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  1. I like the "through the trees" reference in the Prowler description. Well done.
  2. Question of the day--which is worth more: a fictitious stock or Six Flags stock? Clawshun Industries is an anagram for Sandwiches Ruin Lust. Also: Stud Wins Urine Clash
  3. 1. Awesome stuff as always, Shane! 2. The Engrish in the brochure is priceless: Passenger's facial expression is multifarious. Girls enjoy the momentary space flight with their eyes opened, but boys do it with their eyes closed. The varied dynamic course leads you to the thrilling world. Not at all dirty. 3. Does that Ultra Twister with the dive loop just send every other car out facing backwards?
  4. Very cool stuff, Shane! I had never seen pictures of Cycle Chase in its original incarnation. And while I've never been on either of the Arrow steeplechase-style rides, but it just seems like a ride like that would be a no-brainer for a park to have these days. Maybe with a mild Motocoaster-ish launch or something? All of these pictures and videos really show how much charm Knott's had back in the day. I can understand why people pine for the pre-Cedar Fair Knott's.
  5. Tough call. I went with the '80s because of the creativity. Stand-up, suspended, weird things like Ultra Twister... Although the '70s were terrific for the resurgence in coaster building and the introduction of inversions. And the '20s had the abundance of wooden coasters. And the last two decades have produced some of the best rides ever. I'd say the only bad decade in the last 100 years or so was the '30s.
  6. I realize the ride name is emblematic of Shapiro's whole advertising synergy strategy... but seriously. SERIOUSLY. One one hand, we have the Cedar Fair "Roller Coaster Number 1" naming philosophy, and on the other, we have the Six Flags "Completely Unrelated but Marketable Brand Name: The Ride." It makes me long for Six Flags' attempts at Busch-style naming with Kingda Ka and Tatsu. But whatever... new ride, right? That's what counts. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of GCI rides, but people seem to love 'em. I fully suspect that 90% of the people in line for this ride will believe it's a rebuilt Psyclone, or that it is simply Psyclone renamed.
  7. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Scott!
  8. So much win in just one little video. The slow motion, the porn music, the Arrow propaganda. It's wonderful. I have a feeling this will turn into a Ron Toomer love/apology thread. I wanted to BE Ron Toomer when I was growing up. Well, not the not-riding-his-own-rides part, but the wire-bending, coaster-designing part. Arrows beat the hell out of me these days, but I still love 'em. Their design is so quintessentially late '70s/early '80s. Those rides stand as monuments to a leap in design technology. While B&Ms and Intamins are smoother, I don't think there's anything cooler-looking than an old-school Arrow. As always, thank you, Shane!
  9. What's that guy in the last picture (second to right) looking at? Definitely not the only attractive woman in the picture. Fantastic stuff as always, Shane!
  10. Great pics, Matt! So do you get Fahrenheit yet? I still don't. But it's better than a three-point shootout upcharge attraction, I suppose. Glad you popped your flyers cherry!
  11. I'm fully expecting Chapter 11, reduced season length, and reduced operating hours. Despite better performance, I don't think they've made a dent in the debt load under Shapiro. It was just way too much debt. I'm amazed they made it this far, actually. I think most parks will survive, ultimately, but we'll probably start hearing the rumblings of bankruptcy get louder over the next few months.
  12. Amazing stuff as always, Shane! It's great to see SDL when it wasn't obscured by Great Bear. It really looks like Revolution Jr. And I couldn't tell if it was from the 8mm transfer or not, but it looked like it hauled through the course. It's amazing to see how much and how quickly the park has expanded. I'm really nostalgic for the period during the late '70s and early '80s when loopers were still a novelty and parks didn't have to have 14 coasters to be considered great. This stuff is just endlessly entertaining for me to look at. Can't wait to see more! (Also, the Krackel and Hershey bar mascots remind me of Judge Fudge from Comedy Central's Drawn Together.)
  13. Love the photos, Hanno! This: Instantly reminded me of this: (shamelessly hotlinked)
  14. Absolutely incredible photos, Joe! I've been a fan of your site since way back in the '90s. I had one of your Mantis pictures as my wallpaper on my very first PC in college. Those were some amazing photos. I appreciate them all the more because I went to many of the same parks on my August trip and took a lot of the same pictures from the same spots... with a far inferior camera. Joe's camera: My camera: I especially loved your Maverick photos. I had a hard time getting any good ones of the side of the ride closest to Mean Streak. The sun was just in a weird location. Speaking of which, I enjoyed your commentary on lighting and composition. There's definitely an art to taking a good photo. In lieu of owning a high-end camera, I've had to become adept at Photoshop instead. Great stuff, Joe! I hope we see more of it up here.
