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  1. You know, I really am having a hard time trying to feel sorry for this kid's family, because you can't. But on the other side, and I know I'm going to get attacked by everyone here for trying to defend the 'wrong side', the thing is that idiots are everywhere. It's not possible to not have some dumb moron every once in a while who would cross restricted areas under an inverted coaster to fetch his hat or a kid standing up on a log flume resulting in fatal injury. This is why parks everywhere are forced to up their safety so these kinds of things don't happen. And when they DO (because of the victim's own actions, specifically) their families or friends *normally* try to blame anything but the actual culprit. And parks have to go through that stuff and it's sad. Even sadder than having a kid fall off a log flume because of self negligence. But hey, what can you do?
  2. Hi guys, I have been wondering- would it be even remotely possible for a Zamperla Volare to be better with B&M/Vekoma trains? I don't know if it's even possible, but would that make it an improvement from the current model, at least?
  3. That's true. Btw, I think that area might be the possible place to put the new ride, since it's pretty much neglected by the public.
  4. I really hate those Tagada disk rides. Whenever i try to hold on to it, My arms go really sore. It's not worth it at all. This one time I got off one, I was literally LIMPING!
  5. ^I acknowledge that, but I still think it's going to be something great. On a side note, what kind of flat ride costs 8 mln?
  6. Hey Guys! Last week or so, I found this interview Parksmania did with the park's manager. He said that for 2016 they will be adding a new Western themed area with three new rides, and then in 2017 they will be spending over 8 million euros on a new large roller coaster. He just said it will be nothing like we've ever seen before. The video is here (good luck understanding anything if you don't know Italian ) : Well... thoughts?
  7. It's an epic theme park. It's a bit too small, but that's a minor point. We went towards the end of August, and man, did they make improvements compared to the grand opening in July. Darkmare's theming beats the crap out of Thi13teen and Altair beats Colossus without contest. And as for the Erawan drop tower... don't get me started on it. It's like the hyped-up version of Apocalypse at Drayton Manor. This park is so good.
  8. Fiorano GT Challenge Ferrari World. Rode it right after Formula Rossa.
  9. Hate if you want, but this looks a bit too gimmick-y. Too bad you won't get wet on it, or at least it looks like you won't. It might still work out great for whichever park buys it. Looks thrilling.
  10. People, this thing is gonna be 100m longer than Krake. hopefully they are well spent. Really though, that track needs a paint job.
  11. You might be a coaster nerd if... Your life goal is to RIDE IT ALLLLLL!!!!!!
  12. This is not the layout of the coaster, because this is just a concept-art/drawing from the time Oblivion in Alton Towers was designed and build (if I'm correct). This drawing was only for the patent of the B&M Divecoaster. I think we can expect something like Krake in Heide-Park. Possibly. I hope they do that. Anyways, I read from ThemeParksItalia that the ride will be 41m tall. That's a very good thing. I seriously hope they make it last for a while, in terms of ride duration.
  13. Hey, in case you guys don't know, Gardaland made this statement and I happened to find it online. It says: "il dive coaster 2015 sarà più intenso ma più corto di Raptor, passerà da Space vertigo e Inferis. ( la foto è solo un esempio di layout ...... )" The translation (hey, I'm born and raised in Italy) is: "The 2015 dive coaster will be more intense, but shorter, than Raptor, It'll pass by Space Vertigo and Inferis. (Photo below is only an example of the possible layout.........) Then the picture below is shown. Honestly, if they don't throw in an inversion(s) of some kind and an extra helix, then this ride will be a guaranteed letdown. It can't be that short... C'mon Gardaland, You can do better!
  14. In case you guys don't already know, if you look very closely in the drop tower testing video (link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eNl9s-NFtU you can see that there's the stand up floorless tilting side as well as the sit down tilting and sit down normal, so it looks like it'll kinda be like Apocalypse @ Drayton Manor. In the video description it said that only three of the four sides of the tower were seen in action, so maybe the fourth will be a stand up with floor. No one really knows but hey, it's a possibility. Oh, and in ThemeParksItalia they did a survey to see when people think the park will open and most think it will open by July but there are a few others that claim it won't even open this year, but construction is going good, I think it'll be good enough by the time July rolls around.
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