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  1. FWIW I heard he got out to do pull ups to impress the people in the car behind him. I believe the people behind him was his son and his mother. Who both witnessed him eventually fall after he couldn't gain the energy to pull himself back up.
  2. The local grocery store by my house charges 2 an hour as well. free if you're out in 20 min and validated for 2 hours if you shop. I said a while ago this park is a Prestige park, I think they also risk inviting people from The Bronx and Brunswick NJ if the price is too low. This part of NJ is famous for keeping prices high to keep certain people out, Bergen County. The last time I went there several guests were men in nicely tailored suits with their children. That is exactly the customer this park is built for. The Meadowlands literally never made sense even back then. I have only taken an urban planning class but that 101 class taught me to never build anything other than a museum in the middle of a park or grassland. Everyone knew that when they started this back in the late 80s. This place was never going to be successful unless it was a museum. This new concept of turning this mall into an experience center rather than shopping center is probably the best idea this place has ever seen. It needs to be a destination and Malls are not considered destinations to people.
  3. Dive coasters cost a lot of money so thats why theyre always petite. Oblivion was a prototype it doesnt count. G5 is its clone. IIRC oblivion cost as much to build as SFNE Superman which ofc some of that went into excavations. Also IIRC from playing RCT dive coasters lose momentum fast because of the short trains so long layouts arent really possible without it being 250 feet like yukon strikker valravn. Six Flags obvi wanted a Gersty Infinity but theyre on the do not buy list so the only other brand making vertical drop coasters is B&M cedar fair just says yes to whatever B&M proposes so theyre gonna have b&ms full suite of models. B&m has never let CF down so i would say yes to whatever they offer at this point too.
  4. idk what pierogi is. you are so emotional. American's simply don't care about each other, Ive lived all across the country. that's why I won't buy this whole "u affect me" yea you didn't care abut affecting anyone else until right now. Also the people saying this stuff are usually in hover rounds and have flaking diabetic cankles. see below https://www.channel3000.com/poynette-high-school-teacher-put-on-administrative-leave-after-incident-with-student/
  5. I saw a couple Youtubers coming up with convincing locations for it to be installed at CP
  6. Gersty announced a huge Infinity coaster would be coming to an American park in 2022. Most are assuming it's CP due to Six Flags not dealing with Gerstlauer
  7. You guys aren't talking about the Gerstlauer that was announced that youtubers are thinking is going to Cedar Point and will likely go for the inversion record a-la Smiler and will be placed by the Marina I think they said?
  8. I think the most amusing thing is americans acting like they care about each other suddenly. "you don't care about other people" and you do? .
  9. Did Storm Runner reopen? I'm thinking to go back to HP soon. Next week if it is open.
  10. Busch was probably promised by Intamin that they would get this model first in the US. Now the Velocicoaster has totally eclipsed it and it opened first. I think Pantheon will still be spectacular.
  11. After watching the Arrow Documentary on Youtube I realized that the trex would be unviable bc of the amount of steel. The smaller Raptor is the perfect size where it can be built fast, make RMC money and be well priced for the park. The smaller focus is probably so they can continue making money The TRex would make sense if it was purchased in triple like the Six Flags Arrow multiloopers in the late 80s
  12. I marvel at Intamin's minimalist trains - however there isn't enough surface area on the restraint for the force and amount of airtime. I think even the Intamin skateboard LSM rides have these restraints but haven't noticed any discomfort because the forces are much lower. The bottom of the restraint presses down on the thighs closer to the knee while B&M clamshells focus on the upper thigh by the hip joint. These Intamin trains/restraints ARE marvelously designed - I love how when the seat is empty the restraint goes all the way to the bottom of the seat. The part that contacts the thighs needs to be double the thickness, longer and of a much softer material though. Right now its like being in a steel cage. Yes that's accurate. Skyrush though is the most intense lift-hill roller coaster in America (can't really think of anything that would be more intense and Im racking my brain). I really need the restraints fixed so I can marathon it. I agree actually Ive always viewed Wildcat and LR as the 'showroom' models. I don't remember what trains Wildcat has but the millennium flyers absolutely save Lightning Racer. Ideally they would just add a RMC and not retrofit Wildcat or LR. But Im fully expecting a B&M Wing in like 2-4 years time and maybe a B&M surf after that since we know Hershey likes multi ride contracts.
