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  1. It is at www.beechbend.com, I am the one who told RCDB last night. -jAKE
  2. What are some actual names that a new park could be named? A name that you could actually see a park being called. -Jake
  3. I lived i Bowling Green from 1997-2001 and you never heard of Beech Bend. But now they are advertising and everything. I think they will be a pretty good small park in a few years. They need landscaping, more rides, and more food locations. This would be the only reason why I wished I still lived in Bowling Green. -Jake
  4. I live 2 hours away and might go, but we have to be at our football game that night march our show for the last time. -Jake
  5. Makes perfect sense, they have so many Mack rides, I just guessed they really liked Mack. -Jake
  6. Since people are talking about the end of the Sky Tower, I found a construction picture of it. -Jake
  7. I never got to go, we were going to go in 1998 so I would be tall enough to ride everything. Now it is Opry Mills, a huge shopping mall. I wonder if another Opryland could open back up. -Jake
  8. Wouldn't it be very expensive to take it down piece by piece. I would thin more than them inmploding it. -Jake
  9. King Cobra-PKI Bat-PKI May I ask why you need a list of used rides/ -Jake
  10. The question is how much would they sell it for considering it has sat there for awhile, and lost a wheel? -Jake
  11. Ok, I fixed it, I wasn't aware it had been at PC before now. -Jake
  12. Winter Fest is returning to PKI and PC. Paramount's Kings Island: http://www.pki.com/winterfest/index.cfm Paramount's Carowinds: http://www.carowinds.com/winterfest/index.cfm Happy Early Holiday's, Jake
  13. Could they be brought back to thier original sizes?? -Jake
  14. What did Six Flags do to Zonga, what did they do to the loops? -Jake
  15. My true homepark is SFKK, but I hate it so I have adopted PKI. -Jake
  16. The line for Beast last weekend was about 2 hours long, I waited for it, cause I wanted a night ride. Also I perfer Legend to Raven, Ithought it was better. -Jake
  17. There are also some flag poles and it is at the base of them. -Jake
  18. ^Interesting what got you started building your haunted house, thanks for the link. Have you selected where you will place it in 2006, I see you are moving it. Will it be in a permanet location. -Jake
  19. With all the talk abot Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, I was wondering what some of your favorite events are? What makes them your favorite Halloween events? Also do parks in the Europe have Halloween events. I know Thorpe Park has Fright Nites. Thanks, Jake
  20. Iron Dragon at Cedar Point Before: http://rcdb.com/ig17.htm?picture=5 After: http://www.pointbuzz.com/Gallery.aspx?i=893
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