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  1. seems strange that one of the stops is the gulf of mexico which is literally right there...im sure you can get better more authentic mexican food literally anywhere in SanAntonio. That's not a comment on Sea World but a compliment on the top tier nature of Texan Mexican food. Seems like a strange choice and doesn't really feel 'exotic'. Don't get me wrong I came here just to look at the offerings bc I love when they do this. My family and myself have all enjoyed Busch Gardens and SWO's food festivals. Now that I think about it... Sea World should double down and make these food festivals year round with different themes alternating maybe 4 times a year.
  2. IIRC those Gerstlauer restraints lock at any position. Then again on a cramped Eurofighter, a rider as tall as the victim (6'5") would be able to push his feet against the train and push himself into the seat - in that instance having the restraint only hold some of him it would be acceptable. I know this is how I ride Eurofighters at 6'3", I keep myself pushed into the seat with my feet and the restraints mainly secure only my chest and shoulders. It is sloppy - they didn't go the extra mile to ensure a flawless product. of course this is why Gerstlauer is less expensive than Intamin and B&M who do go the extra mile to ensure a flawless product (only talking about trains,seats and restraints) Upon initial survey of the ride I didn't understand how it tilted because it is a subtle tilt and it remains tilted until the ride is complete. Returning to upright before braking just seems obvious (especially after Intamin laid the groundwork). It just wasn't well engineered. They didn't want to come up with a way to return it to upright that wasn't off-the-shelf hydraulics. This whole ride is off-the-shelf parts. Separately these parts are fine but putting them together in this manner created something so unique. obviously not what the original designers of the Gerstlauer restraints had thought of when creating that design. FF is literally a marvel of engineering and Ive always thought that.
  3. It's attitudes like this that may have prevented the park employee from limiting the victim's access. I know I would have no problem but I'm not 15 and being barraged with pop culture peer pressure. "Fatphobic"
  4. Why does this have midcourse but emperor does not i dont know exaclty but looking at the pictures they appear to be close or identical in length and height. Funny name I need to go to SFFT but it's all the way in San Antonio and Texas is huge. Everything is so far apart in the south im getting used to it.
  5. I can already tell this will be cloned at least once. The layout looks well paced and it's balanced with whippy and floaty elements.
  6. Yea if the ride didn't tilt this would not have happened. He just would have had a harrowing ride. Funtime is 100% responsible with the operators only being responsible if they didn't follow protocol. The park is the one who will pay the 2nd biggest price (after the victim of course).
  7. ICON Park was looking for a record holder and didn't want to spend a lot of money here we are. Funtime wanted to make a record holder but didn't want to spend money designing testing seats/restraints so here we are. This is the exact reason why parks do not mind paying top dollar for a Bolliger and Mabillard. The cost of one mistake is literally worth the millions. I recall Mack showing off their new restraints (now old because it's on many of their rides) and they clearly spent a lot of time researching it and ensuring it would be safe and comfortable. I knew when they came out with that restraint design that their sales would spike. I think it was at an IAAPA expo but can't find a clip. This change in restraints and intro of a hyper model literally made Mack an Intamin/B&M alternative when it used to be a Zeirer alternative. Gerstlauer needs to stop letting 3rd parties use their technology. It's ruining their reputation. I noticed these are the same restraints as TMNT etc. The guy riding FF appears to have the restraint just as high as the victim on Icon Park's tower. Again such a tragedy and so sad he was from out of town.
  8. reptilian ... tumbili these all seem like off-brand names. KD needs to be on the phone with anyone (even Vekoma) for a world record inverted to replace Volcano.
  9. This is a complex situation. Doesnt this ride tilt like falcons fury? The restraints on this ride are not appropriate for the tilting and Im sure its because this is a less expensive brand. This repurposing of existing parts was exacerbated by the 14 year olds size. After seeing the restraints and tower set up I would not have ridden this personally. I really only trust Intamin and S&S towers. Sad and traumatizing experience for everyone including on lookers.
  10. seems like it raises the bar for a family ride. it's kind of a 'bridge' since Kraken et al are very intense. yes the back and forth launch was a huge miscalulation for sea world. t
  11. I really like the Batman Forever lighting set up at Nickleodeon Universe in NJ. I get that you guys hate it but Ive always wanted to see brightly colored lights sweeping around (outside of a concert).
  12. Six Flags STL hasnt been long for this world in nearly a decade. Six Flags is over due to sell off a lot of parks anyway. They should have never bought Premier Parks back in 1999 or so. STL is an amazing city but there is no money everyone is going to branson where the urbanites have a harder time getting to. You could take a cab from Florissant to SFSTL but can't take a cab to SDC. Scream from SFMM seems unbelievable SFMM isn't going to lose any attraction unless it's literally falling apart a-la Psyclone.
  13. Those layouts look like proposals from two manufacturers. We know at least one of them is B&M. The other is Mack or Intamin. The one on the left looks like B&M because of the turnaround - looks like the same as Shambhala. The layout on the right seems Mackish because it reminds me of that purple joker? hyper in australia that - im not looking the name up.
  14. They better not put in LSMs... the ride is pointless w/ LSMs as they are so much more powerful than the weight drop. Im sure Intamin can provide a new weight drop system. Its a swarzkopf product, brilliant SIMPLE engineering. IMO there is virtually no reason to remove any Swarzkopf looper except for space reasons.
  15. ive never been to anything margarita ville. its impressive how quickly it has developed into resorts and all types of entertainment.
  16. I haven't been to any dry disney park in nearly 5 years. im more than fulfilled at typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach. They're both very large for water parks and the only thing missing are master blasters. Disney needs a 3rd water park not an expansion of the present ones. Doing a Pixar themed water park seems almost too obvious. Really they need 2 more water parks, a Pixar one and a contemporary redo of River Country. Since they love IP they can apply Princess & The Frog to it.
  17. This is an absolutely cracking layout one of RMCs best IMO. the name is just ridiculous.
  18. im glad i rode it when it was new because i knew if it anything broke it would stay broke lol.
  19. Fabulous pictures! I forgive Universal for removing DD. Velocicoaster is spectacular in appearance and ride experience just like DD.
  20. I'm glad that spire was hopefully totally cancelled. They need a wing coaster from B&M before Kings Dominion gets one.
  21. As far as Pantheon goes; I personally think this whole crazy inversion is a trend that will flame out. This ride looks uncomfortable and a lot of it seems to be jerky for the sake of being jerky theres no philosophy behind it other than 'look how outrageous the track is shaped'. There is almost no 'flow' in these rides. The only part that made me say wow was the outward banked turn, the placement in the ride is perfect. The spike section ruins the pacing and makes the ride feel very short despite being 1:30 long. It reminds me of copperhead strike in that there are lots of pointless hops and bumps throughout... I just think these models will become dated quickly a-la Mack Bobsleds. The launch track in the middle of the ride is really puzzling. Busch should've ordered up a Taron to compliment Apollos Chariot and have two types of 75mph+ roller coasters. A classic out and back and a classic twister. BUsch has always built classic rides IMO
  22. I thought this was going to be a Premier. I dont see why it wouldnt be actually. Verbolten has a drop track and Panethon has a spike. The only 'trick' this can do is a backwards section. If busch is going to be open year round they need like 1/3 of the park to be indoors minimum. should spend money on developing an indoor kiddie area..
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