and available for download by users in one convenient search-able place. So in short having someone post non exporting rides along with their parks would also waste TPR bandwidth because of all the duplicates. *mcjaco, all these folders with the same items it them is one of the reasons I suggested skipping the Lost ObjData topic during your search for items for the database. Figuring out what was new and what was repeated would have been a waste of time and huge headache for you. The ParkDat... while it is a great tool to use to see what is in a park many of the less hardcore players have no idea how to use it and many more are afraid of it and for good reason. It can really screw up a park if you don't use it right. The utility can remove and add items to the game just by clicking on one button. If you remove an item by accident that was used in the park or add items to a park causing the game to go over it's hard-coded limits you will cause the park to crash your game. So I understand why many will not use it. However I must say once you learn how to use it, it is really very simple and one of the best (if not the best) tools every created for the game. We also have the issue of parental control over what some of the members of TPR are aloud to download and what they are not. I can't count how many PMs I have received from the younger crowd here at TPR with park issues that are a simple fix but they can't fix the issue because their parents have given them rules against downloading trainers and such. So I fix the issue for them and send the park back. Now don't get me wrong I think it's GREAT that some parents take such an active roll in keeping their young ones and the computers they use safe online and wish more would do the same. But it along with the fear factor of using the ParkDat keeps the idea of just pointing players to it an option that just won't work. As for the RCT/RCT2 download topic, once all the items are moved over to the database it will be removed. Right? So pointing to it will be of no use once it is gone. Also I have been meaning to ask so I will do it here. mcjaco, would you like me to start moving it's content to the database? If so I would like to request some RCT2 sub categories. We have Scenery. We need Rides, Stalls, Paths, Utilities and the search box so people can input a missing DAT and find it. That search function needs to encompass the title and the description box unless I just post one item at a time. If I do it that way then only the title needs to be search-able. That reminds me I need to put the proper DAT id in the title and/or description for the one scenery item I have posted. Hope I covered everything, if I missed something ask again and I will get back to you late tonight.
  14. I had no problem downloading the park. I opened the park using the ParkDat utility to see what may be causing issues. The park is full of Amazing Earl rides, non of which will export. They must be downloaded into the game by hand. To open the park you need WW and the following rides... AE-BUSST AE-CHAOT AE-CDINV AE-DINVT AE-ICESK AE-RIPSW AE-WHIRL CLJMPRND All are currently being held in the RCT/RCT2 download topic.
  15. So sorry for slacking on this mcjaco, Robb. Uploaded my first file tonight. It was an RCT2 scenery item (RCT -N- Box). Since it is an animated scenery item I built a little park to go along with it and also shot a YouTube video of it. When I frist uploaded it all went smooth as could be. I put the link to it in the items description and it just showed up as something someone would have to copy and paste into their browser to access. So I decided to try putting the link in the "Forum Link" box and that made it a live link. If that is not allowed I will be happy to remove it. My question is when I first uploaded the object and hit submit it instantly took me to the home page and the item was at the top of the list. When I went back to edit the item and clicked submit it just came back to the edit screen like nothing happened. So hit it again. Same thing. I clicked on Exchange Home and then my item and it was updated. So is it supposed to work that way when updating or was it stuck in a update loop? ...I agree with AJ, the original Roller Coaster Tycoons SV4 and TD4 are needed as file types and RCT2M's SV7 would be nice to have available also.
  16. ^ ah another Windows7/TTP aggravation. ^^ I had no idea it was that simple to do. Must try it myself very soon.
  17. I agree, it is ABSOLUTELY NCS PERFECT! If your not wanting to make the ride the tree is attached to function (and I agree with that decision) you can still sink the base underground and get rid of it that way. However, the djb way would look better by not having a hole in the ground where the tower pops back out. ...a name for the B&M? hummmmmmm... I am horrible at this kind of thing. Snow Blower Garland Twist Reindeer Games Santa Express Abominable Frosties Wild Ride Stocking Stuffer Gift Box Surprise Ribbon Rider ...I give up
  18. Totally agree about the "Build 10 Coasters" as the scenario goal. As for the money issue that is really up to you. I really like to play with money. Soaking all the guests for every little penny they have and sending them to the ATM for more makes me smile... however you you may not get the same since of satisfaction from it I do. Also with money always comes the problem of not having enough. No matter what you do you can't start with more than $10,000. Of course you can always make the available loan for a lot more but then you get killed with interest. So you more than likely will end up either waiting to make the money you need or using a trainer to put more money into the game. I would suggest though that you keep the guests average intensity set at where the game has it. That way you will always have guest that will want to ride the calm rides and then some that like the intense one. Back on the money issue... if you want to use the guests as money makers as soon as they enter the park you can set them to be hungry and thirsty. That way they will head immediately to a food/drink vendor right away. Making you lots of money fast. Just remember to raise the prices on your food and drinks. I usually set them to a profit of $2.00 for food, $1.50 for drinks and $1.00 for junk food and yes they quit saying it is a good value but they will still buy it and be satisfied. In the mean time your making money so fast you can't send it all.
  19. I am really liking that list you put together djb and thanks for filling in some of the blanks PSi. Do you guys think you could expand on it and include most (if not all) the rides in the game? No hurry or anything, I just think a complete list would be a nice item to add on to the front page of this topic for reference purposes or just to have around in general to link people to should the question ever come up again.
  20. Every time I see that coaster in a park it makes me smile. Thanks for using it.
  21. Check your in-box... As for the bow, how about using some the of mouse track sections that angel curved up to give the ribbon some height and depth around it.
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