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  1. Rate the item from 0-10. Then post an item, and the next person repeats the cycle. 0 is the worst and 10 is the best. Remember this: Do not do things that are inevitable 0s or 10s. Here is a reference: 0: Worst. Thing. Ever!!! 1: Really hate it!! 2: Hate it! 3: Dislike it. 4: Kinda dislike it. 5: Okay. 6: Kinda like it. 7: Like it. 8: Love it! 9: Really love it!! 10: Best thing ever!!! Please make sure your options have a resemblance of sense. Do not make them nonsensical. I would encourage you to post a variety of options, not just options that are clear 0's or 10's. Moderators or admins, feel free to edit or add rules. EDIT: I forgot to add this. Not everything has to relate to amusement parks. You can do ANYTHING! Here is an example: Poster 1: Planes Poster 2: 6/10. Pizza Poster 3: 5/10. Minecraft And so on. We will start with Jazz music.
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