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  1. ^ I have what you need I will post it when I get the chance. So sorry for the long delay on this Christmas stuff, there was a lot to go through and sort out. Almost all items are pictured. Every zip file includes the picture posted here along with all the DATs. Every DAT has a matching picture to go along with it so you can pick through the folder and take what you want and leave what you don't. ENJOY! Also, make sure you stop by the Download Thread and pick up all the Christmas Theme/Winter Theme rides, stalls and park entrances that would go great with these objects. Just off the top of my head I know there is a Santa/Reindeer Monorail (MetRSanM), Candy Cane Chairlift (MetRCanL), Reindeer Coaster (AE-REIND), Iceberg Boats (MetRiced) and many others. There are even theme specific items like a ride made just for the Nightmare Before Christmas theme (Mkg-ctph) a couple of Gingerbread theme rides (MetRLbkA & MetRLbkH) and a Disney Matterhorn Coaster by the Amazing Earl (AE-MTRHN.zip). There is even a custom Seuss Christmas park entry available (SEUSS32) and a complete set of stalls inside of gift boxes (TN-GS01). Just in case you did not here about it there is Christmas contest going on at NE called Roomies' Christmas Giveaway. Don't worry about being "good enough", this contest is not about that. This is also a very small build with map size limit of 40x40. There is a bench available at NE. There are prizes like copies of the original RCT games (RCT & CF+LL), coaster books and even a SIGNED copy of RCT2 by Chris Sawyer himself. This contest is an RCT2 only contest. For more info about this great little contest click HERE Hope to see a big turn out of TPR members. Random Christmas & Snow Items.zip Gingerbread Castle - House Items.zip Nightmare Before Christmas Scenery Items.zip XF - Ice Scenery Items.zip Disney Matterhorn Scenery Items.zip MS - Christmas Decorations and Structure Items.zip Seuss Christmas Items.zip Spanish Villa Holiday Building Blocks & Extras.zip
  2. ^ All I can say is send it over in a PM and I will take a look at it and I'll see if it is fixable.
  3. Since there has been a few requests for a guest friendly version of this Silver winning park at NE and I cannot seem to upload a file to the topic there I will post it here. Check out SeaWorld Adventure Bay at NE and then try out the park full of about 2000 happy quests with the download below. Congratulations again BG!, well done! Seaworld Adventure Bay - By BelgianGuy wGuests and Pathed Jungle Gym.zip
  4. ^^ Will work on it after I the Christmas stuff posted tonight. ^ Do you just mean you want large scenery versions of the regular in-game jungle trees?
  5. I agree 100% with ^. Definitely need to build your own air conditioners. Italian Job looks amazing!
  6. One of the best bench projects ever made at NE is available HERE (4 posts down). It has everything you need and nothing you don't. There are of course many other GREAT items available for the game and the only way to really get them at this time is to download parks. This however always comes with a down side. That being you also get some really useless stuff and many duplicates of the same thing just with different DAT names. Use the tools in the RCT/RCT2 download sticky and take your time sorting through the DATs you have and get. Keep what you want and remove the rest. Once you have a your ObjData folder built the way you want it to be make a backup of it and keep it safe. This way you can remove any corrupted ObjData folder full of stuff from parks you just wanted to look at and restore it back to "YOUR" ObjData version any time you want.
  7. Chances are your park building skills are just fine, the problem is usually with the game and the stupid guest AI. Please pick a park, any of them you want and send it to me with in a PM. Make sure you check mark export plugins in the games options tab before saving and sending if you used any custom scenery. I will run the park and see what is causing the problem(s). Fix it (if fixable) and send it back along with a description of what the problems were and what I did to solve the issue so you can go into your other parks and look for similar issues and fix them yourself. Please don't let this issue get you down, I have downloaded parks that made Spotlight wins at NE that have guest issues so bad that the park rating went down to ZERO and was able to fix the problem and have it back up in the 900's.
