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  1. Wal-Mart decided to hog up all the wiis and release them tonight so I made my midnight trip up there and got one. So far messing around with Wii Sports has been great. Now I need to decide what game to get first... hmmm.
  2. I dunno. But how many are they going to have to win? It seems they have truly made a living by winning reality shows.
  3. Pure Redbull... That just gives me a stomach ache... although it really isnt bad mixed with other things.
  4. RIP Cinnamon Dulce... other than that a White Chocolate w/ extra shot.
  5. Adidas, Nike+, AE poser skater shoes, and a bunch of work/dress shoes.
  6. I dunno about the launch/lift. From the video it looks to be nothing more than a lift like action, but looking at the photos there is, even though a little, a train length amount straight track that dosn't have anything on it. There may be a nice little boost twords the end giving it a launch feel. But other than that it looks like a bunch of bad No Limits transitions with some really nice elements. Guess we'll see.
  7. Ewww, CF trim brakes, I forgot about that. And I thought the Beast was bad enough on trims now.
  8. Alot of people around here do love the ride, it really is like nothing else roughness and all. This years tracking did help alot on the jack hammering those cars did but at the same time added a more constant small shutter to the whole ride, for me at least. The ride is a huge investment PKI put in not long ago, I really can't see them just closing the ride due to this. If anything I hope the park is smart enough to just get new trains for the thing.
  9. Mida Point and CoCo Ichibanya are the only two things I miss about Okinawa. My favorite place in the world would be Breckenridge, Co skiing in a t-shirt.
  10. Just e-mail them, If I remember right they will email you back asking for your name and code or something like that, then send you a download link.
  11. NCIS and Boston Legal are my two main ones. Then I watch Grey's and a bit of Amazing Race.
  12. ^Ahhh, spoken like a true mac fan. I hope that boot camp will end up supporting vista after I upgrade from my Powerbook, too bad it still looks way to cluttered after getting used to OSX.
  13. To drift even farther... safari has "private browsing" built in, lol.
  14. lol, he has SAFARI on a MAC, you cant use crappy windows freeware to fix that problem. That site even tripped Camino, forgot to turn it's blocker on.
  15. Why else would man create wireless internet? I usually take my laptop or a book in with me.
  16. ^Microsoft created a plugin for macs that allows quicktime to play the wmv files. Another reason why I love quicktime would be 360's.
  17. Quicktime, I love the HD and it even plays my WMP vid. files.
  18. Was Bush supposed to just sit back and do nothing after 9/11? Is it really one of Bush's "War Games" when over 2,700 americans lost their lives by simply going to work? Bush did a great job saving our economy after that horrible time in our history. Look at the stock market today and it dosn't even look remotely the same as it did for the rest of 2001, and well into 2002. We have men and women suporting this country and belive in the cause. I've personaly seen the polls that during election time members of the military supported Bush over Kerry 4-1. And if you have lived in the military most of your life you would know it still is very conservative.(Not the way Sheehan and the Media likes to show it) Our Military is not going to die, even I am still planing to go into ROTC as soon as I get into college, as are many other kids I know doing the same with a military school or ROTC.
  19. I support Bush to a point that he was a better choice than Kerry or Gore. I personally am a libertarian that leans to the right. I believe Bush did an absolutely amazing job handling 9/11, well him and Guliani(Guliani 08'). Also he started his term by hitting Taxes and even Protecting the Amber-Alert act right off the bat in his presidency. And of course he has supported the military all through his term. Being an Air Force brat and having my step-dad go on a 9-month deployment and a 4-month coming up, Bush has showed support for the military and its families throughout his term. We as a country decided to go into Iraq, our country was built on the system of checks and balances. It was not Bush that said we are going to war and that is that. Not only did Bush need to give his approval to move in, but also Congress, which at the time agreed with the decision. We have got ourselves into a serious problem and we can't just run away from the mess we created. In conclusion I would give Bush a B- or C+. He has done amazing things concerning abortion and controlling it. But he has left our Mexican border fall and be walked across. You may not need to support his views on matters but you have to accept he is our leader and we as a country need to stand behind him. It may not be a WMD, but it is one large stock of artillery that could of been used against us or the people of Iraq that has been destroyed thanks to Bush and our soldiers in the field.
  20. I am big into the winter olympics. Skiing(Bode Miller) and Hockey are the two things I will be following(DVRing) this year and any bobsled or other fast events are always fun to watch. And who can forget the best event of them all... CURLING!
  21. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/index.html Off the Japanese Nintendo site, a new sleek DS hopefully coming state side soon. I may just jump on the DS/Animal Crossing bandwagon.
  22. ^ I hope you were joking. If not that is one of the most uncouth thing I have heard in a while. For someone that has been through a stroke like he has, I am glad he was able to experience another new years and be able to broadcast. Other than that, Happy New Years.
  23. Lets stop this before it gets out of hand. But I will answer that it is nice that this is board is THE most accepting board on the internet, hell, go on to TN and say your gay and you will get BS till you run away. So lets not question and just accept. Thoughts from a straight kid, Dan
  24. Nice hat... GO BLUES. It is cool that you got people willing to go up to Sandusky this time of year.
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