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  1. Your attention to every detail (even in the storyline) is just outstanding.
  2. if you ^ are being serious about thinking your project is sucking compared to others don't get discouraged. The main focus of this contest is the design of the coaster not the scenery. Just build the best coaster you can and don't worry about what others are doing. TLM made a great point system for this contest and even someone with amazing scenery can loose to someone with a great coaster design. So focus on your coaster layout and just let the rest fall into place. Non custom scenery parks are a huge challenge for everyone so don't sweat it. The most important thing is to have fun building and get your entry in on time, no matter how good or bad you may think it is.
  3. If you know a simple way to make digital stations then by all means make a "How To" about it. Use whatever trainer you think is best to get the job done. I didn't even know it was possible or that the animations for it existed.
  4. ^ To post a park all you need to do is attach it at the bottom your post just like you would do with pictures. You can leave it as a RCT2 saved game file (SV6) or use a Zip program. Robb has this set up to allow for both. Keep in mind the max size for a download is 5MB so if it is a big park you will probably have to Zip it. Since this park has no custom content you are good to go but remember if you use any custom content in future parks you also need to put a check mark in the "Export Plug-ins" box. It is located at the bottom of the options tab in the game (the tab that looks like a disk dive). On a side note, when you do post the park for download don't get discouraged by it always saying "Not Downloaded Yet". There has been a glitch in the forums since this new version came out many months ago. The counters no longer work. I know I will download it and so will many others. You just won't be able to see how many actually did.
  5. Not really liking that wooden coaster, I can't quite figure out why though. I do like the placement of the drop towers). The paths on the first picture are beautiful as are the surroundings. I never would have thought to put an Arrow Suspended Coaster on B&M track but I like it, are the animations there to pull off the steep down twist?
  6. I voted for Wisconsin. Why? I really don't know. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Your version of SFMM is quite nice, so yes despite the vote for Wisconsin I would really like to see more of this park and then a download. Sorry for the late post in the RCT2 Help Thread. I was not aware you already had a topic going. For your first one you did it very well. So anyway, as others have already said... Welcome to TPR!
  7. Some of the best and simplest hacks can be found HERE. Giant Frisbees, First Generation Drop Towers and so on.
  8. Look forward to seeing what you can do with the game, also remember that here at TPR you do not need an outside hosting site for your pictures or park downloads. Just use the attachment area at the bottom of your posts. TPR will take care of everything for you. Just make sure your pictures are not oversize. 800x600 is the max, honestly they really don't even need to be that big.
  9. If you release your design here first NE will not accept it and according to the rules here you must make a new design so if you sent it to NE first I would think it would not be accepted here. With that said, if your entry is going to be of NE design quality I would hope you would try to win there. I don't think this contest is meant to be that detailed. As for downloads are you really wanting everyone to post individual downloads here in the topic? I really don' t think it's fair for someone still building to see what someone who submitted a entry has done. It's kind of like this... I think mine is good, but now that I have seen _____ (fill in the blank) entry I am going to go back and change mine so I can beat him/her. As I stated above I think it all should be kept a secret until the end but I can deal with teaser pictures. However the actual posting of entries prior to the contest deadline really gives those who wait till the end an advantage, they get to see what they are up against and those who already sent theirs in are kind of screwed. Once again just my opinion, but I really hope that entries are sent in via PM directly to you.
  10. What makes this so easily likable was how simple you kept the concept. Even a coaster that has just tossed in scenery can win based upon the score chart. That makes those with good coaster building skills but lacking in scenery skills have a very good chance of winning. The same goes the for those great with scenery and and only so so with track designs. Kind of made it an any one's race and fun for everyone. I so look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with even if they don't "FINISH" it. With scoring the way it is even an unfinished entry can still win. So there really in no excuse not to turn in at least something. As Mastersax said "Great Job" on this TLM. Very well thought out. You made the perfect contest for everyone. Now a question about posting pictures, would you rather have preview posts made with contestants putting up pictures of what they are doing or keep everything a secret until they are submitted and judged? Just my opinion here but I would go for keeping everything a secret. I think it would keep anyone from getting discouraged about their entry not being GOOD enough to submit (looks at Dotrobot ). When the contest is done and you and the judges have picked the winner(s) you can post a picture or pictures of each entry along with the downloads.
