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  1. ^ That's a GREAT story ... Gregg "Wonder what will happen the first time I meet Dave" C.
  2. I don't like alot of those sites becuase they get too technical. If there is one little section of your ride that may be over the G's you people go off. If you don't use the latest Scenery objects, etc, people go off. I prefer to just build good tracks and if people have a problem with that, it's their problem.
  3. We used the Q-bot at SFOT last year and it was great. We are going to SFOG in April and since we only have about 4 hours in the park we are going for the Q-bot Gold so we can make sure we get everything in, plus multiple rides on S:UF, GASM and others.
  4. Not to speak for them, but I'm sure they will arrange some meets during some of their trips. Of course, they really aren't all that fun to hang with.
  5. April: Dollywood/SFOG May (Was supposed to be): But, because of the kids school stuff we will be doing instead: Bay Area Trip: PGA, SFMW, SCBB, Bonfante (and Frisco stuff) November: WDW, IOA, SWO, BGT There will also be the normal SFMM, Knott's, SWSD, LegoLand days. We will hopefully get to Castle Park and the smaller SoCal parks this year as well. I don't know if we will actually get to Disneyland this year or not. Gregg "Who would like to do 1 other small trip this year" C.
  6. Dude, SSL rocked!!! I would have to say either Kingdom of the Dinosaurs or Journey to Atlantis (San Diego). Not because they were necessarily so bad, but they had so much wasted potential.
  7. ^ You don't want to know ... igsmile: Gregg "I was 3,000 miles away and heard about you" C. j/k ...
  8. Gregg: Camarillo, CA I guess "Technically" SFMM is my home park, although USH is about the same distance.
  9. Checked out the park today, I kinda liked it. Cool idea for the Sky Coaster too ...
  10. I don't think so ... too bad. They should have more.
  11. http://www.aws.com/wxcomm/commercial/ccam.asp?sid=LKBNV&siz=s Well, it's on the Swan Hotel, but you can see Epcot, well, mostly Spaceship Earth. Enjoy.
  12. I just picked the one I am going to ride this year ... Sheikra ... I still wish I was going to ride Powder Keg this year ...
  13. God I hated Algebra, and math as a whole. Of course, I got a job working with numbers, and now my job is training people to work with numbers. How's that for irony. Gregg "Has no idea what FOIL is" C.
  14. You know, I made that park like a year ago, and haven't really done anything on RCT2 until this week. I am at work right now, but I will look in the morning and post it here.
  15. ^ Well, that's what the website says ... I'm thinking Kristi and I need to get some too for when we go in November. Gregg "We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary" C.
  16. They are a band ... I have heard them ... Don't have any of their albums though ... Gregg "5 points for me" C.
  17. If you will not be going to Disneyland until then you can buy them online at the LaughingPlace store. http://laughingplacestore.com Just search for Mickey ears and you will find them. They are there and are $17.34 each. You will have them in a week.
  18. I hope to get down there to ride it before our AP's expire in June. If not we can just let them go another month. Gregg "I love E-Z Pay" C.
  19. ^you are just like me now after 10 years, you match your clothes to your underwear...I am so proud!!! Kristi "this thread could be interesting!" C.
  20. I haven't been to many parks, but I would have to say my favorite would be Disneyland and for SF parks Fiesta Texas is my favorite. Kristi "looking forward to WDW and all the Florida parks in November!!" C.
  21. Just answer the question already: Shirt: Wellpoint Health Networks Polo Pants: Old Navy Cargo Shoes: Black Socks: White Underwear: Black
  22. Just answer the question already: Shirt: Wellpoint Health Networks Polo Pants: Old Navy Cargo Shoes: Black Socks: White Underwear: Black
  23. ^ We pretty much stuck with the same philosophy. We were kind of lucky in the fact that we are on SoCal and were able to let Disneyland be the first place where our kids experienced coasters. They were riding the Matterhorn at 3, Big Thunder and Space Mtn. at 4. Our oldest went on her first looping coaster (California Screamin') just after her 7th birthday and hasn't looked back since. The only ride that ever really scared her was Indiana Jones at Disneyland. She is now 8 and has been on some pretty intense coasters. Her next obstacle will be Xcelerator at Knott's since she is not 52". On our trip to TX last year our youngest had some chances to go on some looping coasters at age 6 (because of the lower height requirements). He has always been the more timid of the 2 and opted not to. But he did get on his first woodie (Judge Roy Scream) and a few other "Big" rides. Now, when he hits that 48" mark (soon I hope) he wants to try some of the "Bigger" rides at SFMM. So it just depends on the child. Don't force your kids on a ride (I almost did this once and hated myself for it). If they don't want to go, even though you have paid all this money for a trip, don't force them. That's the most important thing. I would start them off on kiddie coasters, then move up to things like a Mine Train, roller skaters or even Suspended coasters. (Our son LOVES Ninja at SFMM). Then I would say woodies, they are non inverting and generally have tame parts (well, the ones I have been on). And when they are ready, take them on single looping coasters. Most important, have fun.
  24. That I have been on: Superman Tower of Power at Six Flags over Texas But I think I will like: This bad boy better when I ride it in April. Gregg "Photo's courtesy of Theme Park Review" C.
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