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  1. Your park keeps getting better and better. I really like the new Hyper coaster you built. When can we download?
  2. You have the makings of a good park here, I really like the stell looper a lot. Keep it up, looking forward to more updates!! Mikey
  3. This really looks like a great park that you have going here, can't wait for the download!!
  4. This is by far one of the best coasters I have ever seen done!! Great Job! Mikey
  5. The Park looks great. Esp like the woodie. Hope to see more soon. Mikey
  6. It was refreshing to see so many crew members there!! SoCal DL needs to do the same, it would really help a lot. Thanks for all the pics!! Mikey
  7. I have always tried to ride every coaster in every theme park I have ever visited, even at the fairs and carnivals. From the largest to the smallest ones, they are all wonderful to me. So, yeah, I have always been a WHORE!! A crdit WHORE that is.. Mikey
  8. awesome how you built a ride that is in the making.. very six flags magic mountain with Tatsu!!
  9. Great Job!! I am lazy, so I want to download all the hotels for myself!!! LOL again, Great Job!!
  10. I live in the Bay Area, and at one time, I lived in Vallejo, a half a mile from Marine World, and I have to say, you did an outstanding job at recreating this theme park!! The gem (in my opinion) is Medusa!! Can you do one of Six Flags Over Georgia? LOL Mikey
  11. Yet, another great RCT park!!! Great job, wish I could do half as good a job!!
  12. These parks you build are brilliant!! It must take you days to do each one. I do have one question though, I know it is a bit redundant, but, where do you get all those extra rides, ques, and scenery? Is there a special expansion pack? Great Job!! Wish I could play around with the parks that you build! Mikey
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