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  1. I'm a little surprised that Dinosaur is getting as many votes as it is. While Dinosaur is fun, it doesn't make you go WOW after you get off of it like Spider Man does.
  2. Ok, while we're on the subject of acronyms, will someone tell me what SLC means? It's not the name of a ride, it's describing a type of coaster...I think.
  3. Well, you've lucked out now that the kids are back in school, you won't have a problem getting around for the most part...as in thursday night I walked onto rock n rollercoaster. The other thing you have to watch is what parks are doing extra magic hours on what days because that can really drive the crowd up. I'm glad someone already posted on the food cuz that's not really my specialty, mine is more the attractions, although I have to say the Rose and Crown in England (world showcase, epcot) is quite tasty. Ok, here's your blow by blow: Magic Kingdom: Probably not much has changed here so hit up the big rides first before they get lines (space mountain, big thunder and splash). Big Thunder you usually don't have to fastpass, splash and space seem to get lines quickly, especially splash. Other highlights are haunted mansion (of course), the new pirates of the carribbean (ok, so it's not that new, just a few new animatronics), and the excellent 3D show in fantasyland, Philharmagic. You also have your classics like the jungle cruise and the enchanted tiki room, both of which I wouldn't call a priority but do it if there's no line. The new Stitch show is a waste of time, do Buzz Lightyear instead Epcot: First priority, Soarin. Doesn't matter what time of the year it is or what day it is, this thing always seems to have a line. Definitely fastpass it. Test track is fun if you've never done it but either single rider it or fastpass it, the line just isn't worth the usual wait. Then there's everyone's favorite death machine, Mission Space. To be honest, I've been there once when there was a wait, most of the time there's little to no wait. If the spinning doesn't bother you it's fun to do once, but more of a novelty after that. Innoventions is fun to poke around in, if for no other reason than to play with the gadgets there, and the only reason to do spaceship earth is to take a brake in the air conditioning for a bit. As for the world showcase, you definitely want to take your time doing a tour of the whole thing. The pastry shop in France is a must, and if you get the chance see Reflections of China in the China pavillion. As a side note if you're a Beatles fan there's this really good cover band called the british invasion that plays behind the UK pavillion throughout the day. MGM Ah so much to do here, but of course you're going to want to do the first thing you lay your eyes on pulling into that parking lot, the ever charming Hollywood Tower Hotel. The good news is the standby line for ToT moves very quickly and is amazingly designed. You can do it pretty much anytime during the day. Rock n Rollercaster is the opposite, the standby line is horrible because it favors the fastpass line so much so definitely fastpass it. You won't be sorry The launch alone is worth the price of admission. Try to catch the three main shows if you can (indiana jones , lights motors action and the muppets) , and only do Star Tours and The Great Movie ride if there's little wait. Animal Kingdom Last but not least we have my favorite, the animal kingdom. Your very first visit should be that massive mountain you see from the parking lot, Expidition Everest. The line gets long and stays long and the fastpasses are typically gone by 12 or so but it's an absolute must. Many may not agree with me but another must in the animal kingdom is dinosaur. It's one of my favorites and the line typically isn't too bad and moves quickly. I highly reccomend the animal walkthroughs in both Asia and Africa and DO NOT miss the Kilmanjaro Safaris. There's always a line there too so you might want to fastpass that as well. See if you can catch Flights of Wonder (in Africa I believe), the bird show, it's a lot of fun. There's also a wild mouse near dinosaur called the primeval whirl if that's your thing. The bugs life show under the tree of life isn't that impressive and don't waste your time on Kali river rapids. As another guest put it, it's more like a lazy river than a rapids ride. It has one decent drop but even that doesn't save it. I have put in what I can remember off the top of my head, I hope this helps you plan your trip out. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things so good luck and have fun.
  4. It's about time, that thing is a waste of space anyway. Now, the question is will something go in it's place. Anyone know?
  5. I'm glad to see all these posts about Gwazi. I was beginning to think ALL woodies were like this (some people have told me they are). It's my only woodie so far and I very much hope there are better ones out there. That thing gave me a headache all three times I rode it. Never again...
