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  1. Great America has started dropping hints and GADV is still pretty silent. Its funny that when they were announcing Bizzaro they had a full viral marketing shtick. In recent years, Im not sure they have teased any of their additions. Perhaps somebody who paid more attention to Zoomie's announcement can share if they teased it or not. Come on, Six Flags. Its the middle of speculation season. Throw us a bone here!
  2. Depending on the time of year, Great Adventure is my home park and has been since birth. I feel that 2006 was a high point for the park. Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnival were fresh. You could tell that the park was trying to clean up its image. Today chunks of the park are missing, there are ads on absolutely everything, theming of PDC and GK is fading, and we have a B&M stand-up. Its not a bad park at all. Infact, its one of the best. Perhaps 2006 was not exactly perfect, but it was promising. There was a lot of hype about growth and renovation until redzone took over. Now the crystal ball has been pretty fuzzy and disapointing. Ive had a season pass at Great Adventure since 1998. A lot of locals will be able to tell you the park has had tons of up and downs.
  3. ^^^ I probably would have ran into you as I had planned to go to the park for the ERT this morning. I drove back to Jersey from NC (Carowinds) last night and decided that less involved plans would be more suitable. I still haven't gotten rides on El Diablo and Namtab yet as I have been teaching Computer Science at Lake Forest College in Chicago all summer. It will have to wait until next weekend! I'm hoping with the announcements just a short while away there will be more construction/demolition to geek about.
  4. I think that Cedar Point might want to use their new major coaster as a springboard back into a more positive light. However, they probably dont want news channels to use it as an excuse to bring the whole thing back up. The timing will be tricky PR wise. Id assume they will atleast wait until after the funeral is said and done which is a respectable thing to do. My bet is end of August. Six Flags is announcing all of their rides in early September. Since they probably want all eyes on them, the announcement will either come before them or a decent amount of time after them. All things considered, they probably want to announce before parts arrive and they lose their big moment. It will be interesting to see when they will make the announcement from a marketing point of view. Out of curiousity, where exactly did they state the announcement would be delayed?
  5. Nah, they will likely just paint the track at the bottom of the turnaround blue, add a single flamethrower, and advertise it as a new coaster. Or maybe just replace it with a smoking section. Really anything except address the actual issue. Every season I hope that it will be the year Six Flags tries to turn the park back around. Fact is that it will never be 2006 again. Hopeful for next season none the less. I do believe portions of El Toro were just retracked, Im sure that retracking the turn around is just a matter of time.
  6. With the way the park is scheduled now (Spring break, Summer Season, Fright Fest, Holiday in the Park), they aren't far from being year round. The only time nothing is happening in the park is Jan-April. Thats only 4 months of off season. I have no idea what they would have to offer in that timeframe that would justify an admission.
  7. That is an interesting concept. The main debunk is in the logistics. If Six Flags wanted to build a hotel would they: A: Put it in the vacant Safari area where they have pleanty of empty space, accessable roads, and can create a separate entrance to the park? B: Squeeze it in the dead center of the park where they will have to jump through enviornmental hoops to build a road, have very little space, would not be able to build a gate. A hotel in the middle of the park seems unlikely. Add in the fact that there could only be about 40-60 rooms total in that complex and it becomes very unlikely. I understand that Six Flags doesn't always make logical choices, but this one should be a no brainer. If Gadv is heading towards a year round attraction, a hotel would have to have indoor activities. Think Great Wolf Lodge, etc. Something like that would require much more space than the lakefront has to offer.
  8. Interesting to note that the infographic about Cedar Fair's 5 year plan has 3 ride removals lined up with 3 ride re-works. Sounds like CF might be getting in on that RMC hype.
  9. To my knowledge there has been no construction updates. The site will likely stay quiet until the park goes to weekend only operation. However, they have quite a bit of demolition to do and if they are building something of considerable size, they might want to start sooner than later. I plan on doing a considerable amount of snooping next time I am at the park.
  10. I was implying that with coasters at the 300ft level getting more and more common, it is likely that sometime in the future, the park will get a coaster that is in the giga range. When Magnum was built I doubt anyone would have thought that a small park in Utah would build a 200ft+ coaster complely in house with several inversions and an elevator lift. To assume the state of the industy will not change is short sighted. However, I was simply day dreaming more than actually speculating. As far as an actual guess, a freespin or premier launch.
  11. Actually, if a giga were to leave the grandstand area at the furthest end, it could have its lift hill travel over the tents and drop into area where Haunted Manor is currently set up. From there it could use Rolling Thunder's vacant space. Would be hands down the best looking addition I could think of. Also the least likely! There is no shortage of room for a giga. If not this spot, than there is at least 3 or 4 others that I can think of. With 300ft+ coasters popping up left and right, I think it is just a mater of time until GADV installs one. For 2016, my money is still on the freespin. This is a bummer because it simply doesn't have the capacity to meet the crowds drawn to the park.
