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  1. I bet the other inversion is located over in the helix area. I have a strange feeling that some really good pics will be coming out after this saturday. But I did find some pretty good close ups Here
  2. Once again a great report Jon. Always enjoy looking over your pics.
  3. So this will be the final update of my first of two horror weekends in Oct. (Next one is from Knotts and HHN Hollywood at end of month). This was the longest of the two and have to say that it will be an annual trip for me. Nothing like some good park Halloween Events in my book. I will close this update with some pics from Seaworld Texas and their Howl-O-Scream event. Hope you folks enjoyed the update as much as I enjoyed going! Parting shot of the gang Bling Bling macking on the phone with his Ghoulfriend. Play that sax Bones Ever mans dream or nightmare The Haunted
  4. I had the best intentions of getting this update up by saturday evening when I got back into the hotel. But it just was not in the cards for that to take place. Better late than never I guess. I will update with Pics from Howl-O-Scream from Seaworld San Antonio early in the week. I hope that is. Enjoy! And day one ends! Scenes from Monster Bash Singer during Mayor Slayer's Monster Bash Mayor Watching over his Zombie Woman Creatures appear for Mayor Slayer's Monster Bash! Elvis in Last Chance Legends Heading towards the interlocking corkscrews A little Superman acti
  5. I have to admit that I thought Howl-O-Scream in Tampa was a better all around event than HHN is this year. I am not saying that HHN is bad this year. I just thought Howl-O-Scream was a better well rounded Halloween event. I arrived for the Dinner Show they offer at 6pm in the Desert Grill. They had a great selection of food to choose from and even had all the rides in that area open for the people attending the dinner. It is well worth the price for the dinner and getting a chance to hit some of the houses before they opened up the gates at 7:30. I did noticed that everyone seem to flock
  6. The park was pretty crowded for it to be a wednesday night. I think it was the most crowded that I have ever seen for a wednesday night come to think of it. The lines for the houses where running anywhere between 30-45 minutes from what I saw. Will post pics from a great Howl-O-Scream friday while I am hanging out at the airport for mu plane to San Antinio.
  7. Robo destroyed the car in the street between Mummy and where you enter Screamhouse at. I had never saw it in action and I over heard some of the cast telling people that there was going to be a show at 10:30 as a dry run. It was pretty cool. Busch Gardens was pretty dead when I got there around noon. I decided to do the Dinner Show at 6 tonight. It is sorta taking the place of eating at the Underwater Grill at Seaworld since I had to take a later flight down Wednesday. Glad you folks have enjoyed it so far.
  8. Every year around my birthday, I head off down to sunny Florida to Halloween Horror Nights and what not. The plans for the weekend had been changed over the last few months. At one time I was doing HHN on a Wednesday and then heading to Knott's Halloween Haunt Thursday and then on to San Antonio for Fiesta Fest, but with having to head out to LA for work at the end of the month. I dropped Knott's from this trip and added Howl O Scream in Tampa Thursday. I flew down to Orlando on Airtran Airways since I had a free one way flight with them. Might as well save money when I can. I got a call e
  9. Those of us that attended Night of Thunder this year got a chance to get a Construction Tour of the Mystery MIne before ERT started. We meet at 6:30 by the gate to be let into the area that will open to the public Friday April 13, 2007. I could go on and ramble on but I know you want to see the pictures. WIll get the rest up after I get back from the ballgame sunday. Enjoy! Some Brakes Ted pointing...I guess he is pointing at the Mystery Mine Some early theming of ride Oviewview of back area View from above Over and Under I prefer 69 but 62 will be fine in this case.
  10. I have learned that the best night to go to HHN is the only wednesday that it is open. I have never had to buy those Express Tickets for that wednesday ever, but I do know it is hard for some of the out of towners to hit in on a wednesday. I am thankful that I have a job that I can get time off in the middle of the week to attend things like this.
  11. Looking at those pics brings back fond memories of when I was stationed near Frankfurt. The only thing I am wondering is no RDL pics. Figured you would atleast walk through it. It is an interesting tourist attraction.
  12. Timber Tower revolves abit faster now then it did when it opened up to the public. The last time I rode it was Media Day. Now it is not some insane increase to 40 revolutions per minute now. I also noticed that there seem to be more people heading for it than heading for Thunderhead when the rope was dropped that morning. The park was pretty dead, but traffic was increasing as I left to head back into NC for my meeting that afternoon.
  13. I was referring to another Paul. I have never meet Drabek in person for I have no view of him. And for the record, I voted Voyage number one on my ballet.
  14. I had one of those really exciting meetings for work and it seems that is all I am in is a meeting. Now this meeting on a friday morning allowed me to gets some use out of my brand new camera that I am still learning to use. It has to many bells and whistles on it. I doudt I will use half of them for awhile. So if some of the shots are bad than I will use the excuse, "But it is a new camera and I am still learning it." I hope you folks enjoy this update and you need a sense of humour. See you next friday Dave. Seems they brought in this moronic film for the Kid's Fest. And yes I thi
  15. This is a park that has been SBNO for a long time. I grew up going there. It will be good to see it open again. Ghost Town Reopens in 2007 Ghost Town in Maggie Valley, NC will open in May of 2007. A group of investors say they will reopen Ghost Town next spring. The theme park in Maggie Valley has been closed for five years. The owners of the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad and two other investors have bought it and plan to spend $4 million to renovate it. The popular attraction filled with amusement rides, entertainment, and western style gunfights on a 4000 foot mountai
  16. Always good to see a PTR on Alabama Redneck Adventure. Glad someone had a great time at this podunct of a park. I have fond memories of handing the ride op the seat I was riding in when I stopped by in June. The park is just an accident waiting to happen, but the people seem to really love that waterpark when I was there. Have yet to see why people are so high on Rampage? The coaster is so blah. Could really use some TLC. Glad you had a great time though.
  17. I did 30 hours on the Great Amercan Scream Machine in 2003. I seem to think it was 367 laps for that 30 hours or 238 miles. I also did 30 hours on the Screamin' Eagle this past July. I think my lap total was close to 380 or so. I lost count due to the few hours that I was taken a nap on the ride.
  18. Then let me say there are ZERO Trims on that coaster.
  19. After riding it for 30 hours in July, I can tell you that there are no trims in that area.
  20. Seems Elitch Gardens has axed all entertainment events this past tuesday. Make what you want of it. Six Flags Elitch Gardens Cuts Entertainment
  21. I sometimes in shear amazement that people do not take the time to read this thread and ask the same questions over and over. Maybe it is time to drop back and punt folks. How hard is it to take afew minutes out of your life and read from page one to here? Heck you might even find what you are hunting for and even might learn something in the process.
  22. I had spent saturday in Utah at Lagoon (eight hour drive from Denver). I drove back sunday morning to Denver and stopping along the way at varies spots. SInce I was taking the red eye to Atlanta (monday 1:05 am), I decided to killsome time at Lakeside once again. Figured I would see this place at night and take afew pics. I did not ride anything, just wondered around taking pics. I hope you enjoy this update and I even made $37.48 on this trip. Sometimes it is great to have a job that lets me travel, but not as much traveling as the old one I use to have. Wild Chipmunk Sign Lighthou
  23. Got all mine in a nice wrapper for free. Sorta takes the fun out of trying to get to all the parks now.
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