  15. Very cool pictures! I was just in Kaiserslautern last year (on the way to Holiday Park, of course). I only missed World Cup by 10 months...
  16. Still no plans to resurrect SFAW's Serial Thriller? It was actually a good ride when I rode it a few weeks before SFAW closed. I guess sitting out in the open for three years can't be helping its chances.
  17. No one's mentioned California's Great America yet? I think the economy is a convenient scapegoat, but I think a lot of the industry's problems are rooted in what it did in the '90s. We saw unprecedented growth at a number of parks, and there didn't seem to be any consideration at the time as to whether any of those parks (even the big ones) could sustain that growth. There was definitely a belief in quantity over quality. On one hand, Premier/Six Flags throws a bunch of rides into Geauga Lake and thinks it can suddenly compete with Cedar Point, and on the other, you have places like Busch Gardens adding rides slowly and strategically. We shouldn't be too surprised that a lot of smaller, independent parks have been closing. They can't compete with the major parks anymore in terms of attractions. They can have charm out the wazoo, but charm doesn't pay the bills. That's why it's extra impressive to see a place like Holiday World thriving. If Hard Rock Park ends up failing, I might attribute it to horribly bad timing. First of all, the Hard Rock brand ain't what it used to be, the Vegas casino being an exception. I don't know if the Myrtle Beach park has broad appeal with rides named after Led Zeppelin and The Eagles. I mean, I appreciate it, but I doubt many teenagers do, and that's a big part of the demographic they're going after. But they also built an almost IOA-quality park at a location that's not nearly as popular as Orlando. It was too much up front. They could have started with something more modest and built up. The parks I would worry about now are the ones that aren't adding anything and haven't been adding anything for a while, which means SFA could be in trouble. It has an AstroWorld-esque record of not adding anything new for a long period of time, as well as a reputation for less-than-stellar operation. When you give the locals little reason to visit year after year, they eventually stop coming. With BGE, KD, HP, and SFGADv all within driving distance, the locals might have already given up on SFA.
  18. Great stuff, Natalie! Keep it coming. Because somebody had to do it.
  19. Day 4: Kennywood - Sometimes authentic-retro comes across as janky instead of charming. Yeah, I'm a purist, but I'm honest, too. - Phantom's Revenge was fun, but I was kind of let down by "the big drop." Still, it has the best bunny-hill airtime of any Morgan, or any Morgan/Arrow hybrid, for that matter. - Thunderbolt was running terribly. It felt Vekoma-ish. - Jack Rabbit was OK. I felt the double-down on Phantom was better. - The Racer was very fun. +1 for Mobius-ness. - Exterminator was insane. If Six Flags had gone with that model instead of the regular Mack mouse, you probably wouldn't hear many complaints. I'm pretty sure my face hit the side of the car at some point. That's bad ass. - The fried Oreos were like warm chocolate chip cookies wrapped in a beignet. Don't know what a beignet is? You haven't lived yet. Day 5: Hersheypark and TPR I just visited Hersheypark back in early June, so I don't have too much to add. ERT on Fahrenheit and Storm Runner was excellent. Fahrenheit actually went up a little in my rankings, and Storm Runner went down a little. Matt (Spideyfreak) and I credit whored on Wild Mouse and Roller Soaker, and it's always nice to have a partner when whoring. And I want to say hey to all the great people I met on Friday: Matt, Dave, Eli, & Kerry, Mike Austin (a.k.a. Wank), Dominic (SixFlagsBoy), and Joe from GCI. It was great to meet such a cool group of people, and I hope our paths cross again sometime. MOAR PIKSHURS! Joe and I give this trip report four awkward thumbs up. Thanks for reading, everyone! The view from TPR Trivia. With 100% less Chinese finger cuffs. Would you like some butter with that cobra roll? Perhaps some sorghum? The Comet is so cool it doesn't even need a witty caption. It just says "Yeah... uh huh" like Diddy in a Biggie song. Does it count as a foot chopper if you're going 2 mph? Grab some tissues, you Norwegian Loop fans. Oooh... hot panoramic action. Matt and I give Roller Soaker the thumbs-down. They could have simply made us stand in place for 30 minutes, then dump a cold bucket of water on us, and it would have accomplished the same. ??? Morning ERT on Storm Runner. Wait... what the hell kind of face is Robb making? RAC, now with less ER. I know it's a classic, but it kicked my ass in a bad way. These people are happy because: a) they won't be enduring four horrific Arrow inversions. That's it. There are no other choices. The correct answer is a). Morgan-ized! I snapped this picture on the way to Pittsburgh. New motto for this site: "Duck, TPR!"
