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  1. There is a vest that you put on like a jacket. You sit back in the reclined seat and put your left arm through the left side and your right arm through the right side. There are clasps that connect the front I believe. It is very similar to putting on an actual vest. Then there is also a lap bar that is a T bar I think with something to secure your ankles as well. I think I got that right. The restraints are complex and why it takes a half hour to get on the ride when the line isn't even out of the station.
  2. I have to ask why. Are the bunny hops too violent for your taste? They are kind of abrupt.
  3. Compared to GASM at the same park, I found the Georiga Cyclone to be a fun and intense wooden coaster with great drops and laterals. Proof that a good woodie doesn't need airtime to be a must-ride. Then again, I usually skip wooden coasters, I just don't find them as much fun. They are good (and sometimes excellent) rides, just not my style. Georgia Cyclone has intense ejector air if you sit anywhere in the second half of the train. The airtime is almost too much on some drops, but it's great if you like intense. I would consider GASM a better woodie by far still, but some people hate it. If you avoid the back seat of any car and ride it once it has warmed up, it is smooth and provides floater air and some ejector air. The wheel seats will ruin the ride but the middle of the back car is awesome.
  4. High Roller at Valleyfair At least there is one! Hasn't High Roller been trimmed in recent years though? It just seems like Cedar Fair does a really good job at ruining classic woodies.
  5. Really bummed the buzz bars will be gone. I feel like every classic coaster needs to maintain buzz bars or whatever classic restraint system they had. Are any woodies left in the CF chain with buzz bars? I am so glad Great American Scream Machine has buzz bars still, it makes for wonderful airtime instead of feeling pinned down by an oddly shaped lap bar.
  6. I prefer airtime over inversions and while there are some amazing inverting coasters, I still would probably like them if some of the inversions were replaced with airtime producing hills/hops. Ex. Maverick, it is an amazing coaster (one of the best in my opinion) but I would probably like it more if it had more airtime moments and fewer inversions, making it more like Skyrush.
  7. When did you last ride it? I agree that it used to be unbearably rough but with the topper track in the first portion and the new wood elsewhere I just find it moderately rough and VERY intense now. I would love if they kept it as is, and just ran the topper track through the remainder of the course. It runs beautifully on that stuff.
  8. I feel like this is more true on Apollo's Chariot than almost any other coaster. When I visited the park last time I had Quick Queue and opted to wait in the normal line every time since they only let you ride row 2 with Quick Queue and honestly this ride is probably my least favorite B&M hyper in the 2nd row but very good in the back.
  9. I've been on a lot of roller coasters, and for me there are 2 that are far more intense than any other intense coaster... I-305 (In a bad way, I completely black out on this ride and it is extremely discomforting as much as I wish I could enjoy it. I never come back until the ride is halfway through) Skyrush (In the best way! I absolutely love this coaster, just wish the restraint could be flat on my legs instead of having that awkward pressure point) Vintage shout out to Mindbender at SFOG. The "horizontal loop" is ridiculous, as is the final vertical loop.
  10. ^I rode a Mondial Top Scan at the Georgia National Fair and it was the best flat ride I have ever been on possibly. Crazy intense and fun.
  11. ^I will try to! I have a full trip report from last year but I never posted it I was thoroughly impressed last year, even after having just been at Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas. I was shocked how well Six Flags pulled the event off. I really had no complaints and was just impressed for the most part. It should just be better this year with almost the entire park open.
  12. Heading over to Holiday In The Park tonight. Really excited to see the additions to this season's HITP considering how impressed I already was last year.
  13. I would have to agree. Although they do spend more than Six Flags occasionally on a park, I do like how Six Flags consistently adds a new ride to every park every year, along with general improvements especially to parks that don't get huge additions. If you have a Six Flags as a home park you don't get those "we are doing nothing for next season" years.
  14. Hours show 10:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. on their website. They probably said 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. because those are the hours currently until Holiday in the Park starts. Friday, November 27 10:30am to 8:00pm Saturday, November 28 10:30am to 8:00pm Sunday, November 29 10:30am to 8:00pm Saturday, December 5 10:30am to 8:00pm Sunday, December 6 10:30am to 8:00pm Saturday, December 12 10:30am to 8:00pm Sunday, December 13 10:30am to 8:00pm Saturday, December 19 10:30am to 8:00pm Sunday, December 20 10:30am to 8:00pm Monday, December 21 10:30am to 8:00pm Tuesday, December 22 10:30am to 8:00pm Wednesday, December 23 10:30am to 8:00pm Thursday, December 24 10:30am to 8:00pm Saturday, December 26 10:30am to 8:00pm Sunday, December 27 10:30am to 8:00pm Monday, December 28 10:30am to 8:00pm Tuesday, December 29 10:30am to 8:00pm Wednesday, December 30 10:30am to 8:00pm Thursday, December 31 10:30am to 8:00pm I find it surprising that Over Georgia has a significantly better HITP schedule (Although SFMM does open much earlier in the day), being open more days and always until 10pm. Usually SFMM has the most extensive hours in the chain, or so it seems. I feel like closing a holiday lights event at 8pm leaves a bit to be desired.
  15. Six Flags Over Georgia A toss up between Goliath and Mindbender I'm not sure which is better, the recent B&M hyper (which is my favorite B&M hyper and I would say it is the most forceful as well) or Anton's classic Mindbender, which may be his best work (or close to it).
