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  1. Powerbook 15in (Got a Bit Before) Warcraft 3 & Expansion, CandyBar Gift Cards: Starbucks, Best Buy, AE, and The Mall Taiwan Singing Bowl Shoes Shirts, Pants, Boxers, and socks. Money And a trip to Mall of America or New York.
  2. Flyingcoasterfreak [12:51am]: oh so u r loose? Flyingcoasterfreak [12:51am]: CRAP. wrong window Good Ol' Chat
  3. Attack of the Mac users, but to tell the truth, I am thinking bout buying a Powerbook. The only drawback is price of course. Having my 15in widescreen notebook for three years has made me uncomfortable using those little square screens. The only thing I really want to say, as mentioned above, get a computer with any type of video card. With even the internet taking a greater turn to better graphics you will almost need this to run half of the programs in the next 5 years. But it all matters what you are looking for in it's use, super games... the mac is not the best choice. Editing and music, take a trip to your nearest apple store.
  4. It is a twister, not an out and back. The thing is made to give you nice forces on turns, not insane air. It looks like a short but sweet ride, but I still belive it won't beat thunderhead.
  5. ^lol Apple and their one button mouse, yay for the mighty mouse.
  6. I just pray for the Intamin lap bar, OTSR on this thing would kill the ride.
  7. Red and white American Eagle Polo, Blue T-shirt, Gap jeans, Air Force hat, black oakleys, and a black belt.
  8. Bloodhound Gang- Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo
  9. Trip- Dayton to Okinawa, Japan via Chicago and Osaka. The first day my flight got cancelled and my flights got pushed back a day, but there was no seats in economy, so auto upgrade to business class. When I got to Osaka, aka sinking airport, I made my connection to ANA, and I will tell you it seems that Japanese pilots don't know how to land airplanes. My flight back was just as fun, United woulden't let me upgrade because my miles from the flight over coulden't be approved. So I got stuck in the back. After landing in Chicago it was storming. Anyone that has landed in O'hare knows that that place is hell on earth with any problem. Not only does my flight get delayed 2 hours, I board, then it got a mechanical. At this time it was 8pm and I havent slept for about 21 hours. The only way me and my dad decided I could get home in the next 3 days is me just fly down to Indy. After boarding that flightat 11:30pm they were adjusting the approches so we had to sit on the taxi way for 45min. I did get back to Dayton... at 4 in the morning but my baggage didn't get back till 3 days later. I love being able to take that one flight from Chicago strait to Japan, but if I didn't have my miles all in United I would never fly them again. Long live Delta-Comair.
  10. Is your PSP an import, I thought 2.00 came out friday in the states? Anyway, NOTHING can ever match up to the full sized Taiko games, not even their home played counterparts.
  11. Simple, but it works. Wow, sorry bout the colors matching.
  12. ^Wow, that is just sad. I found mine today and got it running, wow they are annoying.
  13. Shirt- Blue Air Show T-shirt Pants-Aero Kaki Shorts Socks-Hanes Ankle Socks Shoes- Adidas Boxers-Yellow and Blue Class Ring, Watch, and Cross
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