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't here already one at the Boardwalk? My parents insist on going there every time they come down.
  7. Big Thunder Mountain at MK at WDW, when it's running full bore...oh and AT NIGHT
  8. Being that I went to universal for the first time after the mummy was there and kong was already gone, i can't say. I know I do love the mummy. I was riding it the other day and the guy next to me looked at me and asked (he had never ridden it before) "is this thing going to make me scream like a baby?" I said "it's very possible, especially on the roller coaster part" he looks at me with surprise and said "this is a roller coaster?", I say "yeah, you didn't see the signs all over the queue that said THIS IS A HIGH SPEED ROLLER COASTER RIDE?"
  9. It's interesting how everyone so far who has said DD has said Fire. I would say Ice, that 1-2-3 punch of heartline/cobra roll/vertical loop makes my head spin everytime. Its awesome. Anyone else notice how cobra rolls on inverts tend to snap hard?
  10. Well they are updating Pirates right now, guess that's their next big thing. I hear they're supposed to give space mountain the kind of facelift they gave it in CA, don't know when though.
  11. I don't know what your definition of "intense" is but if you say DD isn't intense you really need to go back and ride it again. It's one of the most intense coasters I've been on. That being said I prefer Montu as well, it has a unique layout I haven't seen anywhere else.
  12. Someone said DD was going down from the end of April to the beginning of June for a paint job, can anyone confirm or deny this? It needs it pretty badly. And what's up with this thing in Seussland? I was there just last night and I didn't see any track, guess I'm blind or something...
  13. Hey, I was there on the 7th, glad you got to ride apollo's chariot. It broke down while I was in line for it so I ran back and rode alpengeist for the 6th or so time. LNM was much better than I expected, BBW gave me a headache and darkcastle was bit of a dissapointment. They say it was better than Spider Man here at IOA (same concept for those who are wondering) but it's not, trust me.
  14. I think the direction I'm coming from technically Dueling Dragons is closest (go ahead, be jealous
  15. It looks like there's not much to see on the EE evac. just parts of the lift hill and the intro track. Glad you enjoyed the ride, it's not too wild as far as roller coasters go but it's a lot of fun. I actually had the fortune of being on a rock n rollercoaster evac right as you run into the brake tunnel, they walked us thru the warehouse with the lights on and DAMN that's a small track...you spend the whole time running in knots.
  16. Whoever it was that said they don't care for the cobra rolls I agree, they don't do a thing for me. However, I LOVE the batwing, especially on montu when the trims are off (which is very rare).
  17. The only ride that did that to me was Tower of Terror at Disney MGM. I was lying in bed later that night and i could still feel myself falling...a really creepy feeling I must say
  18. Only one did I get sick when I ate before a roller coaster...Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom (DW). That thing is rough as hell and slings you everwhere. Never again...I also got motion sick for the first time this weekend riding Fire on Dueling Dragons. I got off and felt dizzy and nauseous, I was not happy. Rode Ice twice, no problems, not even when they slam you thru that cobra roll...
  19. If I had to pick one of the very few i've ridden so far it would probably be Montu at BGT. I could ride that all day and not get tired of it. I agree with the person who said Dueling Dragons but then I'd be forced to choose and I don't want to do that.
  20. Where is that section in Universal, Erik? I should be there either Sat or Sun being that I haven't been since they started the Mardi Gras stuff. I usually spend my time at IOA (mmmm...Dueling Dragons....)
  21. You all are making me wish I had done alien encounter while it was still there. While the animatronic Stitch is impressive, the ride just isn't worth it. Honestly, most of the Magic Kingdom doesn't hold my interest, except for maybe Philharmagic...
  22. Having attended the passholder preview a few weeks ago (I live in east Orlando) I must say that as a ride it was good, maybe very good but not great. As a roller coaster it wasn't too impressive, but if you're expecting a hard core roller coaster you'll be dissapointed. It's a ride, not a roller coaster. If you want a roller coaster go hit up Montu and Shiekra at Busch Gardens. And I agree with the posts here that say I wish I had seen more of the yeti, you turn the corner and blow by him three seconds later.
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