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  1. ^Don't they already have 2 bowl slides though? Out of just 3 different kinds of slides in the park? (not including the body slides from what was previously Skull Island) I feel like they need to branch out and do something very different from what they already have and very different from what White Water offers. A newer style body slide complex seems realistic. I would love to see a water coaster but I don't think that's the plan.
  2. You know you are a Six Flags park if you allow riders to choose their seats on pretty much any and every ride, and you also allow people to re-ride in empty seats without making a big fuss out of it for no reason. *coughCedarFaircough*
  3. Does this mean we get a Hurricane Harbor expansion next year with an alien themed slide complex? Or are they hinting at using that area during Fight Fest for an alien themed haunt? I just hope if we are getting a Hurricane Harbor expansion next year that it will be more than one thing. I would like to see a new slide complex as well as a lazy river at least, if not 2 different kinds of slides/complexes.
  4. Hi! I may not be a huge help in this department because I am fairly skinny, but I visit the park frequently so hopefully I can provide some information. The only rides that come to mind for me that may be an issue are Dahlonega Mine Train (these restraints are standard across every car and are pretty tight even for "big boned" body types), Canyon Blaster (This has a T bar restraint and it is very tight for any adult in my opinion), Ninja (This is only an issue if you have a tall upper body, I am 6'0 and when I ride I have to scrunch down my lower back a bit because the shoulder restraints hit my shoulders) and maybe Cyclone (The seats are very narrow and the lap bar makes it even more of a squeeze). You will likely not have any issues on the B&Ms (Goliath, Scorcher, Batman or Superman) and I believe these have test seats anyways. As for the other coasters, none come to mind that are tight fits for people, but it really depends on how each person's weight is distributed. If anyone can provide more information please jump in!
  5. Does anyone know what the crowds are like today? Usually it's dead on rainy days but the forecast really cleared up. I am just worried they are running single trains on everything which is common on rainy days due to "slippage" as the ride operations manager told me. So anyone there, how busy is it and how many trains are on the coasters?
  6. If you arrive before opening, you can easily ride everything within 5 hours even if the park is slammed, as long as the operations are good and things aren't closed in the morning. Georgia Scorcher and Georgia Cyclone often open a half hour early so you can possibly ride those before the park officially opens. I would then get in the crowd waiting for the rest of the park to open in the direction of Goliath. When they open, go STRAIGHT TO Dare Devil Dive. That line pushes 2 hours on not-so-busy days so on a Saturday that's the only way you will ride it. After that go to Goliath if the line is just within the station still. If it is longer you can come back to it later. I would then hit Batman followed by Mindbender. After that go to the back of the park which will likely still be pretty dead and ride Superman first, then Great American Scream Machine, then Ninja. Jump on Sky Screamer too if it interests you. I would also recommend the mine train and even the kiddie coaster if you have time and the lines aren't bad. Other than that Acrophobia and Monster Mansion are the only must rides. Both get a pretty long line. Thunder River is one of the best looking and most exciting rapids rides are well (I've never seen a more realistic rapids ride. You'd think it's a real river) but you might not have time to even consider that. I have done all of these within 3-4 hours before on a few Saturdays, so it is much more realistic than it sounds.
  7. Lake Winnie This seems like the better choice by far in my opinion, but the fact that you would have more time at this park also helps seal the deal. Lake Winnie has an amazing classic small park atmosphere. I have been to many small parks and if you like that kind of setting, you will love Lake Winnie. Beech Bend seems like more of a fair that never leaves, while Lake Winnie feels like a very permanent (and historic) park. The lake is small but nice. The Boat Chute is a homemade (by the original owner) chute ride that was built in the 1920s and dumps you off the tracks right into the lake. Cannonball is a great classic woodie. Their wild mouse is aggressive and terrifying in my opinion. Fly-o-Plane is a one of a kind classic that is one of the most intense flats I have ever experienced. The water park is small but extremely nice. They have a solid collection of other flats. I am probably forgetting a notable things. Beech Bend has a really nice entry road and the area is nice, but the park is more like a fair. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the park, but it doesn't compare to Lake Winnie (a park that I drive 2.5 hours to visit 2 or 3 times a year). Kentucky Rumbler is a good GCI, but not nearly as good as White Lightning, Thunderhead, American Thunder, or Goldstriker (if you have experienced those). The only other things that Beech Bend can compete with is Scat II, the dark ride, and the air race (all of these are very good but by no means make the place a destination). I would rank Kentucky Rumbler and Cannonball as both very good coasters that are very different. Cannonball is a great out and back classic with some good airtime. Really the only way I would even consider Beech Bend over Lake Winnie is if you have never been on a GCI, even then, your experience at Lake Winnie would be much better overall.
  8. Absolutely awesome trip report! I love the attention to detail. I was hoping to go to Indiana Beach during HoliWood Nights but obviously it's much closer to Six Flags Great America so I'll just have to make a separate trip and go to both (among other parks too!). I still think this is one of the coolest and most unique parks in the U.S. Thanks for posting!!!
