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  1. What is the differnce between the Giant and XL. Also I heard Huss makes a bigger Giant Frisbee. -Jake
  2. Saw the article on the yahoo homepage! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060716/ap_on_bi_ge/family_owned_amusements -Jake
  3. What company is selling Aska and how much? Thanks, jake
  4. This show also comes back on at 11:00pm eastern and on Sunday at one or three. I have it set to record on our Dish Network DVR. -Jake
  5. Yeah it hasn't aired here in the US. It is the one with Beech Bend Holiday World, and Six Flags Great Adventure, right. -Jake
  6. The bobsled is Screamin' Delta Demon and the other coaster is Chaos. They are or were saleing Zonga as well. -Jake
  7. The bobsled is Screamin' Delta Demon and the other is Chaos. They are or were saeling Zonga as well. -Jake
  8. The design so far looks like a bigger version of Arrows Mayhem layout. Rendition: http://web.archive.org/web/20021207101449/arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/mayhem/perspective.jpg Rides Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20030312182343/www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/mayhem/index.php -Jake
  9. I actually really liked Hurricane. I didn't think it was to rough, I even rode it with a sun burnt back. -Jake
  10. I would go if I was going to have a pass this year, but I have to take a year off. Also my school has to go to school that day, but if I was going I would just skip. Who knows though I may end up with a pass. -Jake
  11. I would have picked Changbut it hurts my legs, so I picked Greezed Lightin'. -Jake
  12. This one is better I think because it is more organized. -Jake
  13. I think it will be saved later on. I don't think they will be able to auction off any of the coasters. I think they will sale it thourgh a used ride company, and it will be bought. -Jake
  14. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it. Also I think now you can post your pics. -Jake
  15. With that new Wild West World in Kansas Opening and Hard Rock in Myrtle Beach, how many rides, coasters, and shows should a park start out with? What types of rides and coasters and from what companies/ -Jake
  16. Where does parks like SFOT, PKI, PC, get all of there big light displays and big lights for there tower trees at? As well as every decoration in the entire park? Thank You, Jacob
  17. You can find demolition pics at www.astroworldpark.com , it is amazing how fast these rides have came down. -Jake
  18. Where are they at sale at, like are they on a website. If no, how would you find out how much they are and everyting. -Jake
  19. Mr. Six has passed away, you saw he was in an old peoples home already in the beginning of the season commercials, he just didn't have much time left. -Jake
  20. Was the Reveloution a rough coaster or was it smooth for it's age/ -Jake
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