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  1. I think copy editors were the first to go when news organizations started downsizing. Because spellcheck fixes everything, right? I for one welcome our illiterate overlords.
  2. Anal leakage is always funny. Well, until it happens to you. Then it's not funny at all.
  3. I love the Octoberfest postcard! "Come for the boobs, stay for the beer/rides/giant pretzels/lederhosen!"
  4. Very cool as always, Shane. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like WoF moved the park entrance at some point. Anyone have a year for when that occurred?
  5. Fixed that for you. Getting old is rough, and the years start to blend together. Great pics! I miss Sky Whirl...
  6. What a completely practical and sensible thing to do... adding a large stand-up ride to a big-market park that does not currently have a stand-up ride. Now if only they could have prevented the inverted ride with five inversions from being installed in the Canadian park that already had a better and newer inverted ride with five inversions.
  7. I liked this story the first time, when it was the Stones instead of some group that won't be remembered in 40 years, and the Hell's Angels instead of Six Flags security.
  8. Burning to the ground is too kind a fate for this ride. We need to nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  9. And I find it odd that amusement parks are using video games to lure people through the gates. This is like Jerry Jones putting a gigantic TV in Cowboys Stadium to lure people away from their own big-screen TVs. Obligatory:
  10. ^ In '87, they added Power Dive, and in '93, they added the Batman stunt show. So you can add one more to each column of "for teens" and "for families."
  11. White Water Rampage! I hated when they changed it.
  12. You should watch some of the engineering disaster shows on the History Channel. It happens more often than you think. I wonder if CF will finally just pull the plug on this thing.
  13. The Texas Cyclone POV is cross-cut with reverse POV of Great American Scream Machine? And great '70s fashion? Also, Scottish guy in a black leather jacket. Probably a Highlander.
  14. 1. Paul Ruben: check 2. old-timey coaster footage: check 3. creepy mustache: check Great stuff as always, Shane!
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