  9. I read that as well. Personally, it seems a bit silly to me that we would get a dark ride when we're one of the few Six Flags parks that actually has a high quality dark ride already. That said, JLBFM has been well received and seems to be a top notch ride. Even though I don't prefer to mix my water and theme park experiences usually, I would much rather see them spend the kind of coin it would take to bring in JLBFM on expansions to Hurricane Harbor. Given how little it really is in its current state (a wave pool, three slides, and a kids playstructure), I think near term expansion is warranted. HH has looked packed pretty much every time I've been at the park the last two seasons. I would consider the play structure an all ages attraction. The slides on it are more like those you would find on a full size body slide complex. Other than that I totally agree with you though. Our Hurricane Harbor debut is very small compared to the others (which is understandable with the way Six Flags adds new additions to parks now). I feel like the expansion needed to happen this season, because the place is very crowded. I would love to see them add a lazy river, the ultimate people eating high capacity machine for a water park. They could also use speed body slides and maybe a traditional family raft slide. They also need to find a new way to access Tsunami Surge maybe on the existing path between the wave pool and GASM that is currently being used as road access (although they still need to have access probably). Everyone crowds between the wave pool and louge area and it is just chaos. Overall our Hurricane Harbor is top notch. A surprisingly great looking water park expansion. Now just expand it more!!! I wish we could get a new coaster and a HH expansion next year. I'll be happy with either though.
  10. The park has a lot of custom imprinted items for sale this year. They did a complete revamp of their custom merchandise inventory and that does include shirts. Last year when I was at the park they also had shot glasses and souvenir sports bottles among a ton of Blue Streak magnets. I saw pictures on Facebook of their merch this year and it's even more extensive so you should be able to find a few goodies. They also sell a lot of collectibles from other parks. I stocked up on a bunch of somewhat vintage park brochures from all over for 25 cents a piece during my last visit. I have a huge brochure collection so it really made my day!
  11. The outcry slowed down because the Facebook group and petition where flagged and removed, but that has been resolved now so the outcry may rise again, it did put a big damper on the efforts though certainly. #SaveThunderRoad
  12. Pretty cool! I have an onride photo including the orginal folder of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake on Volcano: The Blast Coaster I love weird unique collectibles
  13. ^As someone who loves Ninja and thinks it gets way more hate than it should, I am so happy to see it as the featured coaster in the preview.
  14. ^While that is true, not letting anyone board the train until every guest exiting has completely cleared from the station is unnecessary and in part explains why I have heard only of long slow lines from this park. Other than that and the delays with new rides opening, the park seems to be on top of things really well.
  15. It does not pull very high laterals from my experience, but it is very disorienting in a good way! You basically change direction four times. If you have been on Tennessee Tornado, its very similar to that vertical loop in my opinion, just with two loops instead of one. My personal opinion of Ninja is that it is a great, unique and intense multi-looper that will hopefully live on for a long time. The refurbished Arrow trains have made the ride considerably smoother and they look great. It has a few kinks in the track, and it may provide headbanging to shorter guests, but I never have a problem with it and it's smoother than almost any Arrow or Vekoma looper I've ever been on.
  16. I will be visiting the park that day as well, so I am getting a bit anxious over the delayed opening. Hopefully they stick to May 30th. I rode it back during the SFKK days, but I am excited to see how they have attempted to make it a smoother ride. It was far from smooth when I last rode it.
  17. Oddly enough I prefer Six Flags for the same reason you prefer Cedar Fair parks. I feel like Six Flags parks have more distinctive character whereas Cedar Fair parks fall into this generic atmosphere, like a standard city park that happens to have a bunch of rides and game stalls.
  18. ^You know they would! The SFOG marketing manager was joking about the "coaster" part of the park's new Larson Loop I agree though, one in the 120-200 foot range would look pretty iconic in a park and I feel like it would impress the public more than many new coaster types would.
  19. I believe in a TR of a tour of their facilities there was some mention of a larger version that is not yet available. I forget the exact size or where I heard mention of this, but I think it was somewhere around 140 ft. Honestly, a double sized Larson Loop would get me really excited! It would be so visually impressive and take it from being compared to a carnival ride to being a star attraction at a park.
  20. Atlanta is quickly becoming the film capital of the east coast and it is much cheaper to film here than in Los Angeles. I am guessing it was a budget related decision. I too think filming the in park parts at Magic Mountain would make a lot more sense though.
  21. I won't be there tonight, but I am going for Georgia State Uni. night next Friday. I went last year and since it is promoted so poorly the park was absolutely dead! It was amazing. Plus it's the only time before Fright Fest that you can get many night rides in!
  22. I know they have a classic Twister at Lakemont Park (along with all their other great rare vintage rides!) I assume there are a few more around, but that is the only permanent instalation I can recall off-hand.
  23. ^I completely agree with this. Wednesday would be my next suggestion, although from my experience there are more camps and other kids groups later in the week, so Tuesday is best.
  24. I am pretty sure all of the Monster Mansion merch/decorations are gone now. I did manage to buy up one of each Monster Mansion item for between 1 and 2 dollars a piece at the end of last season, which was great. I am really sad to see that great store gone, but it makes sense financially. And you're welcome! Happy to share information and I am glad you had a positive experience with Dale as well. The lazy river suggestion is perfect. The general public is always mentioning/complaining about it, and HH could really use a "people eater" to cut down on lines and crowds in the wave pool.
  25. SFOGdude25, You're welcome! If I think of anything else to add I will let you know. I was really impressed with Dale and all the information he provided. There are many questions I wish I asked him so hopefully I will run into him in the park sometime soon. I have seen him around the park and in ride stations a handful of times. The biggest news was the Holiday In The Park expansion!!! It will be amazing with the entire park operating and seeing additional areas decked out for the holidays!!!
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