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  1. glad you had a great time. I'm glad that these last few reports have been good after the long amount of bad ones early this summer. this makes me more excited for my trip Aug. 9. which is a wednesday Also, does anybody know if you get a discount on the vip pass if you have an xtreme season pass?
  2. it has been as hot as 94 here in santa barbara, today it was a chill 83 degrees im very lucky to be here in santa barbara, and on the mesa too which is close to the ocean. it gets hotter downtown sant barbra than from where i live about 5-10 degrees
  3. cool looks like you had a good time. im going aug 9 and probobly a couply weeks later too. do you know if you get a discount if you have the xtreme season pass on the vip thing? I already get 4 free fastlane each visit but it would be cool to get like half off or something like that to get ulmited fastlane.
  4. http://www.myspace.com/alig0428 Feel free to add me if u want
  5. I actually might be there on sunday don't know for sure
  6. It's pretty sad to see things like this at Magic Mountain with the employees acting so bad with the trash and neglect. Atleast one thing Magic Mountain has going for them is atleast no one is dying on their coasters or getting hurt like at other places.but that doesn't matter too much. I just wish that the employees would take pride in the jobs that they have.
  7. ^ damn I didn't know it was that old either. That petting zoo is behind the Granny Grand prix near Goliath. It's not tha t big and haven't been too it in a few years.
  8. Really? Wow, when was the last time you rode it? 3 years ago , I know it has gotten worse, but there really isnt too many good wooden coasters in California
  9. Best steel : X, Tatsu worst steel : dont really know, i hated space mountain Best wooden: ghostrider worst wooden: Psyclone
  10. ya, im just going to go on thursday or friday
  11. How bad will the crowds be on the 4th of July at SFMM? will I be fine with a fastpass?
  12. I'll take the Tatsu sign and those two statues outside of the batman entrance Is revolution some kind of landmark? Is it historical or is that just for roller coasters?
  13. Honestly I hope it doesn't get turrned into houses and I don't think it will. with Magic Mountain gone who would move to Vallencia? There isn't much there to begin with and many of the bussinesses and hotels depend on Magic Mountain for their customers.If houses are built on top of it who would buy them? who would move there to a city with not much to offer anymore? I would like to see Magic Mountain sold to another theme park company so they could focus on Magic Mountain, which Six Flags can't. Also, when the six flags company kinda went up for sale in october didn't Buch Gardens have strong interest in buying the parks. I don't know how strongly Buch Gardens would buy Magiv Mountain, but the way Buch Gardens operates I would rather them own Magic Mountain than Six Flags and I am hoping for Buch Gardens to buy(but don't know the chances)
  14. Wouldn't you think B&M would be mad if they tore Tatsu down? Maybe not make anymore coasters for the sixflags parks if they think their just going to get torn down in the same year they are open?
  15. ^ not an employe but I would stand in the front gate if they try and tear it down
  16. I'm going to pray every night that Magic Mount doesn't get torn to the gound I don't care if it is sold, but I don't want it torn to the ground I don't want Ceder fair to buy Magic Mountain. But I would like to see Buch Gardens buy Magic Mountain, Didn't Buch Gardens want to buy the park when the chain was up for sail earlier thid year? I think Buch Gardens would be good.
  17. My avatar if you do not know who this is is the character Borat from Kazikstan on Da Ali G show. One of my favoritwe shows I can't wait till the Borat movie comes out in November this year
  18. SFMM +8 CaLP 14 WOF 6 CP 13 SFOT 10 SFOG 14 PKD -8 BGT 11 SFNE 13
  19. I've always wondered what those little metal round things were for that is on the middle of mmmmost of the Goliath track was for? Does anybody know the answer to this? http://www.rcdb.com/ig615.htm?picture=9 http://www.rcdb.com/ig615.htm?picture=10
  20. I'm 17 and my first coaster was Goldrusher at SFMM like 10 years ago.
  21. ........Acid, and thought superman was going to eat him so he.....
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