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  1. Are there any other websites that have ride op simulations. -Jake
  2. I wish we got other countries Idol shows. I know I read that Canada gets to see American and Canadian Idol. It can't be that hard to bring it down south into the states. Other shows make it to the states such as Degrassi and Falcon Beach. -Jake
  3. I really like the Chevy SSR and the Chevy HHR, the SSR being my favorite. However next spring when I can get a new car I want a Honda Element. Right now I have a 1995 Honda Civic that is ok, but not what I wanted. -jake
  4. Here is some more advice, skip it. Save your money ad go to another park, unless your wanting to get those credits. -Jake
  5. Go to this website at the botto of my post and vote on your favorite Concept car. I like the green and Orange one. I personal favorite and the one I voted for was the orange one, The Trax. http://www.gm.com/company/gm_exp_live/events/newyork_2007/index_flash.html?navId= -Jake
  6. My moms friend at her work grew up with the main girl in Superchick. She sung at that girls wedding last June and I saw her up close, my sister like them a lot and was so excited to actually talk and meet her. -Jake
  7. It is sad that this will be the last book. Back when book 5 was released I was like, wow, only two more. Now the last one is upon us and I am excited and dissapointed. I guess we stil have the movies to look forward to come out. -Jake
  8. With all of the bird themed rides, I hope Cedar Fair doesn't get the bird flu! -Jake
  9. There use to be one in Nicholasville a town South, Southwest of Lexington. It was called Entertainment Xpress, then Party something, then its last name was The Stadium Fun Park. It had batting cages, mini golf, go karts, arcade, and a ball pit thing. It has since closed and is being turned into a buisness park, the first building is already built, sad. The Lexington area needs an amusement park badly. No one really like SFKK and everyones has been to Kings Island over and over again. -Jake
  10. They just didn't announce X-Flight was leaving fro awhile ater the rumours got started. They also left it on the website until recently. -Jake
  11. I have a feeling that the 50's area is on its way out of Geauga Lake. I heard Steel Venom is being moved to Dorney Park too for 2008. However I guess they could work fast enough and it could open this season at Dorney Park, its not a big coaster. I think Head Spin will go to Michigans Adventure next year and maybe there Sky Tower. Or both of those rides will be sold to toher parks like the Chaos rides. -Jake
  12. Huss, sent me stickers, pens, and a key chain with thier product info. Is Giovanola still operating? If not what caused then to go out of buisness? -Jake
  13. Today we got out of school over a 1/2 inch of snow. But the roads were slick ans covered, and 3 out of the 4 news stations weren't saying it would snow. So, the transportation department didn't salt any roads. Lexington schools were out, they are never out, even when we get 6 inches. They have been out 3 times since 2001; 2002: got below zero one morning, 2003: really bad ice storm, and 2007: 1/2 inch of snow. Crazy, but atleast I got out of school!, Jake
  14. I think I remember some people saying they had a model or something on display at IAAPA in November. -Jake
  15. Does anyone know anything about the new S&S water ride? -Jake
  16. New Orleans shouldn't hold Six Flags to that contract. New Orleans could barley support the park before Katrina, do they really think they can now post Katrina. -Jake
  17. I just put up the Winterfest logo from Kings Island last year. Happy Thanksgiving, Jake
  18. I heard they are in fact taking out the drop ride. -Jake
  19. I wonder how big Wild West World is, it does not look that big. www.wildwestworld.org -Jake
  20. I think hat land is undeveloped land at Kings Island. They have about 800 acres totally. I also found Dreamworld it is 74 acres at the current time, I doubt that includes the new for this year Whitewater World water park. They have 210 acres totally, that is assuming the online converter I used converted it right from hectares to acres. I found the hectares on an aussie website dreamnova. -Jake
  21. How many acres is Carowinds, Canadas Wonderland, and Dreamworld in Austrailia. -Jake
  22. I was born close to Oklahoma City in 1990. Then from 1994-1997 I lived in North Dakota, the only thing could was the snow, plus thats all I remember. Then from 1997-2001 I lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky. -Jake
  23. See what 24 cities you belong in at www.findyourspot.com ,post your results! Here are my results: 1. Norfolk, Virginia 2. Nashville, Tennessee 3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 4. Cincinnati, Ohio *****5. Lexington, Kentucky 6. St.Louis, Missouri 7. Knoxville, Tennesse 8. Little Rock,Arkansas 9. Charlotte, North Carolina 10. Elpaso, Texas 11. Baltimore, Maryland 12. Kansas City, Missouri 13. Columbus, Ohio 14. Detroit, Michigan 15. Indianapolios, Idianna 16. Hampton, Virginia 17. Greenville, North Carolina 18. Rocky Mount-Stony Creek, North Carolina 19. Cleaveland, Ohio 20. Toledo, Ohio 21. Memphis, Texas 22. Fort Worth, Texas 23. Chesapeake-Virginia Ceach, Virginia 24. Houston, Texas *****Already live here! Apparently I belonh in Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina or Virginia -Jake
  24. Other parks have churches, Dollywood, along with other parks that I have heard of. -Jake
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