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  1. The blue track was proven a fake. Blue coasters look great. Wish there were more. Right now, Id have to say the odds are: 65% - Freespin 25% - Premier Launch 10% - Other This whole no hints / teasers nonsense is awful.
  2. Id be a bit disapointed with a freespin, but Id be completely disapointed with a freespin named after a superhero. Please don't let that happen.
  3. ^^ Thats why they havent re-announced the announcement yet. Thugs have the blueprints. We gotta get those blueprints back, guys.
  4. I will add that riding in the front seat of MS at night after having imbibed in a few draft beers (and/or drinks at TGIF/Famous Dave's) also seems to make it a bit more enjoyable/tolerable. Fact: Alcohol makes mean streak better. Known fact. Highly recommend.
  5. Man, the void of hints and teasers has really started to get to our heads. This secret is so well kept that, other than a survey sent to every park in the chain, have no indication what-so-ever of what we will be getting. But hey, speculation is one of the most fun parts of being an enthusiast. That said, I'd like to point out that full throttle's station to tophat exit is 433ft (measured by google maps). Guess how long the stretch from the festival stage along the lake front is? approximately 433ft. Premier launch coaster through the log flume peninsula confirmed. Bring in the dancing lobsters.
  6. There are always some users that think that anyone who wants a new coaster for their home park are selfish and completely ignorant to the way the industry works. They may have a point in some cases, but not here. Our 'newest' major coaster is from the 90s. Lets be real, GADV has filled its flat rides void and is ready for a new major coaster. An S&S freespin is a bit underwhelming for a 10 year wait. To say that Six Flags will never unstall another coaster over $10m is simply incorrect. Also weigh in that Gadv fans have been waiting for a coaster running along the lake likely since the park opened. To have the oppertunity 'wasted' on a freespin (that does not interact with the enviornment at all) is a kick in the nuts.
  7. Well, that is certainly freespin track. Theres no other type of coaster that could be. As long as it isn't super hero themed I guess I'm okay with it. We know that it is freespin track because the other other elements that could make up are un-banked turns. Thats a whole lot of unbanked turns.
  8. I know, I actually was teaching Photoshop classes over the summer and saw pre-teens do a better job. However, Six Flags isnt a company I hold to high grapic design standards. Thats the only reason I have 3% stock in it. Its more wishful thinking than anything else.
  9. For what its worth (Likely very little), a screenshot from the "announcement video" appeared on GAH using Yolo's animation and the name 'Total Mayham'. Its likely that with all of these "leaks" going around that this is fake as well. However, I can certainly see GADV using Yolo's animation for the release video.
  10. I was thinking something similar. Its pretty much a straight shot from the lakefront to behind BBNP and the Logflume. I would love to see a premier launched coaster head that way as well. The anouncement-of-the-announcement said that the skyline would be changed. A record breaking loop-tophat would do the trick. But I suppose a freespin would as well.
  11. Woah, I was there yesterday and the Grandstand was in one piece. Crazy that a day later its all ripped up. Im hoping the fact that they are starting demo now is a good sign for whats to come.
  12. Sounds like you had a great day at the park. I recently visited and agree with your review of Fury. Its inredibly fast and the airtime is nuts. Easily #3 behind Magnum and Toro for me.
  13. I am currently at the park. Its pretty quiet for a Sunday in August. I managed to sit on the brake run of Bizzaro for about 15 - 20 minutes while the ride went down. Got a ride in on Skull Mountain as well. Believe the hype. Its a highlight of the park's line up. First drop in the back row is 10/10 airtime. I dont know if it has been reported yet, but there is a giant demolition machine-truck standing outside the stadium. I'd imagine that serious destruction will ensue as soon as weekend operation begins in September. Possibly sooner as I'd imagine that Six Flags is renting it and wouldnt have it unless they were using it. Big Demolition Machine
  14. I believe they said the same thing for 2016 on the trivia thing last year. It ended with "You didnt really think we would yell you, did you?". Or something along those lines. Its just to get people talking or excited about the park's future.
  15. I can see skully being a bit rough for taller folk. The ride was designed for younger riders. I find the ride to be exceptionally smooth. Not being able to brace your self is probably what gets most people.
  16. Its funny how the queue and station are themed incredibly well, and the actual ride has a tiki-mask, a few pumpkins, and a skeleton. Why are there pumpkins inside of a mountain? It makes zero sense. Really? Pumpkins! I ride skully every time I go to GADV. Cant say the same about Bizarro, SUF, or GL. Its unique, fun coaster. Edit: I had to come back and restate just how little sense having pumpkin props inside skull mountain makes. Somebody, who was being paid, was asked "What kind of props should we put in Skull Mountain?". That person, with a straightface, said "Pumpkins. Put some giant pumpkins in there." Then somebody had to order giant pumpkins. Somebody had to make giant pumpkins. Somebody had to deliver several giant pumpkins to the park. Install said giant pumpkins into the ride. And somebody had to say "Perfect! Looks great! This is good. Along that entire process, nobody asked "Why are there pumpkins growing where there is no light?". "Why are there giant pumpkins in this moubtain?". "Wouldnt nearly anything else be a better choice than pumpkins?". Really though.
  17. Skully is a great coaster. One of my favorites at the park. Back row airtime is unreal. The only thing that fits in the grandstand spot is a freespin. Oh well.
  18. There is another "Leaked Rendering" that was recently posted to Great Adventure History. This one shows a rather unrealistically large boat in the lake. This one essentially invalidates the other as it is borderline comedic. Also, people who attended the meeting are reported that Six Flags was approved for a lake front coaster in the area previously occupied by the grandstand. They also reported that there are new bleachers/arena seating going where fort independence was. I don't know how accurate these reports are, but they are reports. So time will tell.
  19. I raise you my nspire cx cas. And atleast were sure that this dive track is CP's. Casio Prism represent. Full color screen and built in spreadsheets. Helped take the standard deviation of those tracks real fast.
  20. Perhaps V-rav's first drop will dive under the marina entrance path and than have the immelmann return directly over the path. That would certainly be visually striking to say the least! Would also fit the current Cedar Fair entrance motif.
  21. ^^^ I just realized for the first time in my life how incredible a wooden coaster (or a steel coaster that looks like a wooden coaster) would be with floorless trains. I never even considered it before. This is something I would really like to see someday. I don't think Roar is going to have them.
  22. I think a 200ft+ dive coaster will look absolutely incredible in the spot they chose. Its going to be an incredibly visible coaster and that vertical drop is going to look very intimidating and upclose. While gatekeeper is a bit tame for me, I think this coaster will follow in the ranks of Banshee and Fury. Two of the best coasters B&M has built in a while. Theres just absolutely no way a 200ft vertical drop can be anything less than bonkers. The leaked rending does make the ride seem rather short, that might be my only complaint. Its a small spot, so I guess they did what they could. Strangely enough, one of my favorite things about Fury was the capacity. You dont stand in line, you slowly shuffle through it. I hope this will be a huge people eater as well.
  23. ^^ Looks like we dropped the ball. Pleanty of GADV attractions have been given away at these meetings. The deadline for approval is 8/31. Only a few days before the announcement. Id imagine that they are feeling rather confident this will be approved by cutting it that close. This leads me to believe that there is going to minimal if any tree removal, absolutely not getting closer than the existing structures to the lake, and likely not going over any paths. Those are the things that the park up when dealing with the township. Hopefully the towns posts a recap of the meeting somewhere.
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