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  1. I know there's a 99.9% chance this won't happen, but could this possibly be open by early April, during my spring break I'll be close to Orlando, so yea
  2. It is a pretty small coaster , but surprisingly medusa is slightly shorter, if that's any indication this ride still has the potential to stand with the big boys like TC, IRat and NTAG
  3. What if the whole first drop became a tunnel like gold striker, connecting to the tunnel at the bottom, that would be LONG.
  4. For a family coaster I could see HW repair their relationship with gravity group by getting a small roar o saurus type small woodie. That's a perfect fit in my opinion
  5. Yeah I'm curious to see if the first airtime hill will be floater or ejector, it seems almost as tall as the barrel roll drop. But, in the animation it had some incredible speed going over the hill.
  6. Do you think KK will hold a big media day deal with Storm Chaser or just have a quiet type opening with the park in April?
  7. I place my bet on SC, I think it's cool how the ride is all steel except for the siding on the catwalk, it just looks cool/wired with all the steel and that little bit of wood.
  8. We'll I wonder when construction will pick up on this thang again, and will the new ride be revealed on Christmas Day since the teaser said it was under the tree?
  9. I heard that a new Angry Birds movie will be playing in the 5D theatre next year
  10. I wonder when all american thrills will do another aerial drone view thing?
  11. Yes, but from the top of the first hill to them remake run is less than a minute in duration, putting this on par lengthwise with about outlaw run, a short, but amazing ride.
  12. KK will for sure have a hit on their hands next year, they just need to market the hell out of this like thunderbird was and improve general things like operations and they'll be good!
  13. I wouldn't say it has decent length, it seems extremely short like outlaw run, but I expect it to be intense and airtime packed
  14. Just wanted to share this cool flying coaster concept for KK. Another storm themed name, station sits where top eliminator dragsters were, and the layout replaces the other side of TT, dueling with storm chaser. Personally, this seems to me one of the best flyer layouts I've seen.
  15. Also, I don't know if you guys heard but RMC is not showing any new trains at IAAPA, which is a bummer.
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