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  1. For those who don't know, I believe the three water effects that were not running were the water cannons. This other one that goes over the canyon isn't exactly a water canyon. I was at CP this thursday and they were testing the water cannons. The lagoon wasn't filled, but I had seen these same water cannons before. They have a loud noise and shoot water up a good 20 feet at least. They were working on timing them, but they were still terribly off. The first two went off way too late, and the third was just a little bit behind the train. I'm so bummed that the ride opened two days after I was there. I cam home that night, and noticed Cedar Point had posted that Maverick would be opening Saturday. Chances are I won't make it back there again this year.
  2. $3.17 at Meijer. All other stations nearby were at $3.30. I had it wait in a line to get it, but it was worth saving a few bucks. I'm going to be riding my bike everywhere I can this summer. I really need to find myself a decent summer job too. I've applied all over the place, and can't find a thing. Stupid Detroit economy.
  3. I like the joke, and I somewhat understand. If you were doing it as joke, and not doing it to piss people off, I would be all for it. I'm in one of the top marching bands in Michigan, and we still goof around. Most band people have a sense of humor, believe it or not. Band has a shitty stereotype as it is. Many thanks to movie such as American Pie for making band look completely retarded. In reality, it's nothing like it. If the band doesn't make fun of you, don't make fun of them. Thank you very much.
  4. Perhaps those would trim off speed if there was a rollback.
  5. I really like the signage. The animals remind me of the Gwazi sign at BGA. Very colorful.
  6. I often eat at the Marketplace all-you-can-eat place at Cedar Point. It's not much more than the regular meals. You can get some decent food and you won't have to deal about small portions. I'm surprised they built a Coasters so fast. I'd bet it's exactly the same as the one they built in Michigan's Adventure last year. I'm sure they'll "cookie cutter" them into the other Paramount parks within the next few years.
  7. I hope they trash the "It's gonna be great!" song that they play at the entrance for next year. It's soo annoying. For those who don't know, it's the song in the commercial geauga used it's first year with Cedar Fair. The two parks for the price of one slogan is also used at Michigan's Adventure and it might be used at Dorney park. It's nothing special, but it's way better than "It's gonna be fun!" or "What a surprise!" Hopefully they will come up with a new, les annoying song. I pray it's nothing like MIA's song using the same slogan. That song makes me want to strangle something.
  8. Does anyone happen to have video of all five answers in the Theme Park category. I want to know if I knew all of them
  9. Yeah. That looks about right, except I think the release said it would be ORANGE track. Could be wrong though. Oh well, I'm really pumped for FireHawk, even if it ISNT the "good" flyer. I have always wanted to ride X-Flight, and now it's moved to my homepark with a kick a$$ name. Stealth is actually slightly shorter. On Stealth, the track makes one last right turn before the final brake run. On X-Flight/FireHawk, there is a helix there. The helix is my favorite part of the ride. It gives you the "flying like a superhero" feeling.
  10. This ride would be very difficult to build and maintain, as always mentioned. To build it right, you would have to take into account every single object on the "table" and how it would effect the flow of the water. If certain objects change the current too much, areas of the table would be nearly impossible to access. There are too many places for the design to go wrong.
  11. Nice... The layout reminds me of a mix between that of Dominator and Mantis.
  12. I think a new Kongfrontation featured after the Peter Jackson film would be amazing. Imagine what they could do with today's technology. The Yeti x 10!!!
  13. Look at the B&M Dive Machine. Seemingly extinct, Sheikra is built. It has only been three years since one was built? Anything can happen.
  14. Along the lines of CP, it would be smarter to just build the garage at the location of the current lot. As for SFMM. I highly doubt this will happen. Pertaining to Scream at SFMM and Medusa at SFMW, I can see them taking an easy fix this year by simply covering the lot with mulch.
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