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  1. Matthew, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  2. Threw up on my girlfriend after riding the Scrambler, Octopus, and Tilt-A-Whirl at Kiddieland back in 1983. Good times.
  3. Awesome pictures, Ed! I love the last picture of Double Loop, where you can see how curves on Arrow rides weren't very circular. And it still blows my mind to see old pictures of a very wooded Cedar Point.
  4. Wow, that is awesome, Shane! Thanks for sharing that. It's interesting to see what concepts ended up being part of the actual ride.
  5. Great stuff, Shane! This really brings back memories. I grew up going to the recently un-Marriotted Great America in Gurnee. I still vaguely remember things like the Eagle's crew wearing old-timey outfits with pinstriped shirts and sleeve garters. And I really miss how Tidal Wave used to look at night with its cool light package. And I really miss Sky Whirl...
  6. You've got it all wrong... the story clearly says there are "NO plans to sue Six Flags." Seriously, though, that's a brilliant strategy. Sue a company on the brink of bankruptcy. That's like threatening to shoot someone who's holding a gun to his head. Everyone remember how quickly the Superdome got repaired? That's because it's a big source of revenue and jobs. SFNO... not so much.
  7. Whoa, whoa, WHOA... hold on, Robb! All I meant to say was that the name "Freestyle Music Park" sounds like it would be in the same genre as Muscle Park. That's all! Absolutely no deeper insinuation than that. Now I need to go find some ice for my ass after the chunk you just took out of it.
  8. The TOGO Ultra Twister and the Arrow pipeline were both based on the idea of spinning the riders around the heartline. That's why each design featured the car sitting in between the tracks instead of riding on top of them--it made the heartline parallel to the tracks. Intamin made a "spiral coaster" that most closely resembles what Arrow was attempting to do with the pipeline. http://www.rcdb.com/id1604.htm Of course, placing the cars between the tracks presented its own set of problems and limitations. Once computer-aided design entered the picture in the '90s, this design strategy became obsolete.
  9. Howdy - those are some of the videos I posted last year. There are more clips from the early '90s (including a Pipeline prototype) here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42736
  10. I love that Kenny Rogers makes an appearance in the brochure. Your park isn't brimming with entertainment unless you've got The Gambler on the concert schedule. All right... someone needs to tell me where White Lightnin' used to be situated in the park.
  11. ^^Link to someone's wedding page where they use that photo. They met on the Grizzly. Doesn't mean that the photo is actually of the Grizzly, though. And of course, the first turns on both Grizzly and Wild(e) Beast point in the exact same direction, so we can't judge by the position of the sunset. edit: and you would see the rest of CGA in the background if it was Grizzly. Definitely Wild(e) Beast.
  12. One of my best trips to SFGAm was for Physics Day when I got to sit next to my crush on the Demon and Logger's Run (the Yankee Clipper wasn't open). Alas, she moved to North Carolina and married a guy who looks like me and had the same college major as me. F#@& 'em.
  13. Hellooooooo, belly dancers! Leave it to Busch to make sure kids AND their dads are entertained. Great stuff, Shane! I remember salivating over the ubiquitous pictures of Python in the corkscrews as a kid. It just looked SO COOL. Imagine my anticipointment when I finally got to ride it in 2005. I love how this park has expanded, and I think it's one hypercoaster short of being one of the best parks in the country. That said, it's still a little sad to see how the wildlife area of the park has contracted as the "fun" part of the park has expanded. The whole InBev thing makes me wonder if the animals will be part of the long-term plan for whoever purchases the Busch parks.
  14. I would guess that it's just a cost-saving measure, especially when you're dealing with lift hills over 200 feet in height. You'll notice some of B&M's recent shorter coasters (Hydra and Led Zeppelin) still have catwalks on both sides. Although there seems to be an exception for dive coasters, probably because evacuation would take too long for those wide trains with only one catwalk.
  15. From the Grizzly description: Trees not directly in the coaster's path will be left standing, heightening the suspense and surprise of the ride. A lesson quickly forgotten by the time The Hurler was introduced. I'm glad the Brady Bunch and Rollercoaster captured both Kings Island and Kings Dominion before the charm was completely stripped away.
  16. Best. Trip report. Ever. /Oh my God... I don't know how they found me, but they did. //Who? Who?!? ///Who do you think? THE LIBYANS!!!
  17. Great TR! I appreciate the nod to The First 48 (one of my favorite shows) and the Doug Flutie story. That's always the way it goes with celebrity sightings. You think, "That dude looks a lot like so and so," and then it turns out that it IS so and so. Although it would've been more appropriate if you had seen Brett Favre sitting on a fence. Retire already!
  18. 1. I love the kid interviewers who shove the microphones in people's faces like it was a weapon. 2. I love the onride POV from the third or fourth row. If only there was a seat on the train where you could get an unobstructed view of the track... hmmm... Great stuff as always, Shane. There's not much Jet Scream stuff out there on the web. It makes me want to hurt someone with a blunt object that Six Flags sent Jet Scream off to Houston while SFoMA got Ninja. "Sorry, kids... we're getting rid of the Schwarzkopf. But we're getting a Vekoma with more loops! Why are you frowning?!?"
  19. The interviewer in the Screamin' Eagle clip reminds me of Michael Cera. Great stuff, Shane!
  20. "In Soviet Russia, you don't ride coaster... coaster rides you." Great stuff, Shane.
  21. Seconded. And I'm depressed that I didn't pitch this idea to Hollywood first.
  22. Great stuff, Shawn! How was that Meisho/Senyo shuttle loop? Those rides seem like a hybrid of Schwarzkopf shuttles, Arrow shuttles, and a Vekoma boomerang.
  23. Very cool! I've always heard so much about the State Fair, but I never knew how much stuff it had. It almost looks like a German funfair! Although sadly deficient in Schwarzkopf goodness. A shame they still don't have this ride.
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