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  1. Finally, a coaster Pic!! IT looks great, cant wait to see all themed and stuff.. LOL Hugs.. Mikey
  2. The park is looking good so far. I really like the stell looper Phospate. Caterpillar is also looking good. I couldn't see enough of Top Scream. B.T.W., Kudo's for still using R.C.T.2, I have R.C.T.3, but like 2 much better. Hugs.. Mikey
  3. The park sounds great, Hope to see pics soon. Hugs.. Mikey
  4. That woodie looks really great, I like the layout, its unique. Maybe you can post a wmp movie of it.. ? Hugs.. Mikey
  5. I have been enjoying your parks for some time now. I became a fan when you did PARC DE chateau, which I downloaded and played in. That being said, I think that you outdid yourself this time. This latest ride of yours Italian Job Stunt Track looks really incredible. I cant wait to download this park, please tell me you will be providing a download soon!! P.S., thank you for the link you gave me about the rct2 theming that I was looking for. It worked out well for me.
  6. Hey there timetrial3141592, that is one interesting lead in. I instantly thought of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the robot chicken from the future, have you seen it? I am definetly going to follow this park. It looks really good by the way, I esp like the new take on the old boomerang.
  7. /\ It's funny, I know, but I only use R.C.T.2 myself. I have R.C.T.3, but I dont like it as much as 2. I am hoping that atari will update rct2 even more for us die hard fans!!!
  8. Are you going to make a video of the woodie too? It looks like its a really great coaster. Mikey
  9. Does anyone know what site I can get the custom scenery and rides for R.C.T.2? I see a lot of scenery etc for R.C.T.3, but none for R.C.T.2. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks... Mikey
  10. WOW, that woodie looks sick, with that first drop, I bet it is REAL fast. Can you make a video of it? I would love to view it, but I dont have any other coaster games other than RCT2. Hugs. Mikey
  11. Hi there L.K., I really like that Flying Turns Coaster, would love to see a video of it. The park looks like a nice afternoon park, not a hyper park, which is what I like about it. I am looking forward to seeing more pics of Behemouth. Mikey
  12. This park looks very good. Do I detect a little Crystal Beach Cyclone? I really like the tower esp. Cant wait to see more updates.
  13. I have never riden the orginal, but I do like your rendition of it. It was a great coaster, and a great video. Thanks for posting it!!
  14. I think you did a great job, can you make a video of it to play in W.M.P.? Mikey
  15. Plain Pasta Express? Lovin that!! It looks great so far, looking forward to more updates!! Hugs. .. .. .. Mikey
  16. Great re-creation. I wish I had the coaster sims game to play that on my computer, if you ever make a video of it, please let me know, I would love to watch it on W.M.P. Does anyone know why they tore the real one down? I saw a P.O.V. of it that the park shot years ago, in fact, I think I downloaded it from T.P.R. It looked like a great coaster, I would have liked to ride it.
  17. The park is really looking great! I especially like the big woodie in the middle of the lake. I look forward to seeing more udates. Mikey
  18. Wow Patrick, that is an awesome coaster, thanks for the link to download the movie version. Mikey
  19. Hi V2-Dude, your coaster really looks great. If you ever make a video of it and post it to be available for download, please let me know. Again, great job!!
  20. This park is really looking good. I esp like the mine train coaster. Can't wait to see the finished product!!
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