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  1. Does this mean the announcement is happening? To me it looks similar to the saying "the cat is out of the bag."
  2. I know this thread mostly serves as a place for tr's and as a directory but I'm sure simply discussing haunts is not out of bounds. So, does anyone want to talk about haunts?
  3. Ed hart once again referenced the future coaster at storm the kingdom today apparently.
  4. So, are you guys excited for the mysterious future RMC coaster? What do you think about it?
  5. I went to my new home park, kentucky kingdom, for the first time since it reopened in 2014 and was very impressed overall. Here are my thoughts on many of the attractions and the overall park. Storm Chaser- Ligtning run is superior in my opinion, however, storm chaser still delivers an intense ride packed with airtime and good laterals. The 1st camelback gives some of the strongest sustained ejector airtime I've experienced. The barrel roll drop is one of the most unique things I've experienced on a coaster. This is a great ride that fits into my list of favorite coasters. My expectations of RMC being the best thing on the planet probably made this ride slightly underwhelming. Lightning run- Absolutely one of the most intense coasters I've ever ridden. Each time I rode in the back seat and received a ride with airtime that feels like it's ripping out your soul. It overall has better pacing than storm chaser because of it's extremely compact elements and awesome speed. The final bunny hops are absolutely the strongest airtime moments I've ever experienced. I consider this a top 3 coaster. T3- Now for my first SLC, this ride could have been a great invert if not for the roughness.Ignoring the roughness the inversions were fast paced and forceful, but going through each inversion came with roughness comparable to many wooden coasters. The restraints prevented head banging, but got uncomfortably tight on my thighs. This coaster is a one and done type of ride due to the level of roughness. Thunder run- this was a very fun woodie with some surprising moments of airtime. It had amp over average smoothness for a wooden coaster that is comparable to many gci's. The camelback had some really good sustained airtime. Overall this was a very fun and above average wooden coaster. Fear fall- My second Larson drop tower, the drop was extremely intense and unpredictable as there was no pause at the top before the drop. Overall a great drop tower and one of the most intense ride experiences anywhere. I rode other rides such as sky catcher and mile high falls butI have nothing to say about them as they are fairly average. I did not visit the waterpark so I can't say anything about the slides. Overall, kentucky kingdom has a large amount of great rides and looks much better than it did in its six flags days. My time there was fun and I would go back in a heartbeat.
  6. Thank god, I'm going on Tuesday and I was starting to get a little worried there.
  7. I'm curious as to how SC compares to other RMCs, has anyone that has ridden storm chaser also ridden any other ends?
  8. My home park is KK and I'm kind of jelly about ow awesome your guys rmc looks
  9. The width of the trains are similar so I would give her that. Actually, apart from the dive I would imagine that the inversions on valravn would feel similar to those on gatekeeper.
  10. Is there any way in rct2 where you can create other inversions besides a vertical loop on a dive coaster?
  11. B&M needs to build their own version of an ultra intense blitz coaster
  12. For their next coaster, KK needs to get a launched rmc themed to the derby. You need to launch out of a horse corral to the sound of the trumpets. That would be amazing.
  13. This era is an exact repeat of the 90s when Hart was first running KK. He went on a spree and added t2, Chang, and twisted twins within a span of a couple of years between each other. It shows how he likes to aggressively spend and his philosophy of "they'll come if you build."
  14. Hypothetically let's assume kentucky kingdom receives the raptor track layout as their next coaster, it provides a short, compact layout with twisty airtime similar to lightning run. The lift for the coaster is 80 ft, so it's even smaller than lightning run. The only new element on the raptor layout is a barrel roll at the end of the ride. That alone doesn't seem to justify building this in my opinion. Kentucky kingdom needs a different type of coaster in my opinion. Whether it's completely inversion oriented, a family coaster, a launch coaster (etc) just some variety.
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