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  1. Cedar Point is thinking?? Hmmmmm... No one liked Top Thrill Dragster.....What the heck...lets build another Rocket coaster with our loose change! ''Good Idea'' -Matt
  2. Cheers! I'll try get some more online ASAP! I have some really good designs Available if you want to see them anytime! -Matt
  3. Yeah I must admit that Nemesis is the best inverter out there and most certainally it must be in the top 5 of rollercoasters in the world. I Don't seem why Vekomas get bashed so much. I mean yeah there rough but benefit so many Parks that Can't afford a B+M, And some of there rides are brillient. Take Odyessy at Fantasy Island In Skegness UK?! The massive 170ft SLC. Yeah its rough. But wont give you a headache. And I can tell you now. Its a amazing ride and You will never find a More powerful coaster, When that thing reaches the bottom of the Drop and heads towards the loop is an amazing G-Force and its such a loveable ride! Amoungest all the roumours that ride only cost £8million. Based on that I live just 4 Miles away from it and ride it every summer. So yeah B+M's are top quality rides. And Nemesis is the best Inverted coaster. But ride Odyessy remembering it has a 130ft tall loop and 115ft cobra roll and then give your opinions on Nemesis lol. Might be rough buts its an amazing ride which I think can be compared to Nemesis.
  4. Hey people! On the 15th October I'm doing a skydive for charity. Jumping out of a plane at 15 thousand foot is something I've always wanted to do. I've raised over £3000 now for cancer research UK, Mainly because my family have had cancer and it is a very well known charity in the UK so more people will sponser me. So I was in the newspaper asking for sponsership and the trip that I'm going on with you people kinda got advertised. Its nothing much but something to talk about. Read the articalle for more lol. Most people say they will sponser me double if my parachute does not open or triple if I jump without a parachute and money raised will go towards my funeral lol! Has anyone ever done a skydive to give me some examples of what it is like? Anyway wish me luck! -Matt The bit where the trip is mention is marked by the black box!! The first part as the whole lot was a to bigger file lol!
  5. Hey guys! I Will be comming on the trip....''The whole tour''. I will be coming to heathrow to catch the coach! But how do I find you or the coach in such a large place! Will there be directions to where you are parked, icons, banners etc! please help! -Matt
  6. OMG! Can you beleive this....No dis-respect....But because of the recent events happening in america due to the hurricane! Our Petrol Prices has rose to £1.05 a litre. How much are you guys in america paying for just 1 ''litre'' And what you think of the price inflation? -Matt
  7. This is my latest Coaster! Its a Intamin rocket coaster that has speeds of 100mph and peaks at 350ft! Enjoy! Please post your comments and be sure to check out my 2 previous designs on this forum! more to come very soon including Matts Track pack which consists of 10 rollercoasters! Lambretta.nltrack
  8. This is me in my last school year! Me The best bunch of mates a lad could ask for!
  9. Hi Robb, Ellisa and other members! I am very happy to see that you have done so well and attracted so many members on this forum. BUT........This does not mean to sound nasty or anything but do you think that westcoaster is going to lose its popularity it has gained over past 2 years because you have opened this forum? what do you think the effects might be on both forums?
  10. Hey glad you liked me rollercoaster! I dont really know what to call the twisty thing at the end because I made it myself! If you want to come up with a name for it please do so as its open to ideas! Theres plenty more to come!
  11. Kinda stright forward name for this coaster! I'm running out of names for them all Enjoy Intamin.nltrack No limits-Intamin
  12. Heres my Rollercoaster! this one has won awards on many websites. Terminator.nltrack
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