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  1. dress shirt, tie, and dress slacks... I'm at work
  2. A LOT of my friends have converted to Macs. I bought a dell earlier this year and now I'm regretting it after seeing everything the macs have to offer. The school I'll be going to next year (Full Sail) requires all students to buy a fully loaded MacBook. Being a media arts school, that would make sense, n'est pas?
  3. Ah...I miss sleepy little towns. I lived in one for awhile (Blacksburg, VA) and miss it the more I'm down here (Orlando--theme park headquarters). I don't plan on being here forever, thinking about Nashville next...
  4. Ok, I've been going to that show off and on for 13 years now and I've NEVER heard ANYTHING about a key under a rug. I guess I should ask next time I go...
  5. Looks like we got quite a crew building up here. Hopefully it will be fun for all.
  6. Well, I'm originally from Norfolk, VA, which is about 30 min from BGE, so in my heart I'll always consider that my home park. However, right now I live in south Orlando so technically my closest park is Seaworld (15 min) with Disney and Universal both being about 20 min away and BGA about 1.5 hours away. Gotta love central FL...
  7. Oh wow, I LOVE chipotle...it's one of my weaknesses, along with popcorn and pizza and buffalo wings. Back on subject...has anyone done the specific workout on the body for life website? I've never seen one like it before. Terrance pointed me to it and I'll start it monday but I'm curious...
  8. um...jealous.... Maverick looks awesome, hopefully I'll make it to cedar point someday...my roomate is from Ohio
  9. Hmm, FL residents pay $440 approx for them, so they're not cheap by any means, but the addition of the water parks makes it worth it. Since I live near OIA I'll be driving to meet you guys everday, so we'll pick a place to meet. The other general piece of advice I have is to hit the big rides first--Soarin' at Epcot, Everest at the Animal Kingdom, RnR and ToT at MGM and the "mountains" at MK (Space, Splash, Big Thunder). They'll fill up first and run out of fast passes first. If what Erik said is right, the Haunted Mansion is closed until Sep,
  10. Sorry, LOL, I always think of all of universal and Disney as one park when it's actually six. I have the disney premium pass (includes water parks, PI and disneyquest), the universal annual pass and the seaworld/bgt pass. I'll probably be joining you for most of disney and the saturday at IOA. As for when to go where, the summer crowds will begin to wind down then, so the only advice I have is to watch for extra magic hours (it makes the park extra crowded) and avoid the magic kingdom on saturday. All the parks are busy on saturday but MK seem to be the worst.
  11. Hmm...Shiekra at BGT still scares the piss out of me. I've been on it before, several times in fact, but I still won't go on it unless I'm with someone else who wants to go. I'm not crazy about the falling sensation either, but I'll do Tower of Terror before I do Sheikra. One more thing...I would look up at the first drop on Millenium Force and go HELL NO....
  12. I want to congratulate everyone on this forum (and most specifically bgwfreak) for the slow victory over the battle with their weight. I also have struggled with my weight my whole life (I was 16 years old and 335 lbs...6'1") and am finally making progress. I started at 248 and I've lost 10 lbs so far. My goal is to get down to 200 by the end of the year. On a related note, any of the guys here have any imput on a workout routine? Anyone have a good one or know where to find one? I just joined a gym here and I am going regularly now so any imput is appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the link, man. Probably won't be visiting anytime soon. In my experience most Christian based entertainment is...painful...(as in painfully bad)
  14. The warden's speaking part has changed (not significantly, but noticably) and the second bridge doesn't shake anymore. Being that the latter was completely pointless anyway it's not missed.
  15. It does look finished from I4 driving thru Altamonte, but someone told me they've been trying to finish it for years and just don't have the funding. As for Holy Land, has anyone actually been to the park? It's an interesting concept, but how well is it executed?
  16. Man, I'm about to go back to school here for music production (Full Sail anyone?) and Tennessee is looking more and more appealing to me. That's a great trip report man, Chattanooga and Dollywood are beautiful. I'm from Virginia and I miss it terribly. I guess I'm a southern boy at heart after all.
  17. I laughed at Erik's comment about the lift hills, I was thinking the same thing the first time I read this. Yes, the Lost Continent is well themed but considering how well themed everything else is in IOA I trust the developers to do it justice. This could be amazing if done right.
  18. Hey man, I live here locally (about two miles from Orlando International actually) and I'd definitely be interested. It depends on what days you're going to do what, I need to know ahead of time so I can get time off work. I have passes to all three parks so I'd be up for probably disney and maybe universal. Keep me posted.
  19. Hmm, realistically? Get my butt to BGE and ride Apollo's Chariot and Griffon this summer. My dream goal would be to finally get to Disneyland but being poor and on the other end of the country hampers that...
  20. Big Thunder Mountain, WDW version on thursday night...always a fun ride.
  21. It's funny, you all are so attatched to this thing...must be nostagic or something. When I finally rode it, it was the worst coaster I've been on so far. Oh well, so they're going to move the kids section and put something else there. Hope it's something awesome.
  22. Just to butt in here, I also heard that our space mountain (WDW) was going down in november for the rehab Disneyland got. Can anyone confirm this?
  23. Actually they're having the cast member and passholder preview in Oct with opening in Nov. I asked the cast member outside the living seas tonight. Thats what she said.
  24. It's good to see that all the HHN info is finally up, everything looks great for this year. It will only be my third and XIV was definitely better than last year. Now, my question is, is anyone here in town planning a HHN trip? Would anyone be interested in one?
  25. Ok, so being that Soren has no idea who I am, I probably won't walk up to him and say hi, don't want to spook him or anything. Glad you guys had fun on your little trip. So you got stranded at Orlando International I'm assuming during that big storm yesterday afternoon huh? It was nasty, i was on I4 driving in it...coming home from the Magic Kingdom actually. Maybe next time you guys come down here to do one of the parks I can meet up with you. Two questions: What's going where Wonders of Life is now, and does anyone know what happened to Splash Mountain yesterday? It was down the whole time I was there (more than half the day.)
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