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  1. I don't want to see a reprofile of Georgia Cyclone, it is a great coaster as it is. I do wish they would topper track the entire course, because it is very rough in some spots after the first 2 drops, and the ride is awkward with the first quarter being super smooth, the next quarter notably rougher with some new wood, and the rest very rough. Georgia Cyclone with 100% topper track would be a dream come true.
  2. While Intamin is has been and is working on U.S. projects, I am really curious when we will see another traditional coaster from them and where it will go. I feel like this "drought" might have a bit to do with the fact that two of the largest chains in the country have changed their buying habits. Six Flags hasn't been making as large of coaster investments since 2006 (I really don't expect to see many, if any, giant B&M or Intamin coaster creations in the near future) and Cedar Fair seems more interested in B&M at the moment. I assume we will see a new Intamin coaster at a Cedar Fair before a Six Flags park though.
  3. I have yet to visit Canada's Wonderland, but why would they do this on a coaster that runs in and out of a giant mountain? It's not like the ride is over a parking lot and beside the park's waste management facilities. I imagine this will be a capacity nightmare as well. At least we can laugh at the funny looking riders...
  4. ^Like I said, SFOG claims they don't run rides under 50 degrees (which is ridiculous) but they ran them under 50 every visit last fall/winter, and even on a night when it hit 37 degrees at closing. I can't promise they will do that though and if it is under 50 and you call to ask, they will say the rides are running but won't if it drops below 50 (even though it is 45 at the time of your call) ....I can't understand that. Anyways the rides should be open regardless of temperature based on last season. Holiday In the Park really transforms SFOG and proves that a Six Flags park can put on an impressive holiday event with spectacular lights, themed events, holiday foods, etc. Like I said I was impressed even after having just been at Dollywood's Christmas event.
  5. It is on my bucket list as well! One of the very first coasters that really intrigued me when I was young and started researching parks and coasters. I have been on Viking Voyage at Wild Adventures and it is pretty crazy, so I can only imagine this is crazy as well!
  6. ^Yeah, they now allow passes for the upcoming year and friend tickets are 14.99 I believe. Also keep in mind season passes seem to dominate the park more than a few years ago. It seems like half the crowd has a season pass anymore! That is awesome you take a handful of trips each year! If you did not visit Holiday In The Park last season, I highly recommend it. Regardless of the park's temperature policy they were always running all the coasters included in the event last season, even at night when it was in the high 30s once (the park claims no coasters run under 50 degrees...) and I thought the event itself was spectacular, even after having just been at Smoky Mountain Christmas. Dale, the park president also claimed that the event will include the entire park this year. I hope that plan doesn't change. Additionally the crowds are not too bad, especially after Christmas and this season the park will be open from 2pm-10pm after Christmas!
  7. That's the ultimate SFOG weekend! I will be there on Season Passholder Appreciation Night as well! That event used to be so empty when they did it the weekend after the season ended (first weekend of November) and when they moved it to the start of Fright Fest on a Friday night it wasn't very busy the first few seasons, but last season it was really busy!
  8. Riding Cheetah at Wild Adventures, around 10pm nearing the last ride of the night we were stranded on the lift hill. Instead of trying to get us moving again or taking hours before making the call to evac, they evacuated us down the lift hill after just a few minutes. I was geeking out.
  9. I was at the park today (Sunday Sept. 20th) and the park was SLAMMED. The park was closed Saturday for a private event, and today was a special Latin music festival as well as military appreciation day which got groups of up to 4 people in for free. I arrived 3 hours after opening to see the traffic into the park backed up onto the interstate. The parking lot was full and people were unable to find spots. The front gate area was so busy they were building makeshift lines out away from the main gate area. I was there to process my new season pass and don't even bother to wait in the 2+ hour lines but I did wait for my free lunch at the shortest food line I could find. It still took 1 hour to get to the counter and order. The park was that busy. Most restaurants had lines running a good 50 feet out the door down the midway at 3pm. The park really needs to reconsider their events and special pricing promotions because some days are very light while others are dangerously crowded to the point that it just ruins the experience! Craziness.
  10. It does not. The -$450,621 is the simple difference between revenues taken in versus the cost of operation from January 1 2015 through July 31 2015. Most of this loss has been incurred during the operating season. For example, in June of 2015 CLP spent more than twice as much ($147,986) as it made ($68,342).-Source: Erie Times News While I do not want to see another small park lost, the numbers paint a scary picture. I have done some research myself this past summer to figure out as much as possible what is going on behind the scenes, and there isn't a documented reliable source, besides CLP/EPACC (group managing the park), that claims the park is a viable business. So you are saying the 300k would essentially need to be added to the 450,000, since it technically is money they "spent" this year (borrowing is still spending ultimately)? Anyways, I don't think CLP is realistically profitable (I am just confused why their expenses this year are ridiculously higher than previous years) and I don't think they can ever be profitable in today's world and in their location without an overhaul that would require an investor with tens of millions of dollars, but I do think the park deserves to be saved and protected by the state government and I will always fully support the park.