  8. I found it. ...also found a Jeep2. Califolf, I am still going through my DAT folder looking for Christmas stuff. Up to the letter "K". Finding all kinds of stuff from Gingerbread House walls/doors/roofs, Icicle Lights to hang on roofs, various sizes of Christmas Trees and even a sleigh. I will try to have it done this weekend. JEEP1.DAT JEEP2.DAT
  9. Welcome to TPR! For your first post you seem to have it down very well. Am loving that building, so simple yet so very nice. I do have to agree with braztaz. Please get some more pictures up soon or this could end up being locked. It is close to violating TPR game forum rule number 3. If your curious as to what I am talking about please read the Game Forum Etiquette topic.
  10. , me not to bright these days! The file name is ARRT3 and it is available in the RCT & RCT2 Download sticky at the top the forums. You can either just scroll down to the rides section (third post) or just open the thread and do simple search for ARRT3. The "Search this topic..." function is on the left right below the topics name. Once entered it will take you right to the section that has the ride. Just scroll down from there.
  11. All you have to do is click on the PM icon under a members avatar. Type out your message, attach whatever files you want to attach and hit send. To see a response just look at the top left of the forums after logging in and you will see if you have any new messages. If you do just click on it and it will take you to your PM area. Give it a shot, I am sure he would be very happy to hear from you about the issue. As for my XP it is also the Home Edition.
  12. ^ I have never seen a ride with that DAT id (CTR) before. ^^ I have some Christmas stuff in this mess of DAT's somewhere. I will do some digging and see what I can find. ^^^ Sorry K&M I have no Jeep1 DAT in my folders. Is it a ride or scenery object?
  13. ^ No it is all public and free to use. As for Toggle Chain, I have regular RCT2 with WW/TT installed and am running WindowsXP. I can never get Toggle Chain to work... however if I uninstall WW/TT it works fine. 10ryansmith is running Triple Thrill on Windows7 and cannot get it work for him either. How about you shoot him off a PM and see about helping him out by doing the Toggle Chain for him.
  14. I like it all, but my favorite is the maze, interesting placement of the entrance and exit!
  15. That is one of the best signs I think I have ever seen in RCT2, also love the detail you put into this all the way down to the bracing for the fence. Very nice!
  16. I agree, those are not easy to build and have look nice. You did a great job on it!
  17. Being on a Mac should not keep you out of chat. Look for a TPR technical issues topic and ask about the problem there, if there is no such topic I would PM mcjaco or any other mod about the problem. EDIT: Did a little search of all the stickies in each sub forum and found no technical issues topics so... I guess you could just ask about it the Ask Alvey forum or just do the PM thing. Just to show everyone I am working on this contest here is REALLY generic early picture of the coaster station, everything is white on purpose, I don't want to really give away what is going on by adding color and an explanation. In the picture two of the permit inspectors can be seen checking things over. Rest assured work is going on daily and is well beyond what is shown here.
  18. ^ That is going to be very interesting to see. ^^ Great second shot of the area. ^^^ So looking forward to seeing what you came up with! Already commented on everything is PMs and Chat so...
  19. THANKS for the PM, I totally missed this! What can I say it is beautiful, from the river rapids drop into the tunnel. The ghost train/food stalls and even the way you used the giga coaster to frame the bottom of the second picture. Very Nice, you been taking private classes from nin?
  20. Check your PM in box. ^ Nice bell tower! and great use of just what seems like random items tossed together. The work GREAT!
  21. Your building are getting better and better and your starting to make them not just empty shells, very good!
  22. ^^ Just use water, it will give a similar effect or try the rock land texture.
  23. ^ Nope, you have to make it visible again first. To do that just switch the track type back to what it was supposed to be and hit apply. If you have a visible track placed on top of the invisible track you must raise it back up off the invisible track first. When you have finished doing what you need to do the invisible track, making is visible and altering it and then making it invisible again or just deleting it you then can lower the visible track back down into place.
  24. So your saying you had them and lost them, or you just can't find them at all?
  25. Slow down, you have almost an entire month to get this in, don't be in a hurry. Take your time and really try to nail the theme your going for. After you send it in there will be nothing you can change so really step back and slowly pick it apart and find those little things that need fixed or just installed to make a good entry a great one.
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