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  1. Way back on June I return back to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV for something they only do four times a year and that is a Photo Tour of the site. This is done with a small group of people in the mornings and one in the afternoons before the ghost hunt that night, which I also did again. I will say the chance to walk around in the main building in the daylight was really worth it along with some of the other buildings onsite that you do not get a chance to do during the Ghost hunt. It also helped me out to get a better lay of the land for the Hunt later that night. Pleas
  2. Yea I saw when the Ghost Adventures where at the Prison and they did get some pretty good stuff. I guess I was not in the right place at the right time but this place is known to be either hot with activity or nothing at all. I am hoping to try to get back up there this year to give it another go with some more equipment that I have got in since my visit. I also enjoyed Fear when it was on.
  3. This is the place that you are referring about that was on Paranormal State. I am hoping that some repairs are made to that area between now and next year when I visit. I will say that just visiting this place was well worth the trip but when you do something like this there will be times that you will walk away with no evidence. But there are times when I walk away with some pretty great stuff such as when I investigate Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV. That place has never disappointed me plus walking out with scratches does make me want to go back but I will go into that in my n
  4. So it is that time for another Paranormal Investigation Report. This stop is at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary located in Moundsville, West Virginia on Saturday May 29th. This is another one of those public investigation that anyone can go on as long as you pay the fee to go in on a certain night that you reserve. I made this reservation back in February and all public tour where sold out the first week of march. It is one of those if you plan on going then you better snag a date early in the year. For over one hundred twenty-five years, the West Virginia Penitentiary housed t
  5. Yea I enjoy Ghost Adventures alot more then some of the other Para Shows on the Tube, Though I wished someone in the US would pick up Ghost Chicks. When I do a public ghost hunt it will always cost me anywhere from 60 to 100 bucks. Waverly Hills and Trans-Allegheny where $100 bucks apiece will the Upcoming stay at Moundsville Prison ran only $60 bucks and that does include a snack and coffee. I have yet to sneak into anywhere to hunt or Investigate a place since I would either get shot and get a chance to be a ghost to hunt or get hauled downtown to the county jail. I have saw alot of pla
  6. I will be doing Moundsville Prison in West Virginia on Saturday May 29th followed by a return visit to Trans-Allegheny the following Saturday (June 5th). I was at Waverly Hills in March but had looked at doing it again in Oct but the place is sold out for the rest of the year. It is great that alot of the money that is taken in by these places are put right back into restoring the places. I will say at one time I was a huge skeptic of this stuff but over the last six months or so I have changed my mind. I recall seeing some show about ghost hunting and thought to myself you have to be a
  7. So another month rolls by and another ghost hunt is in the books. The month of April has me traveling to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV. via I305 (Coaster related part of TR).This is a massive place to say the least. It contains a number of buildings but the Hunt that I was doing tonight was in the main building on all four floors. It was an investigation to remember to say the least. The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, subsequently the Weston State Hospital, operated from 1864 until 1994 when it was closed down. The hospital's main building is one of the largest hand-cut
  8. It was misting rain about all night the night I was there. As a matter afact it rain from the time I left the house in NC for the drive up and rained all the way back. The reflection off of the water vapors when the camera flashed is the result of the 'orbs' in some of the pictures. I will say that I do not really vest alot of faith in 'orbs'. Orbs alot of times are just the reflection of the flash off of rain or dust in the air. The Waverly is a pretty dusty place and when you have about 40 people walking around it stirs up the dust. But they do make some pretty cool pictures but I do no
  9. I cleared this with Robb before anyone asks and yes it is not Amusement Park related but there is one right down the road from Waverly Hills though. Close enough? I went on a ghost hunt at the place that is billed as the most haunted place in the US, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville, Kentucky. I know some of you have saw this place on varies Paranormal Shows such as Ghost Hunters when they did a Halloween Live Telecast afew years back. It is known to be the holy grail to Paranormal Investigators. It is a place that I intend to revisit atleast once more this year. Befo