  13. The GP expected the Fast & Furious ride to be what West Coast Racers was. It should've been a launched dueling indoor rollercoaster.
  14. I was there as well today and yes a large amount of rides were down, but we were just planning to be there only 4 hours (we were going to play poker at the nearby casino) so it worked out. Barely had time for 1 lap. I have a thing for Swiss so my focus was on the Intamin's and B&M - and I adore Lighting Racer so that had to happen. I wasn't destroyed when Storm Runner was closed bc when I was planning out the rides in my head I forgot it was in the park. my body never touches arrow or vekoma. HP needs to replace the boomerang really fast - boomerangs are a sign of a gentrifying park lol. I have to say that if Lightning Racer becomes RMC I will be greatly disappointed. The layout is a masterpiece and has been since it debuted - when I ride it I'm stunned GCI was able to come up with this layout which is far superior to Gwazi (IMO). This ride needs to be protected and preserved. RMC WILDCAT! I have to make a comment about Skyrush's restraints - they are ridiculous. I know it's been talked about alot but Intamin should give Hershey at least one new train with all new restraints. Even the GP make comments about the restraints... They need B&M flying restraints on this lol. Candymonium is very good. Maybe middle road for a hyper but still world-class IMO. Mako and Intimidator are definitely better B&M hypers altho this ride feels more "fleshed out" than Intimidator. I think that this is B&M's best execution of the hammerhead and speedhill (on a hyper, not counting gigas here) although I do agree the trims are excessive and not needed. They ran 3 trains and stacked all day long. I rode it 10 times (5 times in a row), very rerideable unlike skyrush. Feels very "complete" - similar to Apollo's Chariot. Chocolate Town in general is still a little strange to me. I was hoping that Cupfusion and the Chocolate themed launch towers would work better in person but they don't (candymonium included). i think most people would expect a town with walls made of chocolate but instead it looks like a brand new strip mall. Albeit a nice strip mall in a high end area. I think they should've put a windseeker where the carousel is and left the carousel in its original spot. A windskeer and a hyper are an amazing first impression to GP. Last time i was here was when Skyrush opened (and I was shocked they kept the same damn trains LOL) - Ill be back when they RMC wildcat or replace the boomerang with a RMC Raptor. I expect they will add a B&M wing, though - to Chocolate World, with the station behind Candy and to the right of Skyrush (when viewing it from the entrance)
  15. Yes, but Hagrid's also has a double-digit number of trains on the circuit, key show elements that must be working at all times, onboard audio, a unique seating / restraint system, two separate freefall drop tracks, and... Sandy's Blasting Bronco is nowhere near a follow-up to Hagrid's. It's another Intamin LSM coaster that's just like all the others, but also happens to have a turntable. For all we know, the delays could be coming from the park, and not Intamin. people have reported the ride operating without onboard audio or themeinf being synced. Meaning universal will run the ride as soon as it can. So it wasn’t able to run if it was down. They’re not gonna make people wait in 10 hour lines because the unicorn doesn’t move. Drop tracks have been done before by intamin and so has multiple trains - I imagine this is why they were picked. Beyond that Sandys has a turntable with lsms on it which has never been done before - wildly complex piece of mechanics. Of course it is. It’s the LSM built after hagrids. This LSM system was never used in the US until hagrids - I wanna say Red Force was the first to use the new LSM. Ultimately - like any complex intamin of new tech it will have issues. I’m very excited about Pantheon. Don’t let my realism dissuade.
  16. It’ll probably be open but the last new generation LSM built in America (Hagrid) haS been plagued with downtime. ALSO sandys bb (the follow up to hagrid) has been testing for an unusually long amount of time. This ride has a switch track and spike like Hagrids so I’m Honestly expecting tons of downtime
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