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  1. I use to check this website and interact every day of the year, but kinda disappeared. I got busy with finally starting college and working and other stuff. I think though I am ready to return. Something else that I have been doing is I started a You Tube channel with a friend of mine. We sometimes have other friends help us out. I thought I would share the channel with everyone on here since this is where I spent the majority of my life(haha) from 2002 or 2003-2009. So, I hope you will enjoy. We seem to gt a little better with each video with the exception of the newest video. Don't judge the channel on that one, unless you like it. We are just trying to make people laugh. You can find it here. Hope to be on here as much as before, Jake
  2. I work at a theatre and we had to stay open for a midnight showing of it and I saw like the last 30 minutes of it and enjoyed it. I am going this week to see the rest of it since i is free for me. Jake
  3. Hello, I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I posted on here until about a year ago and I am going to be more active on here again. I did live in Lexington, KY, but moved last year to Jacksonville, FL. It seems I am now moving back to Lexington at least Kings Island has an awesome steel coaster waiting for me to ride. Jake
  4. Because of Tropical Storm Fay we are now starting school Monday, August 25th, instead of Friday August 22nd. Fay is just starting to effect us here. Jake
  5. I start my Senior year in High School next Friday the 22nd. That date is the latest I have ever started. It's also my first year at a Florida High School, I was in Kentucky the past three years. The school day also starts late 9:15am-3:45pm. First Semester: 1-Marketing-Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment 2-Advanced Topics- Math 3-Weight Training( I had to have two gym classes to graduate in Florida) 4/5-Commercial Arts 1- Graphic Art type stuff 6-English 4- British Lit. 7-Speech 1- Another odd class needed to graduate here Second Semester: 1-Marketing-Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment 2-Advanced Topics 3-American Government 4/5-Marine Science 6-English 4 7-Economics I had all my Social Studies done but, they wouldn't accept the credit because Economics and American Government were a combined class. My lunch is really late too, 1:30pm-2pm, I come home 1hr 45min after that, I won't be eating. My school's hallways are outside which is very different from Kentucky obviously, its a change that I will like. All I can say is I will be glad when June 10th gets here and I am done with High School. I am ready to go to College and start the rest of my life. Jake
  6. I am use to starting school earlier than the 16th when I live in Lexington. The 22nd start date is nice since it is such a late date to start. We also have one hour early realease every Wednesday, another nice change. What sucks is we get out June 10th, I get out earlier since I will be graduating. -Jake
  7. Yeah, we need more Super Targets, I had no clue Target had Superstores untill I moved to Florida. -Jake
  8. I think I am going to BGA before schools starts. Our school starts August 22(senior year) so, hopefully in the next two weeks sometime.
  9. I enjoyed seeing this! My last time at Kings Island was in Septmber for Halloween Haunt. The Beast at 1am is totally awesome. I had so much fun that night, I had no clue that would be my last time to go for awhile . I figured I would go again in the Spring and then my dad got a new job and we moved from Lexington,KY to Jacksonville,FL. Ofcourse, now the park is getting a huge steel coaster finally that I won't get to ride for awhile. -Jake
  10. When I worked at a Kroger Grocery Store in Lexington, KY, I would ask people if I could have there "cart" to put their bags in it if I was bagging or I would ask them if the bagger could get their cart to put there bags in it and I had a quite a few people just stare at me. I would have to say your "buggy". I called it a shopping cart the entire time I worked there since I wasn't from KY I was going to change how I said it. I would also correct the supervisors when they told me to get the buggies off the parking lot. They knew I was joking around when I would tell them it was a cart. The Walmarts down here in Florida are ridiculously large I think. Atleast the ones here in the Jacksonville area are. The sides are also switched around from what I am use to. Groceries are on the right and the other stuff is on the left.
  11. Maybe it is going to themed on the serpents like creatures on the movie "Tremors". -Jake
  12. To me this is pointless! Had an 18 year old instead of a 16 year old been running the ride the same accident would have occured. I read that poor training at the park left the ride operator not knowing how to e-stop the ride. -Jake
  13. It looks like the whole right side has been completed over night! -Jake
  14. Did anyone go to this this weekend like they said that they might? I am just wondering how it was. If the weather is anything like it was here in Lexington it was extremley foggy and wet! -Jake
  15. I am going the 22nd, I talked my grandma into going when the family visits her for Christmas. We live in Lexington and she lives in Glasgow, about 30 minutes away from Bowling Green. I am so excited to get to ride Kentucky Rumbler!!! -Jake
  16. True, I have never ridden Rumbler or thier Wild Mouse coaster.
  17. Today here in Lexington it was close to 70 degrees, probably warmer in Bowling Green. It looks like it will be seasonally cool for Beech Bends opening! Who is going, I will probably go in December if reviews come back postive. -Jake
  18. Kings Island also did the pennants when Paramount owned them. In May at Kings Island I didn't notice them doing it this year. -Jake
  19. If your talking about 'Building the biggest' that was released a year ago in England. I would of thought it would have been shown in America first but apparently it wasn't. Unless your talking about another program... EDIT: Also does anyone know when this will air in England? That is if it does! That is he one I was talking about. I also think it might have already aired in Canada. -Jake
  20. Does anyone know when the show that shows Kentucky Rumbler and Voyage being built will air in America? -Jake
  21. One of the local news stations here in Lexington showed a picture of the drop tower at SFOG, at the bottom it said "Image Courtesy of: Theme Park Review". -Jake
  22. ^ I hope they do, I wnat the Chevy Trax for my second car. My first car is a 95' Honda Civic and I am not i love eith it at all. I want to get a new car next spring. -Jake
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