  10. Atleast credit the pics if you are going to use someone else's pic.
  11. Figured I would go ahead and close this thread out since I decided against going to The Haunt at Knotts Sunday evening and my Disney pics do not fit the topic. I will say that doing both Halloween Horror Nights in consecutive nights was great. I think next year trek will include abit more but you can count on me doing them both in consecutive nights again, though I might start out in California so I can try to hit Scary Farm on a Wednesday night. I might even include hitting some other haunts or even stopping in the big Easy on the way to Cali for some real haunted places. I was asked
  12. After an early morning flight to LAX and checking into the hotel, I was off to Universal Hollywood. I was also doing the RIP Tour here. I have to say that this version of the RIP Tour is alot better than the Orlando version. It was abit more than the one in Orlando, but this one came with a meal that was served in a black casket. It was a great touch and the meal was pretty dang good also. Also had the added bonus of visiting some of the sets in the back lot before heading to the Terror Tram. We visited the set of Ghost Whisperers and where told some ghost stories. We stopped at the prop g
  13. It seems each year this trek gets abit bigger. Last year it went from Orlando to San Antonio, but I came up with a wild idea of doing both Halloween Horror Nights (Orlando and Hollywood) in consecutive nights. So once that was decided I added the Haunt at Knott's and hanging out at Disney during the day. So I left Charlotte Wednesday afternoon to see some old friends of mine that I had not saw in a month of sundays that night and thursday morning. Always great to catch up and talk about old times. I had elected to do the RIP Tour this year, instead of front of the line passes like prev
  14. Can not wait to do both events (Orlando and Hollywood) in back to back nights this Thursday and Friday. I look forward in seeing how each are alike and how each are different.
  15. So the second part of the weekend was attending Lone Star Coasterthon at Six Flags Over Texas. I have been to this park sponsored event afew times. I have found that Events in Texas are well worth going to. I only took afew inside the park pics but was treated to a behind the scene tour as part of the event. Hope you folks enjoy the last set of pics. Nothing like a morning ride on the Judge to get things going. Parting shot of the station Bet the skyline here will change for 2008 Looks like Mr Freeze is up next Good old Shockwave still the best co
  16. I rode it this past Thursday afternoon into evening. I think it is a great addition to Kemah and I hope the Boardwalk grows over time. I thought the area was pretty nice.
  17. One of the many things I do each year is head off to Texas for either Lone Star Coasterthon (SFOT) or Fiesta Fest (SFFT). Since Fiesta is a week later this year, I decided to head down for LSCT this year. I had been watching the progress of the Gravity Group coaster being built at Kemah Boardwalk down the road from Houston. I had hope that the Boardwalk Bullet would be open by the time I took the silver bird down to Dallas and even added an extra day to my trip to go there. I was pleased to see that it opened about a week before my trip. I got into Dallas around 9:40 and picked up the ren
  18. Welcome to Seneca Falls, NY, home of Shadybrook Hospital. Click on concession stand to view some snow cones and some keys. The Keys are clickable. It is easy to figure out how to get on the bus and enjoy some Christmas songs and killings.
  19. The 'After Dark' tent has become clickable in the Carnival. To solve the puzzle, just look at the stamp on the map. Line that symbol up and you will have your info on the 'Vampire Raves'. Letter and the cell phone are clickable. Make sure you give the letter time to translate itself into english.
  20. As promised, here is some of the pics I took that have been on my site hidden for the last few months. Some turned out abit unique, but sorta out there. Not the best of pics since alot where shot in the dark and I have not mastered that are of this camera yet. Hope it was worth the wait. Sidewinder is right there Blurry pic of bottom of lift Lift Elevator Exit of first lift First Lift For the Lift Motor Lovers out there Bend before first lift. Bit blurry I know but has a cool effect to it. Seems someone had been here before. Inside the first oart of mine The G
  21. Guess he wants some of that 'proof is in the pudding' type of thing. Be patient grasshopper and you will have some.
  22. This is not a rumor so I do not think it belongs in that rumor thread. Better get out and take a spin on it before then.
  23. Seems the first piece of the Carnival Of Carnage is coming to life. I noticed you can click on the 'What Is It' Trailer that is hooked to the red truck. It brings up a keypad that you can enter 4 numbers on. I tried a few key date but was not to successful in finding the correct code till I tried 3113 and it opens the cage up so to speak. You will learn abit about the back story of the new Outpost 3113 and Dr. Richard West. Seems human trails has just began. Also some more clickable things have appeared on the map along with some new things added to map.
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