  12. With August sneaking up, Im getting excited to find out what is going to be replacing nearly half of the lakefront area. Its a huge chunk of space and its right on the lake. I would be happy with an S&S freespin, but I can help but hope for something with a little more substance. Its been 10 long years since we got a headliner. Since then we lost Chiller, GASM, and RT. If you count both sides, thats 5 coasters replaced with a terrible used stand up from the 1990s and a wild mouse. Yeah, Great Adventure has a killer line up, but as a local, Ive had 10 years of the same coasters. Its time for a serious addition.
  13. I will be visiting family in North Carolina and, in typical enthusiast fashion, decided to try and make it a trip to an amusement park as well. In previous visits to Carowinds, crowds have been fairly light. However, I'd obviously like to try and make the most out of my time at the park. Which day of the week is it usually the quietest? Any days to avoid? I will be in NC from the 9th to the 13th. Thanks everybody.
  14. I will be visiting the park on Saturday for the first time. How long can I expect to wait? Tips? I am a counselor at a computer camp, so Saturday is the only day I will be able to go. I would be willing to plunk down for a flash pass, but my friends (who are also underpaid counselors) aren't.
  15. Do not enter the Nitro woods after dark. It is prohibited to all for the evil spirits that sleep within awake at night! The last time someone went in, they never came out. Phones can be replaced, staff entering the spooky Nitro woods at night can not. OooOoOOoOooooOOoOoO
  16. So do we know if the Grandstand is coming down as well? If so, that is a huge chunk of space opening up.
  17. The person who suggested it could be a fright fest trail put my heart at ease a bit. One of the major attractions this year is supposed to be a Fright Fest overhaul. I'd imagine its going to be HUGE this year. The park was just too packed for only 4 or 5 trails. They can make more money by making more trails. I'm sure people would use more of them if they had time to! People standing in line for 3 hours aren't spending money for 3 hours.
  18. The name "Total Mayham" is absolutely terrible. Then again, we have 2 coasters named after the same super hero no more than 50ft from each other. So I guess I shouldnt expect much from the nomenclature.
  19. Oh man, that was the worst interview i've ever watched. When coming up with these questions why did she choose to ask the same question 6 times instead of perhaps asking him questions about the incident. She accused him of saying the same thing over and over but if you ask the same question, you get the same answer. She makes Nancy Grace look good. Thats really saying something.
  20. I cant help but assume the man in the article was paraphrasing. In sure the employee spat out a generic "We are aware of the mechanical difficulty and our team of mechanics are currently working to address the issue". The man telling this story likely interpreted that as a "Mind your own business" because the employee has probably told 25 people the same thing already. If this is the way the media handles things as simple as amusement parks, lord knows why we trust them to fill us in on anything else.
  21. Enthusiasts are such babies when it comes to arrows. Unlike coasters of today, Magnum was bent and welded together on site with no assistance from computers. B&M has computers do most of the work and still cant avoid headbanging and rattle after a few years. Really, if after 26 years all you can complain about is how balls-to-the-wall crazy the airtime is, you need to find a new coaster to pick on. That is also the airtime after it has been trimmed.
  22. Ill put my money on this never happening. The company doing this can: A: Spend tons of time and money fighting the state and enviornmental groups while generating as much negative press as possible for six flags and themselves B: Buy out some farm elsewhere in the area and put down a solar field with little complication. Typically, the path of least resistance is the path taken. I would like to see Great Adventure be able to cut down power consumption, but ecosystems are important. A tree here and there never hurt anybody, but 18,000 trees will leave an impact that will never heal.
  23. To be fair, I think they only had 1 concert in their parking lot in the past few years. I'm sure it is just more expensive to build a solar field above a parking lot than it is to clear a bunch of trees. I can also agree that preserving a forest ecosystem is important. I am a biologist (well, bioinformatician) and know well that removal of huge chucks of forest can be devastating even to the uncleared forest around it. If you look at the diagram, it is literally removing a forested area the size of the entire park. That isn't exactly minor. I'm not a tree-hugger by any stretch of the imagination, but I think they should consider other options.
  24. Lightning Racer is still in great shape. I've never had a bad ride on it. You would figure that it would be more difficult to keep up the much bigger racing woodie than the much smaller Wildcat. Wildcat has it's rough spots, but is still a great layout. Could easily become one of the best RMC conversions!
  25. Not that I think RMC Road is coming, but anyone saying that the layout would hold it back is crazy. I think an RMC airtime marathon broken up by a few zero-g rolls would be great. I know it hasnt been done, but it would be cool to see RMC add to a structure. Make a ride taller, add a helix off to the side, etc. Water park addition is pretty much a sure thing. That doesnt mean they will use all of the coasters foot print in 2016. Whos to say that they arent saving a nice chunk of it for 2017/2018?
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