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  1. I really liked every flying Dutchman coaster that I have been on. That's maybe like, 3 or 4. Found them to be some of the kindest vekomas ever built. Worst part is the sluggish lines they always have.
  2. Coasters after Dark is hands down the best event of the season for GADV. Every year there are virtually no lines. Last year I was only able to make the last hour or so and was still able to ride Nitro, Batman, El Toro, and Superman multiple times. Highly recommended.
  3. Forget launched floorless coasters, I want a launched flyer that launches into a pretzel loop. Dang, that would be awesome. Then maybe they could lower the trains into sitting position on the break run instead of dangling all of its riders for 5 - 10 minutes while 1 train gets loaded. I'm just happy to see B&M innovating at all these days.
  4. I'm surprised to hear that everyone is seeing big lines for GL. I haven't seen the line past the stairs on an average day since it's debut season. I'll chalk it up to good luck I suppose! (Or bad luck, depends how you look at it). I honestly have no clue what kind of attraction Six Flags could build that would be a game changer in the park. If they removed Fort Independence (Already boarded up, ready to close) and the Grandstand (Has been boarded up for years now), they could legitimately have a coaster that runs along the lake at a safe enough distance for the township to sign off on it. I would love if it was some kind of Intan Giga, RMC woodie, etc. However, we all know it'd be a wingrider and in turn, be nothing more than a mantle-piece.
  5. Green Lantern was moved to Great Adventure from Kentucky Kingdom in a move it or lose it situation. I think Chang needed a home, and GADV needed a GASM replacement. They won't put money into it for new trains. Stand-ups are generally seen in hindsight as a bad idea. Very few (if any) are being built as of recent because after the gimmick-value is up, they are uncomfortable, unpopular, and awkward. GL is bordering closer to GASM's popularity every year. Except on busier days, GL is pretty much a walk on. TL;DR: They put it there to have something big to advertise while spending very little money. It's a parking lot coaster and will be relocated or removed before any large investment is made to make it suck less.
  6. Raptor could have used a repaint even more so than Mantis. For such a visible coaster, it's becoming an eyesore. That's before you consider it's (incredibly) 90s paint scheme and trains. 2 tones of geeen, black, and pink? yeesh.
  7. Hey Marcel, I think I worked on Magnum with you my last, or one of my last, days at Cedar Point. Small world. Looks like you have gotten to do quite a bit of traveling recently. Enjoy the rest of your adventure.
  8. 500 pages ago, I guessed right and everyone called me crazy, saying that Holiday World is too small for a B&M. That Holiday World couldn't afford a wingrider. Of course, I never expected them to build the first Launched B&M. Now it's opening it's doors. Can't help but be thrilled for them. Excited to get out there in the future.
  9. Also in the boat that would take Scream Machine. Pain on arrow loopers are expected, and predictable. Once you get good at riding them, they are some of the most unique and thrilling coasters. GASM and Vortex (KI) are great examples of Arrow loopers that pack a hell of a punch. When a B&M is rough and painful, it just sucks. B&Ms are built using state of the art techniques and arrows were built before any of that existed. Essentially what I'm saying is that I'm incredibly bias and miss having a massive Arrow looper in my home park At least we still have one of the best arrow mine trains! I'm rather partial to Adventure Express, but RAMT is a close second for me.
  10. Now if Golden Kingdom and PDC could connect directly to the left of El Diablo (Where the mini-arcade is), ED would have really cool placement. It would be quite the spectacle. Does anybody know what's going on in this picture? What Restaurant?
  11. I noticed today that "Bug's House" is gone from seaport. With the foam factor gone, bug's house gone, and fort independence on the block, a major coaster along the lake front would fit very nicely. Perhaps that section of seaport will turn into an entry plaza for a new coaster. It's borderline abandoned at this point either way. Perhaps the Grandstand will also get the axe as it is a huge eyesore. While loosing two venues may be a bummer, we have several others around the park unused. Things are adding up for the lake front to get the next major addition. It's a bummer since there's so many spots in the park that are already empty and need a little life.
  12. I'm at the park now. Kinga Ka, El Toro, Nitro, and Jaro are all closed. Tied along side slow operations, I'm waiting 20 minutes for bizarro. Honestly, park looks even worse than when last season. I'd score today's visit at 3/10. The park seems like they were suprised that they opened at all today.
