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  1. Due to my little detour through the city, I was not able to hit all the parks as planned for I only hit one more park. I got to Keansburg around 9pm and got enough tickets to ride the coaster and I did not take my camera with me into this park since it was dark and was my newest camera. I had not mastered it yet. Now come saturday morning and Great Adventure was the only park for today since something took place at one of the offices that heeded me to take care of. So it was just Great Adventure for the day and well short of the planned 400 coaster for me. Just give me a great excuse to tr
  2. left Rye in enough time to hit the other 4 parks I had planned for the day. I had the GPS fired up giving some great direction till.....that one wrong right turn. That one wrong turn put me in what I have called the Tour De Manhattan. Let's just say it took me almost three hours to get righted in the right direction and traffic in the city is alot worse than I have heard. It cost me 13.50 in tolls to get back into Jersey. Will not be visiting the city of New York for about a million years. I arrived at Bowcraft around 6:30 or so. They had two coasters and I was not sure if I could 'Whore'
  3. Next up was Rye Playland on the day. This was park #2 for the day after a short drive to it from Adventureland. I knew once I walked in that it was going to be hard to just stay awhile. I ended up staying two fun filled hours here. I know the next time I am in the area that I am dropping back in. It sorta reminded me of Lakeside in Denver. It is ashame that they are taking two of the dark rides out after this year. I was denied the Olde Mill since you can not ride it with just one person now. So I guess that is a great excuse to go back to it and on to the pics. The Ferris Wheel The
  4. Since this is the first post in this ongoing thread, I will fill the back story abit. I was going on this Quest to find #400. I got a great deal on a flight on Delta to White Plains, NY. But as with a number of trips this year, Delta decided that it was axing the flight I was on going out Thursday morning. I decided that was not stopping me plus I had use Priceline for my hotels and was not going to eat those rooms. No use in throwing some greenbacks away. I picked up a rental at the local excuse of an airport and headed out later than I had planned Thursday morning. I was making up time t
  5. Does your card have any other symbols on it? Such as Plus or Interlink? Is it just a debit card or is it a visa checkcard? Have you contacted your bank and asked them about this. I am sure they would have an idea if you can use it in Germany. If they do not then it might be time to find another bank. When I was stationed there in the late 90's I found ATM all over the place. There are a number of them in the airport that you are flying into. It has been a number of years since I have been in Germany. But it might be a great idea to take Traveler's Checks with you. You will find it alo
  6. Seems someone takes their job abit to serious. It is wonderful that you are that caught up in your job that much but you are telling me that the On-Ride Booth Nazies can get someone kicked out of the park for such a minor thing. That is pretty laughable if you ask me. Nice pics guys. Looks like everyone had a great time.
  7. What about the one at Camden Park in West Virginia. If I am not mistaken that is also a Pretzel.
  8. The Scramble was inside a building next to that Mine Type Ride (Walk Through Dark Ride Type). If you get off the Chair Lift and turn left and head to the lowest part of the Park (I think it was called Mine Town), It was in the building to your left. It was the first one I ever rode in the dark when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Will be great to see what the place looks like on the 25th. And nice pics also Wes.
  9. FYI: Any pics that where took inside the mine that where not already out there are not to be posted. If you would take the time to look around the net, I am sure you would see that all the pics I have in this PTR are already out there and cleared everyone that I posted for people's enjoyment. So I just reposted what was already out there.
  10. Yes there is only two inversion in the ride. You will just have to wait and see what was added since you where there Kraken613. No need to spoil it for you.
  11. You rode the Mine before everything was turned on kraken613. There was alot of areas that where black or just half on till the official opening on the 13th of April. Also I noticed afew new things that where not on for Media Day that was on this past saturday. Maybe a return visit is in order for you then?
  12. I guess I will be seeing you this coming saturday Jarvis. Not sure when the last time you where up there but some new additions have been added to the mine. And as for request for me sending a link to see the inside pics, I will not be doing that. You will have to wait till mid to late summer for those pics, but I am sure someone else will post theirs before then.
  13. For the third time in little over three weeks, I was back at Dollywood. I was there for an event this time around. DAFE was having their Great Smokey Mountain Haunted Mystery Tour this weekend. I was only doing the Dollywood part since I had way to much blasted paperwork to catch up on and it was the Spring Rod Run in Town. I had noticed on the drive in that it looked like every hotel was packed to the seams. I had zero plans on leaving back through town since I got caught up in this very Rod Run afew years back and it took a mere hour to go one block. I had found a back road way out of D
  14. I did not get alot of shots inside the station when Dolly was in there. I will pm you a link to see those pics.
  15. Great Tp Wes. Was great seeing you again, though it was only for afew minutes.
  16. I did look for you Johnny, but never did see you. There was a great amount of people there it seemed to me. I look forward to seeing your pics and your Trip Report.
  17. I was lucky enough to attend Mystery Mines Media Day at Dollywood. The ride has been under a soft opening since the park opened for the season. Today was the first day that every thing in and outside the mine was turned on. So you folks that rode it before today and thought there was places in the ride that was dark, then now you can ride it with the full effect of it. That is if you do not mind the traffic and lines. I am not really going to go into alot of detail about the ride and stuff for I have a review to finish up for Coasterfanatics.com. I am sure you will see afew more PTR in the
  18. She went to the train storage area that is located under the station. Her and afew miners rode the train up using the train elevator lift to kick Media Day off. Will get a PTR up in abit for your viewing pleasure.
  19. I would say around 2 minutes and 30 seconds if I was a betting man.
  20. Never saw anyone compare a Dollywood Show to a show at Epcot. Guess there is always a first for everything, but nice pics you took.
  21. Great pics and I did enjoy the vids. Almost makes me want to head back up there sometimes this week. It was great catching up with you while you where in line Saturday. Hope you enjoy your trip back there in afew weeks.
  22. I decided to take a trip up to Dollywood since I knew Mystery Mine would be open. I am not going to give away any spoilers on the ride. It might take away from the ride if you knew what was inside, but there is light at the end of the Tunnel. All in all I think the park has a huge hit on their hands. The ride had a huge line when I left to head back to the house. I would say atleast 45 minutes and everyone knows that is a big line for the park. The ride ops where on the ball though. Enjoy! It's pretty bad-ass looking! (This picture was from a couple of months ago) What is a
  23. Here is about 10 pages of pics from when the Media was invited the other week. Mystery Mine Pics Please note that I did not take these pics and did not post these. Just passing the info along.
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