  11. There are no expansion packs used with this. The contest map you need to use is located at the bottom of the first post. This is a NO custom scenery contest also. However you can use custom rides. You will need to ParkDat them into the contest map and include the DAT(s) you used with your submission. So for example if you are going to do an African themed coaster and want to use the Stampeding Herd coaster from one of the expansion packs you will need to go get the non expansion pack version and use that. All rides from the expansion packs have been converted for use with regular RCT2 and you can pick them up in the download section of the RCT2 Object List site. If you don't know how to use the ParkDat to get the ride you want in the game just send me a PM about it and I will do it for you.
  12. Now this is the kind of contest I wish would come around more often. Simple concept and short(ish) build time. I'm in, I need a break and some fun and this is just perfect for both!
  13. PARK ENTRANCES DAT ID's are listed for easy search purposes. Download the group and then choose from the folder the item(s) you need or want. Pictures of each item with matching DAT ID's are in each ZIP file. Entrance Structures bbTor, cpcBfrEn, cpcOentr, cxEntr5, CXENTR38, CXENTR43, cxEntr50, CXENTR52, CXENTR57, DEPRES7B, LCSpEntr and STONE23 Entrance Structures.zip Entrance Themes NE-EGTEn, OZENTFIX, RCKTENT, de8bpe, rstrpent, SeaEnt, SEUSS31, de8bdt, SEUSS32, TB-PKEGP, TB-PKSNO and de8bpem Entrance Themes.zip Entrance Invisible A1CLENTY, ENTRANCE, ENTRMKY, INPAREN, INVENTR and PEMKY1 Entrance Invisible.zip Entrance Nature cxEntr3, cxEntr17, FREPKE, kdtmcent, kdtrfent and LAVAENTR Entrance Nature.zip Entrance Gates cxEntr31, DPENTRAN, HALLENT, HALLENT2, MARTEGGE, mentry, pke, pke3, SPANENTR, SPANENTS, TN-Ent01, TN-Ent02, de8bsf, DRBE1 and SPARKENT Entrance Gates.zip Entrance LOTR & HP HPENTRAN, LOTRLOEN, LOTRMDEN, LOTRMOEN, LOTRMTEN and LOTRROEN Entrance LOTR & HP.zip Entrance Miscellaneous cxEntr40, GUARDEN3, GUARDEN5, DEPCIRE2, RarchEnt, RbwGrEnt, SFairE and JZ-STEIN Entrance Miscellaneous.zip Entrance Invalid DAT's These entrances either have invalid DAT ID's (more than 8 characters) or were YELLOW flagged by the DAT Checker. Use at your own risk. I did test RckEnt and lbkroent to see if I could find the problem(s) with them to cause the yellow flag and saw no issues with either one. bbTor (by blacksun90), de8bpe2, lbkroent, RckEnt and lbkwdent Entrance Invalid.zip
  14. What the?, where did this one come from? So sorry for the TRIPPLE post.
  15. ...oops, got a connection error when I tried to post this so I did it again, had no idea it really went through. Where is that darn delete post button?
  16. That's amazing, from now on when I can't come up with a name for a ride I am PMing ^you^.
  17. Cool, I see you figured out how to ge the building out onto the path. Well done!
  18. Absolutely love the way this park is looking, it is so old school RCT with so much going on everywhere. I like how busy it looks. I can not wait to see in in person and really look around the place! GREAT PARK!
  19. I love the 2nd and 3rd pictures Bob!, the little guy with the balloon really gives that 2nd shot some charm and in that picture a stall left out in the open really works very well. Sometimes I think that to many people are always hiding all the stall inside buildings when sometimes it would really look nice not doing so and that picture proves my point. The colors of the 3rd shot are what I love the most about it and the tram is just as colorful and really fit in so nice. It is just a perfect shot and if this park was real I think it would be in the brochure. As for NE, yep send it in and see what happens.
  20. ^ You didn't make a back up of your RCT2 files before installing RCT2M. I just don't understand why it causes so many issues for some people, I don't have any problems switching from one to the other and back again. I will add a to the warning sections about issues with the Triple Thrill Pack and make the warning to BACKUP your game even BIGGER than it was before.
  21. How can I say no to that. No hurry though. But WOW, yes I would love to see it. As with parks quality over quantity anytime, so take as much time as you need to get the switch track hack posted. Dotrobot buddy, here is your chance to REALLY get some good instructions on using 8cars and SOB, BelgianGuy is taking requests!
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