  11. Considering that Splashin' Safari is nowhere near the parking lot (plus Raven and Legend are in the way), I seriously doubt that will ever happen. Couldn't they have a second lot on that side of the park with an entrance there? Anyone could access it, but it would make a lot of sense for people just visiting Splashin Safari or those who don't want to drag their water park gear across the park later. If I went back to my car in the afternoon to get my bathing suit and towels I would definitely consider moving over to the other lot.
  12. Thanks! Like I said, it would probably be complicated and expensive, and may even require them to extend the spike (hopefully it wouldn't), but with a track that long, the difference in momentum on the backwards return run is very apparent. We can hope! Regardless this is a creative one of a kind concept and the forward run looks amazing already!
  13. ^ I agree and absolutely love the park and have a ton of passion for it, but with no major population near the park, it being far off the interstate, Pittsburgh having Kennywood, and Erie having Waldameer, I just don't know if the park's success is feasible in today's world. Maybe if there were many drastic changes that would cost tens of millions to implement. I really hope it can become profitable but I feel like the only way is if they get significant help! I just really hope the local and state and even federal government doesn't make the mistake of destroying the park.
  14. That's why I didn't say anything about how slowly it returned to the brake run. I'm hoping that that as testing continues the ride breaks in and starts to run faster!! Me too. I'll wait for opening to comment on that. Looks nice, and the fact that it can run more than one train is a plus. Regardless of how much it breaks in, the backwards return trip will be tame in comparison to the forward run. I wish they could add some kind of small launch mechanism to move the train higher on the spike, similar to Mr. Freeze, but I am sure that isn't exactly cheap or easy to do.
  15. ^I feel like Conneaut Lake Park is a very special park that really does deserve to be saved. The amount of history alone is worth saving. Where else do you find a park that essentially owns the community it is in, with the streets running through it, on a lake with a beach and historic hotel? The rides themselves are great too. Blue Streak is one of the best woodies with ejector airtime like no other! It is really sad the park didn't get the property tax exemption it deserves, even after the state attorney general sided with them. I still hope the state will step in a provide tax breaks and/or funding due to the nature of the park being owned by a public trust and the fact that the park provides free public beach, green space, and events. If not we can only really hope someone with a ton of money saves the park.
  16. ^ Does that number through July include the expenses associated with their two loans (300,000)? I only ask this because they used a lot of that money to upgrade the park, so some of those expenses, while still needing to be paid back, might not be normal seasonal operational expenses. I assume their profit/loss is a much smaller number (whether positive or negative) in regards to what their average seasonal operating expenses are and not including upgrades that are not normal yearly expenses (though most probably are). They had seasons in recent years that managed a small profit (I'm talking like 30k for the entire year) while not paying back taxes, so I find it hard to believe they are doing significantly worse this season than a few years ago, considering the attendance and employee hours this season are more in their favor.
  17. This looks awesome and having another park with a great coaster to go to in Texas will be great (and was unexpected)! The forward run looks incredible, but the return backwards lags so much and seems like it will feel so tame after the forward run. I know the ride will probably speed up a bit as it breaks in, but the return will still be significantly slower. I also know this is a small park that probably has a budget but I wish they could have some sort of slight launch on the spike similar to Mr. Freeze to give it close to that same momentum on the return. Regardless, it looks awesome and I love the innovation. Not the most out of this world concept, but something no one else has tried. It's great that a small family park can be innovative in a category where bigger parks haven't as much.
  18. ^Some people hate Ninja, so I don't blame you. I always ride every credit but I honestly don't get the Ninja hate at all. I love it and it's actually my friend's favorite roller coaster at the park. It might just have to do with where your head is in relation to the restraints. I really do love it so I hope it sticks around and maybe they can put some kind of vest restraint on it instead. Anyways, glad you had a great time and hope you weren't too tired driving 4 hours to Carowinds after a red eye and time at SFOG!
  19. Great trip report! I'm glad you enjoyed the park. I agree it overall impresses more than the average Six Flags park. I was surprised that you were impressed with the employees though. While they are still better than many parks in the chain, some can be terrible and usually you don't hear people compliment them. Both the employees and the clientele have greatly improved in the last 5 years. In regards to Ninja, if you are tall and have a tall torso to where your head is above the shoulder restraints, it honestly isn't very rough. I used to hate how rough it was when I was a kid, but now at my height I have no problem at all and the ride is very intense with a unique layout. I actually love the ride. RMC topper-tracked the first quarter or so of Georgia Cyclone, with the next section being new wood, and sections beyond that being partially replaced. It would be great with all topper track. Superman has a dual station and I wish they would use it again because I completely agree with your complaints. The ride itself and it's use of terrain compared to its clones makes up for it slightly. I know you had limited time, but Monster Mansion is a great dark ride so if you didn't ride it, definitely do so next time you are in the park. Acrophobia's tilting seats are also pretty terrifying! Can't wait to see Carowinds!
