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  1. I was thinking that if there is a b&m wing in the pipeline then it would be as a replacement for anaconda. The scale of that wing in the video would fit nicely over the lake. I don’t know if they’ve said it was going to go in Congo for sure. Especially since we didn’t know Volcano would be removed. It’s likely anaconda was going to be closed first. I wonder who they’ve approached with replacements for volcano and timeframes. I want them to just get a 200’ wing. Seems like an easy record to take.
  2. This coaster seems like it’s gonna be amazing. Love the partially wooded area.
  3. I’m in Richmond just for the day tomorrow and was wondering what roller coasters are open? THe website seems to suggest all of them. Thanks!
  4. It’s almost like when your park can fit only 7500-10000 guests and your market is over 40 million people - you’ll never have to worry about attendance.
  5. I just think it’s crazy how it took over 20 years to have a full length dive coaster.
  6. They should get the bell instead. Would go kinda with a ghost town theme. I also want to see one in person so.
  7. I just think people are forgetting how many rich people are in the NY area. Specifically 50$ is not much money to a lot of these guys. Ive talked to many peers who wanted the prices to be higher so less people can go. The sojo spa club in North NJ is 70$ for all day and it's just various pools of diff temps. 50% for Nick U is cheap.
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