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  1. Yeah, so I haven't been keeping up with the wall but has Rougarou been added? The announcement should be soon.
  2. Looks awesome, I look forward to seeing a walkthrough of the LA Hayride every year, if NY is anything like it it'll be great.
  3. Those won't be the trains though, correct? Aren't those standard no limits trains?
  4. I also love how there is a double up and a double down almost consecutively.
  5. Ok let me say that this layout looks amazing. I think the reason people think the layout looks boring is that it doesn't look cool and wrap around itself 100 times. The layout is pretty spread out and straightforward and a little short, but it looks like an airtime machine!! This thing looks to be like Magnum with its airtime. Though one thing I'm wondering is when we will get a good video and maybe an animated pov. When other parks announce coasters they have awesome videos showing off the parks skyline with the new addition. Then they'll go all out and have a website for the coaster that lists info and stats. KK doesn't have to do this but it would be a nice touch if they had animated off and on ride videos that weren't no limits. I'm also interested in seeing the train designs. All the RMC coasters have awesome train designs, wicked cyclones being my favorite.
  6. Ok so I'm just going to talk about my experience at the park on Sunday. I just want to start off by saying that this had been a highly anticipated trip that I had thought about since Thunderbirds announcement in July 2014. So Thunderbird had some large expectations to fill, and it filled them alright. Everything about this ride delivered. The launch was sweet, it was extremely fast paced, the hang time was awesome coming out of the final barrel roll. There was no room to breathe launch to break run. You also can't forget how breathtaking this coasters looks are. It looked even better in real life. Many people won't agree, but I enjoyed this coaster more than voyage. It's fun, it's re-rideable, it's forceful, it's Thunderbird!!!
  7. It was me. Sunday wasn't as bad as Saturday, but it was still busier than I'd ever seen the park, with the exception of Saturday. You never know, but I'd save my time and money, personally. If you go hopefully you get lucky. I can't change plans now, hopefully I get lucky and the heat will be bad so lots of people will flock to the water park.
  8. Wow, this is getting pretty interesting, I can honestly say I'm more exited for this than I was for thunderbird. What would be funny (and cruel) though would be if Ed was taking pieces of TT off to make the enthusiasts Rock hard. And then just get some bulldozers and knock the whole thing down, while watching all the enthusiasts dreams get crushed.
  9. That would be cool, honestly I think 2 inversions is the most this coaster should have. I would prefer 1 just to mix in a little variety with the airtime and over banks. I think it was a great idea shortening TT into 1 layout. It shows that they will be careful when spending money, and that they won't spend to much or go all out year after year. They know they are a small park, and they know their limits.
  10. True, it would be cool if there was a barrel roll right before the brake run like on some wing coasters. But I hope that the ride rips through its course at a consistent, fast, speed like lightning run. Which will probably happen if ride centerline designs, which will most likely happen.
  11. Ok guys so I'm going to HW this Sunday. I'll be at the park from 11 to closing. What I want to know is what should I expect on a Sunday. Also, it's going to be extremely hot, so hopefully most people will migrate to the water park midday when the sun is blazing down. I know people have spoken about how crowds have been extremely unpredictable this year, but if anyone has noticed any patterns in the crowds this year it would be helpful to know. Thanks.
  12. It's also fine if it's a short ride, better to be short and keep speed than be long and be really slow by the end.
  13. This. I bet they utilize some of side 2 but not all. We have yet to see anything that points to a launch, but they couldn't utilize all of both sides with only one lift. I like this idea actually, it's like we're getting a custom RMC, I don't think I would refer to this ride as Twisted Twins iron horse anymore. It's exiting to think of the completely new name it will receive since Twisted Twins and Double Trouble are now out of the window.
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