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  1. which park has a better holloween events in souther california Knotts , universal or six flags wich one will just scare the crap out of me?
  2. i definatly prefer the natural ones, sometimes they can just get too big( which is an amazing thing to say), but I like my women natural
  3. I am on the football team at my highschool, I play outside linebacker and Guard. I also play basketball a lot but not at school, those are my two favorite sports but i'll play anything.
  4. the best is In-N-Out and The Habbit (which is a burger place like innout but better andonly in santa barbara and ventura county i think)
  5. cool, i'm glad your doing these updates, I really would like to make it up to fright fest this year as I havent been to one. Sucks about the budget cuts and not theming up log jammer.well, at least they are still having a fright fest.
  6. hey robb, I'm sorry for my lazziness for searching for airline costs on one of my earlier posts. you didn't sound harsh at all and I'm fine with youe comments. I will be able to go to the midwest trip, and will send my deposit very soon. also, will Dollywood be included in the "and more"part of the midwest trip?
  7. alright, I've always wondered why Intamin thinned the track out like this? http://www.pointbuzz.com/gallery.aspx?i=5372
  8. i really want to go to the midwest trip, it just depends on the money and my parents are shaky on letting me go because they don't really know about you guys even though i'll be 18. I'm going to try to sign up as soon as possible though and will be looking very forward to this if I am able to. 1 question though, about how much would the plane tickets be if I fly in from Lax?
  9. thanks, can't wait for the movie to come out
  10. i just saw it today, I laughed my ass off the whole movie, it was hilarious.
  11. ^ ya exactly, the predrop is mainly to relieve the stress on the chains.
  12. How do they vote on this stuff? Because some of it is just bad, like having magnum xl there, no blader on the list and having expedition g-force so low and other things. I really dont take the golden ticket awards serious i think they are bogus. I do like the idea of the TPR rewards though
  13. ^ no they dont have any there, last weekend i went up there and ran through that in the morning and no one was there, and also walked through there a few times in the middle of the day just to walk quicker with nobody saying anything.
  14. i went to the park the day before thanksgiving this year, on a wednesday i believe and the park was really empty, it was nice, it is a pretty good day to go on a weekday during that time.
  15. i have the xtreme pass, so all i have to do is print that paper?
  16. i dont know, that really depends on the coaster it self. Wood scare me more because its wood and feels different and can be more thrilling. but i like steel coasters more and some are more thrilling. it just depends on the coaster
  17. i dont think it is that bad goliath does have a forcefull MCBR
  18. ^ i think she is just shocked, WOW that mom was going too slow and those kids way too fast, that was very funny though
  19. i saw something on screamscape for SFMM about shapiro saying about getting a lazer type ride like buzz light year at disneyland themed to scooby doo
  20. i have a 1998 pontiac grand prix. its pretty nice, its black with a v6 and a 12disc cd player in the trunk. i got it from my uncle and he takes really good care of his things so it is in really good condition
  21. I just drank some A&W Root beer as I am too young to drink real beer
  22. is anyone going to watch the Borat movie? it looks like it's going the funniest movie ever. For those who don't know who Borat is he is a character from Da Ali G show and is done by Sacha Baron Cohen here is the trailer http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/borat.html click on trailer not the teaser
  23. i'm going back way too soon . aug 28 for me. damn thats 3 weeks away. damn. because i play football that has consumed most of my summer.
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