  20. Damn, this thread has legs. I had to look back at page 1 to see when I started this thing. Updating my list from last year: 2007: - Griffon, BGE 2008: - Fahrenheit, HP - Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer - OCC Motocoaster, Darien Lake
  21. Next up, Waldameer and Darien Lake. Here come the bullet points: Waldameer - It's the anti-Cedar Point, and that's a good thing. - I'm pretty sure the only smoking policy at the park was that everyone should smoke as many cigarettes as possible. - The park was bustling on a Tuesday afternoon. Darien Lake - Reminded me of Six Flags America. That is not a compliment. - I enjoyed the older employees with odd accents. The main ride op for Viper looked and sounded like Blue from Old School. My boy Blue! - I'm pretty sure I was in front of some Canadians in line for the OCC Motocoaster. Every sentence ended with an "eh?" regardless of whether the sentence was interrogative or demonstrative. - Pretty much every ride in the park broke down at some point. Superman... sorry, Ride of Steel and Predator both broke down because they wouldn't release passengers from their clutches back at the station. Less chat, more pictures. Worst. SLC. Ever? The ride op should've just punched me in the sack, hit me over the head with a 2 X 4, and saved me about 15 minutes of my life. Still more to come! If the spot isn't already filled, can I be the corkscrew guy? You know... people can post trip reports and include cliched pictures of corkscrews and say, "Hi Olsor!" Derek, loop. Loop, Derek. Oh, you two already know each other. I see. Or this one. Ahem... no one has EVER taken this picture before. Dramatic Skycoaster! Pretty much every picture of Predator is now an epic fail if it doesn't include boob clutching. I humbly submit my epic fail picture. Was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. It was only the fifth worst coaster I've ever been on. I had it pegged for #1. You sick freaks... As seen on TV. Paul Sr. says, "Ride the friggin' ride already! And buy some OCC merchandise in the gift shop." Here's some lift-hill porn for you sick fetishists. Jerry Garcia is alive, and he loves airtime. And weed. Lots of sweet, sweet cheeba. Steel Dragon (no, not that one) had to be one of my favorite rides of the whole trip. Except for the ball-punching on the block brakes. That was just cruel. Screamer on the left, rag-doll Mennonites on the right. Fun and deceptively tall ride with an abrupt stop. The view of Lake Erie is a nice touch. If this were RCT, your excitement rating would increase by a whole point. Ravine Flyer II. My first ride was OK. My second was meh. But my third ride was awesome. I could've done without the lateral chest-punching, though.
  22. Last Sunday, I woke up at some point well before the sun crested the horizon and headed for the airport. I arrived in Pittsburgh around 2:00 in the afternoon, then headed northwest in my crappy rental Suzuki toward Cedar Point, which would be the first stop on my five-park tour of the Rust Belt. Bullet-point summary: - Cedar Point is still ridiculously crowded. - The Big Three (Maverick, Millennium Force, Dragster) all experienced downtime while I was at the park... but I did get a rollback on Maverick, which was cool. - There is little to no enforcement of the smoking policy. - Hotel Breakers is an overpriced dump. - Early Entry is a joke (10 minutes wasted walking to rides that may not even be open). - This park needs some sort of fast pass system desperately. On to the pictures! Oh, God, no! No, I do not want to play forever and ever and ever! More to come later. As I was walking back to my room at Hotel Breakers, a chill went down my spine. Goodnight, Cedar Point, you horribly crowded park of many coasters and trash cans. You want more of that? Here you go. Hot, dropping action. Know how many pictures I had to take before the first car wasn't cut out of the frame? Three. Timing--I has it. That's a whole mess of track right there. Raptor. Still pretty. Still not as smooth as when I first rode it in 1998. For those about to get trimmed to death, we salute you. Oooh, baby. Make that lagoon turn! That's better. Hmm... something's missing. Maverick, doing its thang. Hot coaster porn. See? Gemini was actually racing while I was at the park. The downward spiral. Still a fun ride. But what is up with that weird left-to-right action during the launch? That nearly made me loosen my sphincter mid-ride. The last of the Mohicans. Raptor dropping and seagull droppings. Flying saucer? Nobody has EVER taken this picture before. Ever. Two thrills, one shot. I love pictures I don't have to Photoshop. Fortunately, this picture can't communicate to you how bad it smelled by the lagoon. Now let's make that picture 75% more dramatic! Maverick's sexy curves.
  23. Railblazer pictures are definitely scarce. There's a few pictures here: www.geocities.com/Pipeline/Reef/6776/SFStL.html And Shane (of Shane's Amusement Attic) had a clip of some news coverage of the accident. From Shane's Amusement Attic
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