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  1. After leaving Six Flags and checkinging into the Drury Inn located in the Tech side of Denver, I was off to a park that I was really looking forward to called Lakeside. This park is what I call a real Gem and if you ever get a chance to get out to the park, then go. You will enjoy riding some flats that are pretty rare. The only bad thing that happend while I was at the park. I had my camera when I entered the park and decided to use my small case that I can put on my belt. Well lets just say that the Lakeside Cyclone was not that friendly with it. After I got off I noticed the LCD screen
  2. I think I have it fixed now. Guess I need to preview what I do more often.
  3. I was in Denver on the 14th of july to attend something for work. I had to present an hour presentation and then I was done for the weekend. I was lucky enough to be the first presenter on the conferance and it was being done afew blocks from Six Flags Elith Gardens and I guess you are getting where this is going. I have to say that I was not really expecting alot from this park, but I have to admit that Elith was a pretty good park. I can see why it is on the chopping block since there is just no where for them to go in any direction. Anyway on to pics and I do hope you folks enjoy
  4. My review: CoasterFanatics Review Glad you folks enjoyed the TR.
  5. After a long day at the Media Day at Holiday World, I drove down to Bowling Green to spend the night. I was heading over to Beech Bend for the Media Day for Kentucky Rumbler the next day. It was later in the day and after being up about two days with work and driving up to Santa Claus the day before, it was great to get an hour or two more of sleep. I arrived at the park and noticed that a dragrace was going on the same day as the Media Day. And headed in to get my name tag. There was more at this one than the one at Holiday World and around 11 am everyone headed back to the coaster.
  6. Had the chance to attend the Media Day for Holiday World this past Thursday for Coasterfanatics. I will have a full review later up on Ted's site as soon as I finish it, but just wanted to drop afew pics and a short view of the ride. After 43 rides I can say the Voyage does live up to the hype that surrounds the coaster. It is fast and intense. There is some good air time on it and that will increase when the coaster gets broke in. The turn around is just intense and as the day went on, it got even more intense. I can only imagine how it will be at night. The second part of the ride i
  7. Since I am attending this for another site, I made hotel reservations at the Drury Inn in Bowling Green for Thursday and friday night (Staying there after Voyage Media Day and Beech Bend Media Day). It was 20 bucks cheaper to stay friday night than it was thursday. Plus Bowling Green is a good two hours from the Derby. See you folks that are attending Beech Bend Media Event Friday.
  8. I have a pass from Carowinds and it does not have a pic on it. I got it in the fall of last year, nut I have heard that they have started putting the pics back on at Carowinds. Should be interesting to say the least.
  9. Had the chance to head up to Dollywood today to attend the Media Day for Timber Towers and thier other additions in 2006. I was asked by Rideworld/Thrillride if I could attend since Chris and his wife where attending the Media Day at SDC today. The ride fits the park since anyone can ride it. Enjoy! My Exclusive Pic Since Everyone Needs One 300 Pound Catfish Dinner! Even Dolly Was There Beware of the Spinting Beavers! Careful of the Water! And It Topples UP She Goes The New Eatin Joint Timber Tower Even added a new sign!
  10. It will open on April 7th in the afternoon after Media Day.
  11. That is enough to ax that idea then. Will just enjoy the few smaller parks as I head up towards Magic Mountain.
  12. I see people still work for NASA these days. It makes you wonder that they need to work on rockets and stuff, but the post on coaster boards instead.
  13. Since I will be out in the area for the Media Day for Tatsu and I am flying into San Diego. I noticed a park in Tijuana called Mundo Divertido that is a short drive from the Airport. I was wondering can anyone give me any advice about the park and should I just say the heck with it and not head into Tijuana? Thanks folks.
  14. There is always other parks that people can attend if people get bent out of shape over the price going up for season passes and parking. Lets all face it that it is not going to be cheap in the future to buy a Six Flags Pass. This might even cut down on the parks from being cheap babysitters. The same thing happend to me for I waited till the price went up at SFoG before buying mine. It cost me over 80 bucks to get it dropped off at my doorstep, but I paid it and did not complain since that little old piece of plastic is going to get me into about 10 parks that I am going to. It sure is a
  15. It would appear that the $125 deposit to hold your spot will go towards your total. So I take it you are going the single room route? All I can say is I am sure you will have fond memories of this trip. I know as going on the last two Treks, I can say that they are a blast and I am sure you will have tales to telll. Might even get to hear some tall tales from prior Treks.
  16. Came across these pics of the Kentucky Rumbler that was took on the 14th of jan. These are not mine for I am just passing them on. http://www.pbase.com/kentuckyrumbler1/inbox
  17. Rated PG-13? I would go more with a strong R rating. Could even put in the Pu-Tang Pie clip from the East Coast Trek. Great Videos. Great to see some coaster when there is ice outside the window.
  18. Few days late on getting this up, but better late than never I always say. Since I did not have to be at the park till about 10 am and it was about six miles down the road, I used that time to finish the Day One Trip report and enjoy a cup of coffee or two. Just the shear thought of doing a TR about one of my trips was amazing in itself since I average maybe one a year if I am lucky (This being #3 this year). I got to the park around tenish and headed towards the main entrance. I noticed my good friend Judi and her family where buying 2006 Six Flag Season passes for 46.95, but the on
  19. Each October I always plan the same old trip to Orlando for my birthday. I have done this for the past four years. It is an easy choice since I always stay with my buddy and his wife right out of Orlando. I always attend HHN (Universal Orlando) and Howl-O-Scream (BGT), but I decided to do something different this year. I can and will attend HHN abit later in the the month. So Fiesta Feast was moved to October this year and I have always heard it was one of those events that was a must to attend. So after checking some flights out, I decided to book a flight to Austin, TX. and drive down
  20. The Golden Tickets are mainly used for PR by the said park that has won the Golden Ticket or placed in the top whatever area that the park has won. I am in no way saying that you should take this list or any other Top Ten list to heart. For I have said this a number of times and I will say it again. The only Top Ten list that should matter to you is your Top Ten list not Golden Ticket or any other list that are running around today. There really is no need to complain about a poll that some feel is outlandish or rediculous. Hell I voted in it and I do not agree with some of the listings
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