  13. Not sure why your so quick to defend hate, but that doesn't make it right. Also, if you took into account the timing of this bill, it was rushed through the legislature to beat the supreme court ruling that will pretty much slam dunk make marriage equality legal in all 50 states. This bill, Arkansas's version, and others that are popping up now in several states are the way backwards politican are going to try and combat it. I have found Theme Park Review to be a very tolerant, and inclusive community. There are people on this board who could be discriminated against due to these rules and it likely doesn't make life easier for them if we find ways to excuse this malicious, discriminatory behavior. To keep TPR A stress free environment for everyone, it's best if you choose a different forum to discuss these politics as they have nothing to do with theme parks. Let's keep moving on Thunderbird discussion guys!
  14. I would not give the Indiana legislature a 50 cent highway toll, never the less support any business that pays taxes to them. Humanity needs to stand up for eachother now, today. I would absolutely boycott any business, company, state, or organization of any kind that supports discrimination. Some things in life are more important than Rollercoasters and I'd advise people to postpone their trips to Indiana until this law is repealed. If you allow any tollerance towards hate, even marginally, it will only grow But this isn't a poltical forum, so let's do our best to stick to discussing the park instead of the state. I apologize if my post seems opinionated and preachy!
  15. Wow, it absolutely crawls back to the station. Looks like they really wanted this to be a trophy coaster like Gatekeeper. It looks magnificent, but perhaps prioritized aesthetics over everything else. I mean, that last helix is borderline pathetic for the worlds tallest and fastest non-launched coaster. Either way, I'm excited as all heck to ride (the first half) of this coaster in June.
  16. You mean "Lightning Looping Dragons", but I don't think that is the announcment. It will be NAMTAB, but the only way to access the ride will be to walk backwards through the Old Country Excuse me, I think you meant EL Lightning Looping Dragons. It's in PDC now and Six Flags idea of the ming is putting El in the name. Weren't they messing around with some of the 'Jumping Jack Flash' parts that were in the boneyard two or so years ago? I vaugly even remember them teasing it but I could be making that up. If I recall, most of if not the entire ride is still on park property.
  17. I hope it's a second Larson Looper. They could advertise it as a direct replacement to rolling thunder's racing aspect.
  18. I'm not entirely sure how we ended up having an argument about airtime in a thread about a park that's building Wicked Cyclone. You may remember that ride from a few pages back. I'm sure we will all be blasted out of our seats and have our faith in airtime restored.
  19. When the park (or any business) moves to expand infrustructure, typically that means they want to expand overall. Perhaps we will see growth and development coming? GADV has been in a bit of decline recently. Anyone who has been visiting the park over 10 years fairly often will agree that the park looks terrible these days. But maybe the tides are turning. I'm just being hopeful about my home park though.
  20. This is a simple case of qualitative v.s quantitative. Qualitative: Ejector, floater, etc. Quantitative: Negative Gravitational Force / seconds. There is a way to mathematically calculate which ride has the most airtime, as described above. However, you could not say which ride has the best airtime because some people like long floater, some like quick ejector, others like none. It is neither totally opinion, nor totally fact. Few things are polar in such ways.
  21. The insignificance of the new addition was emphasized when they, on a whim, changed the name and location. I'm not sure thats ever been done after an anouncement before.
  22. I think the coaster will remain largely forceless. Lets be real, this isn't I305. However, I think this ride is going to feel fast and huge. It will likely be a similar ride experience to MF. It was never supposed to be forceful and thats okay. Not every ride has to be Maverick. It does however break the B&M mold for hypers/gigas. for a while almost all of them were really similar. After Banshee, I have hope that B&M is entering a second golden age. It seams like they are getting creative again after years of bland. Fury is a prime example of this and hopefully rides accordingly.
  23. Im sures its been said 100 times, but El Toro takes the cake on airtime. Its non-stop ejector that is sustained like floater. Not to mention there are at least 6 major points of ejector. Honorable mentioms go to Magnum's return run, Skyrush, Maverick, and Skull Mountain. Skully's first drop in the last row is a GREAT pop of air.
  24. They will be exactly the same loading time if they are like the ones on I305. Unless somebody knows a reason why these would be more difficult to use for guests (of a larger size? Hard to use seatbelt clip?) I can't see softer restrains creating any kind of difference in capacity.
  25. We have always known Six Flags is a slimey company, but pathgate at GADV is really turning into something past a stupid path. Its the fact that Six Flags will do absolutely nothing to increase guest satisfaction but want you to pay more and more for a worse experience. Want people to play games? Dont force them to pay $1 at every single ride for the prize they won. Want people to buy more food? Offer decent food at decent prices. How hard is it for Six Flags to come up with a menu of simple meals for $6-$8 each like virtually every single restaurant on planet earth does. Believe me, re-routing paths isn't going to get me to pay $12 for a slice of pizza and a soda When I can get an entire pie for that much 5 minutes out of the gate. Six Flags is like Taylor Swift... they just can't realize that maybe THEY are the problem.
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