  16. I still think Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia is awesome. It isn't rough to me and the layout is unique and very intense. Vekoma GIBs are also awesome and I miss riding them.
  17. ^The hours for HITP are on SFOG's website and I think if you plan it right you will be fine. The days/hours are great this year. Even better than last year. They are doing 10pm closing every day of the event instead of dropping it to 8pm after Christmas. So many good slower days to go to the park in that schedule!
  18. The lights look great! It seems like Six Flags does a great job with Holiday In The Park chain-wide. Six Flags Over Georgia introduced the event last winter and I was honestly amazed at the quality of the lights, food, shows, and themes. I had gone to Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood a week earlier and was still very impressed by Six Flags. Looks like SFGAdv will be impressive as well! I hope the coasters run well during the event. Here in Atlanta it is warmer, but even with SFOG's ridiculous "50+ temps" policy, they ran all the rides and coasters even when the temperatures dropped to the high 30s. I can't wait to see some trip reports!
  19. This is the perfect replacement and will make me stop by Beech Bend again next year even though I was just there. I actually really enjoyed the Dragon coaster. It was terrifying and honestly I am not that surprised by the incident. I rode it a few weeks prior and in the back car, at the bottom of the helix, the entire thing was just going all over the place, which I am used to with quirky kiddie coasters, but the feeling was much stranger than what I was used to.
  20. ^I'll try to provide some insight. I hope you enjoy the park. I was really impressed with Holiday In The Park last year. The park events page goes into detail about what to expect during HITP so I really suggest you check that out. I spoke with Dale (park president) earlier this year and he claimed the entire park will be open, but so far they have only announced some new additions, and some rides at this time look like they will still be closed. 1. Every ride in the park should be open except for The Great American Scream Machine, Canyon Blaster, Ninja, and Sky Screamer (I may be forgetting a few, and of course water rides will be closed). The rest of the park should be open, including all of Gotham City this year. Superman isn't included in the list of rides operating but it was added to the line up last year so I assume it will be included this year as well. The park claimed last year that they do not run rides under 50 degrees (crazy!) but last year every coaster in the park remained open even when the temperature dropped into the high 30s. 2. Last year the park was open 4pm-10pm until Christmas, and then 2pm-8pm after Christmas. This year it will be 4pm-10pm before Christmas and 2pm-10pm after, so I would suggest going after Christmas. The last weekend of operation after New Years was awesome last year. No lines. Since the park is open until 10pm those days now, that gives plenty of time to enjoy the lights which are impressive. Night rides are great too. 3. If you arrive at opening go straight to Dare Devil Dive. The line almost always exceeds 45 minutes even on slow days. I would also suggest hitting the attractions in Gotham City right after that because they occasionally get long lines and Mindbender often runs one train. Hopefully the park won't be too busy when you go and you won't have to worry about it.
  21. It should not be allowed and most if not all major parks have a policy against it, which I appreciate. Just think, if everyone decided it was ok to leave line for food/bathroom/etc or join the rest of their party that got in line earlier, there would be a constant stream of people getting in front of you and you would never ride. Almost all guests completely ignore it, but I refuse to let people by, and I tell them exactly why. If they do it anyways, I have the line jumper reporting hotline in my contact list and I report them, and every single time security kicks them off the ride and sometimes out of the park. Six Flags Over Georgia is really good at responding to line jumper reports.
  22. The B&M Gigacoaster that Wonderland has is 3 years old, and a quick check of rcdb shows that there are 15 other roller coasters in the park. CF really needs to step up a notch, more than half its parks desperately need coasters. Same situation with Six Flags but not as bad. MiA KD VF Dorney WoF Knott's The Great Escape La Ronde SFStL SFA SFOG SFOT I honestly don't think SFOG needs a new coaster that desperately. It has been a 5 years as of next season, but DDD is a huge hit with the crowd and Goliath is as impressive to people as it was in 2006 really. I hope they do add a coaster soon but I feel like if they didn't for 3 more years, no one would really notice still. Crossing my fingers for something custom that doesn't replace any of the current coasters though! I feel like SFOT could get away with waiting a few more years as well.
  23. I completely agree! They added so many coasters in the beginning, but haven't added anything major since Cheetah in 2001, and Cheetah remains the only unique coaster in the park (Viking Voyage is pretty awesome and unique though too IMO). I'm guessing they know they don't need to make that kind of investment and that other cheaper investments have better ROI, but I hope they are planning for a new major coaster at some point, and I hope it is something custom!
  24. Intimidator 305 I can't believe I am saying that, as I am a huge Intamin fan and Skyrush is my #1 steel coaster. I honestly love I305 but EVERY TIME I ride it, I completely black out in the first turn, and I don't come back until nearly halfway through the ride. During this time I quickly lose all vision and all noise fades and is replaced by a high pitch sound. I convince myself I am dying every time. I normally love the most intense coasters possible, but I just can't make myself enjoy this experience no matter how much I try and how much I think I'll eventually get used to it.
  25. If all the land was park of the actual park and it had s single gate and not separated parks then yes I believe so. Six Flags Over Georgia has 297 acres but 100 of those are parking lots and other facilities, 100 is the park itself and another 100 or so is undeveloped forest. The land may be 700 acres but the park would probably be much smaller than that.
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