  20. ^Considering the event cost what, 2 or 3 times an all day unlimited ride ticket and was just 4 hours long I would say that's a decent turnout!
  21. Gd Damnit Georgia... you're starting to irritate me. I've been on intimidator, and although it was no D-back, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Out of memory and the two videos I just watched it has trims on.... 2.... 2!!!.... hills. Also, don't tell me about being a freaking sheep. I'm the definition by personality and career of a non sheep. I know the difference between a sheep and a wolf. I know the difference between a sheep and a sheep dog. Sometimes it's better to just let assholes be assholes and not escalate a situation over a line jumper or someone smoking in a non smoking area... "That person used profanity so I must call security!!" If security is looking at you with an irritated look... it's probably you. If I can go 30 years of my park visiting with only one encounter with security (as a witness to a legitimate assault), then you sure as hell can. Ever heard of a tattletale? As far as "Most people find SFoG to be the most quality lineup." Show me the stats. I say it has a quality selection medocre attractions. Goliath ranks solidly in my non existant geek top ten list somewhere between "I'd ride it a lot if it were at my home park" and "I could really give a crap about the ride in relation to the offerings that other parks have." Funny... I've driven by Georgia about 5 times since I've been to the park and it hasn't even crossed my mind to stop in. Saying your park is a super star in the SF chain is like saying that your kid is the smartest kid in the class that doesn't have any Honor Roll kids in it. For the record, we'll all gladly take a hyper, even if it's trimmed more than Intimidator, which according to you has a trim every 200 feet. You don't have to get angry or exaggerate. I am just sharing my opinion. I never said Intimidator is a bad coaster. All B&M hypers are still great coasters and I agree, I would love to see any hyper at SFStL (although it is unlikely they will get one). Even an exact replica of Intimidator would be great and look amazing along their parking lot. I have rarely ever called security, but I will call someone out if they are line jumping. I have no tolerance for a group of people pushing past everyone or climbing over queue rails and if everyone else would take a stand over that, there wouldn't be line jumping. Anyways, I stand by my opinion that SFOG and SFFT are considerably more attractive and better overall experience parks than most other Six Flags parks and that almost every coaster at SFOG is the superior version of similar coasters at St. Louis. American Thunder is great though and I wish we had that as well as Mr. Freeze! I also find your comment "I've driven by Georgia about 5 times since I've been to the park and it hasn't even crossed my mind to stop in" to be hard to believe, unless you have some particular beef with the park. What enthusiast wouldn't be interested in going on coasters?
  22. I was dying to go to this but I live in Atlanta and just couldn't swing it. I visited the park 3 times last season and just haven't been able to do that this year (I am a huge Conneaut Lake Park supporter and it is worth it to me). I am trying to get there for Pumpkin Fest and Ghost Lake again because it was amazing last year but I just don't see how I can make it. How was the park after dark event? Details please! I hope you had a great time.
  23. Conneaut Lake Park had some days that were so busy lines ran down the entire midway. It was insane. I'll have to find a pic and share it. Can't wait to read more of your TR!
  24. I absolutely LOVE Diamondback. Having never ridden a B&M beforehand, I was going in not expecting much. I was surprised by how lengthy the airtime is on it. It's literally 2-3 seconds of floating over the hill, every hill. I prefer that over .2 seconds of ejector. It's the same case on the trimmed hill, it still provides the same lengthy airtime. If it weren't to be trimmed, I suspect you would get stronger air, but not nearly as long lasting. It should also be noted that it has one of the most comfortable seats & restraints. And the open-air design of the trains has yet to be matched by any other coaster train type. I've never ridden Intimidator, but based from all the reviews and obvious visual signs of trims everywhere, I don't see it providing to same amount of air Diamondback does. This is all my opinion though. If it isn't trimmed to death, St. Louis would have a real star coaster for the region if they were to get a B&M Hyper.* *I was actuall working on a B&M hyper for the park in NL about a year ago. Intimidator has trims on more hills than it doesn't and the midcourse brake run might as well be the end of the ride. It really really drags. The first drop in the back is one of B&Ms best though. Goliath at SFOG seems to have found a good airtime balance, it is a bit stronger than the other B&M hypers and the bunny hills at the end have some light ejector as well, so there is a good mix of airtime types, and no trims going into the crest of a hill. Now I wish I could marathon Diamondback and Goliath right now!
  25. I'm really enjoying this TR! I went to Conneaut 3 times last year (I live in Atlanta and I am a crazy person yes) but have not been able to go this year. It's too bad they weren't busy when you were there. They have had some pretty busy days this season and were absolutely slammed on their $5 Sunday in July. I really hope the park can continue to be saved by someone or some method. The park honestly deserves it for its historic value, free public amenities, and just the fact that they have fought so many times for so many years. It's too bad you missed the park after dark event! I was dying to go.
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