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  1. I really like the concept of it, but the OTSR's seem really unnecessary. Take those out and you'd have a very good ride.
  2. Looks like you might be changing your avatar soon, ha ha...
  3. I saw this website showing ten awesome coasters after searching up for weird knockoff coasters. Number 2 was Kingda Ka. Here's the stupid part: "2. King Da Ka The King Da Ka is a knockoff mega coaster of the Dragster at Cedar Point." Kingda Ka? Knockoff??
  4. Pretty much all the music at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. I also love Helix as well.
  5. I'm not liking the sound of this "ripping up Ripsaw" thing. I'd love this ride to stay a lot longer. If Ripsaw really was taken down, then this park would only have one flat ride (Enterprise). So, I'm not liking the sound of taking down any ride for 2016 if they're not going to replace it with something good. I'd rather see a new flat ride and/or the rumoured improvements to Air.
  6. I watched the new Star Wars film, but I actually kind of liked it. But I did find the ending a bit 'meh'.
  7. -Pretending a kiddie coaster is the scariest ride in the world -Wimping out on Slammer a few years ago -Wearing an Arsenal shirt -Being sick on a ride -Arguing -Crying I feel really embarrassed while doing this.
  8. If this VR stuff ends up happening, shouldn't it be optional to have VR or not? So, the people who don't like the idea of VR on Air, can just experience the coaster normally without VR.
  9. Feces. The world's smallest feces! Would you rather change your surname to Beiber or Minaj?
  10. Is it just me or the word "enterprising" seriously reminds me of the Enterprise ride? (Yes, that's me with the username "The Smiler". This game I play had a Halloween update where they changed the names of certain guns. It put in chat what guns we won and apparently they didn't code it correctly...)
  11. -Is a spinning coaster -Opened in 2008 -Cost over $6,000,000 Next: Rita at Alton Towers
  12. When the metal Europium reminds you of Europa Park. The name just looks similar.
  13. SFMM Enlightenment Leader. This guy HAS to be trolling. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqt7ZqZP3wZZk-BLpSf7ZAg/videos "Air claims to be the first flying coaster, but we all know Tatsu is" "The Smiler is in a lesser park" "Maverick's track ripped off Green Lantern's track" "Corkscrew at Cedar Point rips off Viper" "Dominator at Kings Dominion claims to be the longest floorless in the world, but we all know Scream is" "Raptor at Cedar Point ripped off Batman: The Ride at SFMM" "Tower of Terror 2 has a Lex Luthor rip-off on the side of it" "Mantis at Cedar Point rips off Riddler's Revenge" He has GOT to be trolling. There is NO way he isn't trolling.
  14. I actually didn't stop being friends with him because of coasters, but because he just started to get super annoying at times. Before the coaster argument, he was quite annoying as well. It's not because of the coaster.
  15. *watching a video of the fastest roller coasters in the world* *the intro is a video of the Goliath RMC* 12 year old kid: "Is that Thorpe Park?" (a few years ago) *discussing theme parks* A 13-14 year old kid tries to convince me that Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park (a large travelling fair) is a theme park. I was having none of it. He went on and on about it. This was a couple of years ago. *discussing theme parks (again)* A 14-15 year old kid: "I went to Busch Gardens one day and rode the Cheetah" Me: "Which Busch Gardens?" Kid: "What are you talking about? I went to Busch Gardens!" Me: "There are two Busch Gardens parks, Busch Gardens Tampa and Busch Gardens Williamsburg." Kid: "No, there's only Busch Gardens!!!!!" Me: *sigh* "There are two Busch Gardens parks. Also, it's not Cheetah, it's Cheetah HUNT." Kid: "NO! THE RIDE IS ONLY CALLED CHEETAH!" Me: "It's called Cheetah HUNT and it's at Busch Gardens Tampa." Kid: "You know nothing about roller coasters. I went to Busch Gardens and rode the Cheetah." Me: "First of all, I'm the guy who knows more. Second of all, it's Busch Gardens TAMPA. Third of all, it's Cheetah HUNT. There you go, you learnt something today!" *walks away* Kid: "YOU'RE WRONG!!!" I used, USED to be friends with him. And this false information miscalculating the inversions: That goes to The Smiler, thank you.
  16. My main weaknesses are the inflatables and trampolines. I started feeling sick on the inflatables after I slid down an inflatable slide in the rain and ended up crashing off the slide, on the grass and eventually hitting my head on that pointless metal railing thing, chipping a bit off my teeth. I was once sick on a trampoline. This was immediately after a ~5 minute ride on a Waltzer (only one other person was on) and then on the trampoline, BOOM. And when I do go on the inflatables, I can only do two or three slides, or about three minutes in the castle.
  17. Fireball, this is my least favourite ride in the park (Adventure Island). It does the same thing over and over and over and over again and the ride time is like half an hour. It got to the point where I had to say stop to get myself off the ride, because when you go down you get this really horrible sick feeling.
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